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Every IT leader requires different business outomes from their IT investments. Let’s see where your focus is right now.

It’s by analysing your challenges that we begin to develop a personalised strategy that will truly drive your business outcomes.

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Liberators need their tech partners to set them free or separate them from the day-to-day service delivery responsibilities, so they can focus their time on delivering real value and innovation through their own IT programs. Liberation happens when a proactive Managed Service Provider takes the time to understand your business and the role your platforms, applications, and services play in meeting your organisation’s objectives, in your industry.


Custodians are looking to stay on the right side of compliance and ahead of their ever-changing regulatory environment. Many work in industries that have been subject to a Royal Commission, or where the globalisation of R&C – like GDPR – is adding further complexity to an already challenging IT environment. They’re often driven to transform and innovate via IT, as long as the right boxes can be ticked along the way.


Citizens are collaborative by nature, looking to partner with organisations that are progressive, agile and open to new ideas – as they are. They seek to develop a close and symbiotic relationship with their technology partner, because they believe the best results are often achieved when companies collaborate. After all, innovation is a team sport.


Sages know that learning from past experiences can ensure relevance and effectiveness long into the future. They want to achieve efficiencies, manage costs and deliver optimal return on their IT investment. More importantly, they seek to empower everyone in their organisation to achieve great results through the right IT platforms, applications and services.


Ever-evolving and future-facing, the Innovator looks to deliver continuous technological evolution throughout their organisation. Their transformation strategy tends to be deeply embedded in their overall business strategy – which can be bad news for any competitors trying to keep up! The Innovator’s focus is on business outcomes first, with the technology to get them there a very close second.


Performers generally understand that with the right technology partners in place, they can enjoy optimal efficiency, robust security and responsiveness as their business grows. As such, Performers want their IT to deliver results that will go above and beyond expectations. Their primary focus tends to be on unlocking growth and performance from their IT platforms.


Defenders are all too aware of the ubiquitous nature of cyber security threats in the office, in the home, and everywhere in between. They tend to have a strong focus on ensuring their defence against these risks is bullet-proof. They want to cover every security base, across every platform, on an ongoing basis.

A clear roadmap towards your dynamic distributed workplace.

The workplace is rapidly modernising with cloud and mobile productivity tools. But many organisations’ working capabilities and business transformation plans are being held back by their MSP.

The new distributed workplace demands modern client management and architectures; a new approach to security configuration management (including awareness training); better user experience management; and tighter application deployment management.

Is your MSP up to the task of rapid transformation? Or are they putting a handbrake on your brilliance?

We think ahead. With you in mind.

Register for your free strategy session with a Tecala Senior Consultant.

At Tecala, we’re offering a free Discovery Session to help identify your key business challenges and establish what’s required to accelerate your modern architecture. We’ll develop a high-level plan that leverages hybrid cloud and delivers the services and applications your teams need. Usually valued at $10,000, for a limited time, we’re offering these sessions free to organisations that are ready to transform.

The session will cover:

Step 1: Recap and

Together we’ll examine the steps you’ve already taken in adapting to COVID-19, and review the parameters for the architecture planning you’ll need in place going forward.

Step 2: Shape the

Future-Planning for optimal performance, focusing on effective communication and collaboration, device lifecycle and configuration management and security.

Step 3: Identify your requirements

Here’s where we clearly identify your Managed Services requirements, to optimise your existing investments and provide appropriate training and support.

Step 4: Get the

You’ll receive a high-level report with our recommendations to accelerate your modern architecture, and the next steps for delivering your Strategic Technology Roadmap.


The five essential elements of the Accelerated Modern Workplace

During the session we’ll be deciding how the five essential elements of the Modern Workplace should be configured to set you on your way to a successful workplace transformation – in your office, in your home, and everywhere in between.


Scalable and remote solutions.

Secure, remote working solutions that are scalable to support your growth and ensure end-user devices are protected at all times.


Modern management and architecture.

New devices can be deployed easily, efficiently and securely by automated enrolment and configuration using one login, via Mobile Device Management (MDM). This enables you to roll out new technology and add new staff with ease.


Security management and awareness.

Ensure secure platform access in a multi-cloud environment, including Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions and firewall improvement. This, together with education and training, will help maximise security awareness and combat shadow IT.


User experience management.

More than ever, the new workplace relies on an intuitive user experience more than ever to drive efficiency and productivity. We enable IT managers to become remote coordinators, which saves their time and vastly improves individual user experiences.


Application deployment management.

Your MSP should have a handle on application deployment management, including delivery of ubiquitous endpoint management tooling. In the case of Microsoft 365, there are options to extend the adoption of services and applications among staff to maximise license investments.

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