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People-first technology: unlock unlimited potential for profitability and growth

People are the most powerful force for innovation in any organisation. To enable them to operate at their full potential your ICT platform needs to make technology a seamless, effortless and consistent experience no matter where they are, or what they’re doing. This is the promise of the Modern Workplace, and we’re here to help you deliver it.

Discover the 8 Essential Elements of the Modern Workplace

Turning IT into a platform for enabling change means being able to adapt faster and outperform others. With forward-thinking organisations on a trajectory towards a digitalised modern workplace, we’ve identified the 8 essential elements you need to ensure an effective outcome.

  • Intelligent automation and integration
  • Hyper-scalability in the cloud – delivering remote, scalable solutions
  • Modern architecture management
  • Application deployment management
  • Security management and awareness training
  • Modern Management – delivering a Zero-Trust platform
  • Empowering end-users
  • Delivering exceptional customer experiences

In a Modern Workplace, your people drive your profitability and growth

Ever since the Harvard Business Review presented the ‘Service Profit Chain’ theory, organisations have been focused on empowering employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Now, the theory has become a business reality.

According to Gartner, in 2022 tech spending will skyrocket, reaching A$111 billion – that’s an increase of 6.3% on last year. At the same time, CFO Tech notes “Australian organisations will also increase their reliance on external consultants and IT services, with spending predicted to rise 6.1% to reach $39.2 billion in 2022.”

The end-goal for forward thinking organisations making these substantial investments is the modern workplace – a technology enabled environment in which your people’s physical, technological and cultural needs are placed centre stage.

To ensure you get the outcomes you need, partner with Australia’s leading strategic technology partner.

Because we’re 100% outcomes focused, we ensure an effective Modern Workplace

At Tecala our focus is on making technology the most effective platform for empowering your people to work to their full potential. This means delivering motivational and empowering experiences from IT every day. But it also means supporting your IT management team, so they can deliver these experiences efficiently and effectively with local services and support.


“Midmarket organisations need a business and people management platform that can take advantage of the post-pandemic digital era. This platform must be unified and cloud-enabled, provide end-to-end visibility, and be accessible across the workforce. Early adopters of these solutions have seen significant advantages in productivity and cost efficiencies that have primed their business for growth.”

Pieter DeGunst, Managing Director at Tecala

Cyber Security
With so many potential entry points to your modern workplace, through our fully integrated cyber and ICT Security Services portfolio we’re able to hunt, investigate, and stop threats before they become business disrupting events. We’ll also provide ongoing education and training to raise awareness of cyber attacks.
Intelligent Automation
Automation is now the key enabler of a people-first approach to IT, because it transforms end-user employee experiences and customer experiences alike. Whereas before the objective of robotics or automation may have been to replace people, the emphasis now is on how IT can augment people’s physical and cognitive capabilities.
Depending on the applications and workloads you’ll be running in your modern workplace, we’ll manage your migration towards the right hybrid or multi-cloud so it’s able to deliver the highest-performing infrastructure for your business. We’ll ensure your data sovereignty, cost efficiency objectives, and a range of other imperatives are considered before we recommend the right solution.

Book a session with one of our Modern Workplace specialists

In a short briefing session, we’ll share the roadmap for delivering a modern workplace – a dynamic and digitalised environment in which business systems, operations and platforms are successfully designed and implemented.

At this meeting we will:

  • Evaluate your current technology situation
  • Gauge your modern working priorities and perform a gap analysis
  • Provide you with a tailored report that roadmaps your steps to a modern workplace
  • Clearly define your next steps