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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> *edited* Duplicate UAT form of the header ‘Let’s Chat’ button *edited >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

——Only difference to the live version is the ‘TESTING FORM’ text in the form itself, everything else is the same.

The code below is for the live version of the ‘Let’s Chat’ form, just in case it’s needed. I added dashes in the first <div> + </div>, make sure to remove if using the code.

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Thanks for all of the help!


Read the below paragraph for form code information.

The first form (not including the black Let’s Chat button on the very top of page) is the Let’s Chat – How can we help? form, the second form directly underneath is the Resource Download form, and the last one at the bottom of the page is the Book a Technology Capability Assessment form. All three have the relevant code, and the UTM Paramater code underneath the last form.

Read the above paragraph for form code information.

If you’re an existing consumer of Microsoft 365 (in Australia) but stuck on an old telephony system, Tecala will help you demonstrate the value of Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice when it delivers an integrated phone service to your organisation.

In less than a day, we can have you live in Microsoft Teams Direct Calling.

And best of all, with your POC a success and the business accolades pouring in, you’ll be closer to being able to self-configure the remainder of your organisation, subject to your requirements around phone number porting.

Let Microsoft & Tecala help you get to Cloud Native!

A productive workplace is more than just ‘zoom, zoom, zoom’.

Microsoft Teams has been reimagined from the ground up. Still bringing together all your communication and collaboration tools in one place – from chat and meetings to apps and files – the new Teams platform delivers greater speed, performance, flexibility, and intelligence.

Turns your Teams application into your everyday phone.

When implemented as part of your Enterprise Voice solution, Microsoft Teams Direct Calling allows you to make and receive phone calls directly from the Teams application. It integrates traditional phone calling functionalities into the Teams interface, providing a fully unified experience.

You can use your own existing telephony infrastructure or opt for Microsoft’s Calling Plans to connect external phone numbers to Teams.


Make one-on-one or group calls directly from a chat or use the dial pad to call a phone number.


Bring someone else into your one-on-one or group call with the merge function.


Transfer a call to a colleague and select ring back if there’s no answer.


Whether on the go or at a desk, at home or in the office, transfer calls from one device to another while on a call.


Access, listen to, and review your voicemails using playback controls, voicemail summary, and transcripts.


Transcribe calls no matter where you are. Focus on what’s being said, knowing you’ll be able to go back to the recording and transcription afterwards.


Using CarPlay join calls and meetings using your vehicle’s built-in controls or hands-free with Siri.

We’ll set you up faster and get you working smarter.

When Microsoft Teams and its Enterprise Voice services are deployed across Tecala’s high-performance network and provisioned via our Managed Cloud, you and your team enjoy the optimal performance from Teams that will accelerate your brilliance in every direction.

Teams seamlessly connects SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, and PowerBI into one point of pure productivity. You can collaborate in one place, share files, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration, and create a productivity hub for getting things done faster and smarter.

And because Tecala will deliver your Microsoft Teams environment through our high-performance network that is kept secure by our cyber security specialists, you can connect and collaborate from your office, your home, and everywhere in between… with absolute confidence.



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