As Australia surfaces from lockdown,
how will your business emerge stronger in 2022?

3 Game-Changing Strategies to Accelerate your COVID Revival

The COVID-19 Delta virus outbreak has been an abrupt reminder that this pandemic isn’t in the rear-view mirror quite yet, with the world shifting to realise we must live with COVID for years to come. But the end goal remains the same: Emerging Stronger in 2022 and beyond.

If you’re like most organisations, COVID-19 will be testing your IT to the limits, so now’s the time to ensure your technology platforms are up to the challenge, and that you have the right partner working with you.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, Tecala have helped over 100 Australian organisations successfully navigate these uncertain times. We’ve identified the 3 Game-Changing Strategies to ensure you Emerge Stronger in 2022 as a more resilient, agile, and profitable business.

  • Accelerate your Cloud Transformation– empower your business to work from anywhere, anytime. Deliver agile systems, manage and lower costs, and scale resources as required.
  • Transform with Intelligent Automation – eliminate repetitive manual processes and drive efficiencies at scale across every department.  
  • Get Cyber Security in Shape – don’t be tomorrow’s headline: protect your business from escalating COVID-era ransomware and phishing attacks.


Resilient, fit and adaptable organisations are getting ahead and effectively dealing with COVID. And they’re achieving this by successfully addressing these 3 key IT initiatives.

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Technology is your direct route to emerging stronger from COVID

Nobody could have predicted the increasing virulence and re-emergence of COVID-19 in Australia. It’s how we respond now that’s critically important. Getting on the front foot started with a distributed and modern dynamic workplace to drive greater productivity, security and profitability.

Now you should be ready to take the next step to ensure your ongoing resilience. Surrounding the workplace, major IT trends have already taken hold – even without the onset of a global pandemic. Only now, they have accelerated:

  • SaaS has become the dominant method of software usage over legacy platforms.
  • Hybrid cloud combining private cloud, on-premise systems and the public cloud is proven to boost performance and cost efficiency.
  • A business continuity plan is essential for inspiring confidence with investors, customers, and employees.
  • And now, intelligent automation can transform manual, paper-based workflows into more scalable and profitable operations for any industry.

Tecala can help you become a more resilient, robust and agile organisation

Aligning your IT with your business strategy, rapidly and effectively, is the only way to build flexibility, agility and certainty into your business. You can thrive through COVID and come out the other end stronger than ever and be well set up to increase productivity, lower costs, and achieve greater success in 2022 and beyond.

Because we specialise in closing the gap between IT potential and real business outcomes, we can accelerate your business towards the right outcome.

and Advisory
We ensure your IT environment is one of continuous innovation. Using our methodologies to align your technology with your key objectives, every part of your business can operate at
peak performance.
We deliver flexible and tailored operational support to give your business an operational advantage. Our tailored, high-end managed IT service solutions and facilities will drive savings and productivity gains.
We can help you transition to the cloud or manage and optimise your existing cloud infrastructure. Our fully-flexible and secure cloud services in Australia, let you scale with complete freedom, flexibility and control.

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