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The 10-point Strategic Technology Roadmap.
Certainty, confidence and no more surprises.

It’s never been more important to have your Strategic Technology Roadmap in place. And it’s never been easier to make it happen.

We’re all living through a cataclysmic event that has forced many of us to close our offices and require our employees to work from home.

The pace of change required to keep up with the exponential spread of COVID-19 caught everyone by surprise. But it also gave our team at Tecala a great opportunity to test our Consultancy, Advisory and Managed Services capabilities to their absolute limits.

Super-fast extension, augmentation and adjustment of existing networks and managed services ensured our client’s employees could continue to work and operate away from the office in a secure environment. We’re now managing thousands of client end-users, who are sitting within the bounds of secure extended corporate networks, are are continuing with their daily tasks relatively unaffected.

And while we’ve continued to be able to deliver effective immediate fixes, we’re also keen to point out to clients and the broader business community, that whatever solution you currently have in place, it’s most likely not the optimal or comprehensive long-term solution you need.

Focusing on what lies ahead.  

With the immediate tsunami receding, we now must all shift our focus on navigating through the relatively calmer waters of the coming weeks, months and possibly even years ahead.

Because even though many of us are now thinking about a phased return to work, the reality is that we all need to build and maintain an environment that permanently supports productive and secure home and remote working. This is in part because there are some elements of the experience that people have grown to like and will want to continue. But it’s also because that’s where the digital revolution has been taking us anyway. And COVID-19 has just focused our attention on getting there faster.

So, what exactly do your next 90-120 days look like?

Moving forward with certainty, confidence and no more surprises.

With the immediate post-COVID challenges dealt with, we’re now engaging with our clients to put a solid plan in place for delivering the applications and services their teams need – in the office, in the home, and everywhere in between.

As the key IT decision-maker in your organisation, with responsibility for budget and service delivery, your No. 1 priority right now is probably getting a Strategic Technology Roadmap in place, that allows you to look as far over the horizon as possible.

This level of insight and foresight will then allow you to budget, plan, and prioritise your next 90-120 days with certainty, confidence, and no more surprises. We’ve had enough surprises!

Tecala’s 10-Point Strategic Technology Roadmap

The approach we’re recommending is intuitive and straight-forward. A short Discovery Session with a Senior Consultant will present your 10-Point Plan for the next 90-120 days.

For the sake of transparency and efficacy, we split this into four steps:

Step #1 – Strategise

1. Recap and Review – we’ll look at the steps you’ve taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic and review your current requirements.

2. A Competitive Environment Review of your current industry and technology capabilities.

3. Architecture Planning to identify the common architectural changes during and following a pandemic, encompassing:

  • Residential internet access considerations
  • Corporate firewall considerations
  • Accommodating BYOD requirements
  • Application performance considerations.

Step #2 – Transform

4. Future-Planning #1 – Effective communication and collaboration

  • Common tooling for effective team collaboration
  • Common pitfalls when deployment is rushed

5. Future-Planning #2 – Device Lifecycle and Configuration Management

  • Application deployment management
  • Alternate application delivery concepts
  • Ubiquitous endpoint management tooling

6. Future-Planning #3 – Cloud Security Configuration Management

  • Understanding your new Shadow IT challenge
  • Secure platform access in a Multi-Cloud environment
  • Visibility and control of user activity outside the corporate network
  • Identity and access management
  • Data loss prevention in the Cloud.

Step #3 – Manage

7. Maximising your Office365 license investment

  • Office365 offers various escalation and adoption paths for service and application adoption. We’ll identify your optimal configuration.

8. Technology adoption and training

  • Security Awareness Training – Your team needs to be fully on-board with your new office and home-working environment, so we ensure your team has the education and training they need.

Step #4 – Optimise

9. With a high-level plan in place to accelerate your modern architecture, you’ll be ready to leverage the Cloud to deliver the services and applications your teams need.

10. With a Strategic Technology Roadmap in place you’ll have clear understanding on the business case, benefits and high-level budget considerations for your technology platform.

You may have already started developing elements of this, but our 10-point approach can help you gain the full picture in a clear and efficient way.

We’ll highlight all the components that make a comprehensive Strategic Technology Roadmap to enable you to augment your existing services and solutions. It’s important to develop a robust, holistic and sustainable long-term approach right now. If you feel this where you need to be, let us know and we’ll call you to get started.

We think ahead. With you in mind.

Register for your free strategy session with a Tecala Senior Consultant.

Tecala are currently offering strategy sessions to help organisations optimise their own agility, through full-service transformation and innovation of their systems and networks.

While our full strategic technology roadmap engagement is valued at $10,000, we’re covering the cost of the initial discovery session so it’s free of cost and obligation for your organisation.

Your session will cover:

Step 1: Recap and

Together we’ll examine the steps you’ve already taken in adapting to COVID-19, and review the parameters for the architecture planning you’ll need in place going forward.

Step 2: Shape the plan

Future-planning begins for optimal performance, focusing on effective communication and collaboration, device lifecycle and configuration-management, and security.

Step 3: Identify your requirements

Here’s where we clearly identify your Managed Services requirements, to optimise your existing investments and provide appropriate training and support.

Step 4: Set out your strategy

You’ll receive a high-level report with our recommendations to accelerate your modern architecture, and the next steps for delivering your Strategic Technology Roadmap.

We’ll get you there. Faster.

With a high-level plan in place, you’ll have a clear understanding on the business case, benefits, and high-level budget considerations for your technology platform to accelerate your modern architecture. And you’ll be ready to leverage the Cloud to deliver the services and applications your teams need.


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