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Every Australian business has a different challenge. Let’s understand yours, and plan ahead together.

Our approach is unique because of the focus we place on you and your business challenges. It’s by understanding the obstacles you face in your business and in your industry that we begin to develop a tailored strategy that will achieve your business outcomes.

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Liberators need their tech partners to set them free or separate them from the day-to-day service delivery responsibilities, so they can focus their time on delivering real value and innovation through their own IT programs. Liberation happens when a proactive Managed Service Provider takes the time to understand your business and the role your platforms, applications, and services play in meeting your organisation’s objectives


Sages know that learning from yesterday’s experiences ensures relevance and effectiveness long into the future. With the right approach firmly in your grasp, you’ll be able to achieve efficiencies, control costs and deliver optimal return on your IT investments. But more importantly, you’ll empower everyone in your organisation to achieve great results, thanks to the IT platforms, applications and services you deliver.


Performers want their IT to deliver brilliant outcomes that go beyond expectations. You’ll already know the performance potential of the different ‘As-a-Service’ IT consumption models, so your main challenge is putting together the right cast of service components. You know, that with the right partners in place, you’ll enjoy optimal efficiency, tight security and responsiveness as your business grows


Defenders and Custodians are focused on risks and threats to their business, and to ensure they have a robust business continuity plan in place. They have a focus on security across all platforms to ensure the integrity of data and protection against the ubiquitous nature of security threats. They’re always looking to stay one step ahead of the ever-chaning regulatory environment and need to always be on the right side of compliance.


Innovators are looking to partner with a technology partner that is progressive, agile and always providing innovative new ideas. High on your list of objectives is the alignment of technology with key business objectives and outcomes, so your digital transformation initiatives continue to drive profitability, performance and sustainable growth.

A clear roadmap towards your dynamic distributed workplace.

Our No.1 priority through this COVID-19 crisis has been to help businesses ensure the health and safety of their employees while maintaining business productivity, security and profitability. ​

With the new distributed WFH environment becoming the new normal, it’s time to put a solid plan in place to accelerate your evolution towards a dynamic distributed working environment.​

However you want to approach this challenge, it adds up to building a Modern Dynamic Workplace, in your offices, in your employee’s homes, and everywhere in-between.

Delivering the right solution for you, your business and your employees is what we do best. So let’s get started.


Register for your free online strategy session with a Tecala Senior Consultant.

By analysing your specific needs and priorities, we’ll give you a realistic and practical recommendation on what’s required to accelerate your modern architecture.

One of our Senior Consultants will help you evaluate and understand your options, so you can make decisions that benefit both your business and your employees, while mitigating unnecessary risk.

Combining Strategy, Transformation, Management and Optimisation, we identify and remove the obstacles to a successful outcome, before you even know they’re there.​

The session will cover:

Step 1: Recap and

Together we’ll examine the steps you’ve already taken in adapting to COVID-19, and review the parameters for the architecture planning you’ll need in place going forward.

Step 2: Shape the

Future-Planning for optimal performance, focusing on effective communication and collaboration, device lifecycle and configuration management and security.

Step 3: Identify your requirements

This is where we clearly identify the steps you need to have in place to develop your Strategic Technology Roadmap to create a Modern Dynamic Workplace.

Step 4: Get the

You’ll receive a high-level report with our recommendations to accelerate your modern architecture, and the next steps for delivering your Strategic Technology Roadmap.


The five essential elements of the Accelerated Modern Workplace

During the session we’ll be deciding how the five essential elements of the Modern Workplace should be configured to set you on your way to a successful workplace transformation – in your office, in your home, and everywhere in between.


Scalable and remote solutions.

Secure, remote working solutions that are scalable to support your growth and ensure end-user devices are protected at all times.


Modern management and architecture.

New devices can be deployed easily, efficiently and securely by automated enrolment and configuration using one login, via Mobile Device Management (MDM). This enables you to roll out new technology and add new staff with ease.


Security management and awareness.

Ensure secure platform access in a multi-cloud environment, including Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions and firewall improvement. This, together with education and training, will help maximise security awareness and combat shadow IT.


User experience management.

More than ever, the new workplace relies on an intuitive user experience more than ever to drive efficiency and productivity. We enable IT managers to become remote coordinators, which saves their time and vastly improves individual user experiences.


Application deployment management.

Your MSP should have a handle on application deployment management, including delivery of ubiquitous endpoint management tooling. In the case of Microsoft 365, there are options to extend the adoption of services and applications among staff to maximise license investments.

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