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Accelerate your brilliance with our Managed IT Services and Support.

Your local team of IT Services and Support Experts in Australia

Tecala’s Managed IT Services and Support teams deliver tailored, cost-effective operational support for businesses across Australia.

Supported by our Australia-based Service Operation Centre, that is owned and operated by Tecala, our local Managed IT Services teams specialise in managing and transforming your company’s ICT infrastructure operations.

We combine decades of operational experience with the best tools available in the world today. This approach to providing managed IT solutions and services ensures your IT is always in lockstep with your business vision – no matter how complex or challenging your objectives are.

With technology providing the potential to drive performance, profitability, and growth in your organisation, we make sure you’re always getting the level of support and guidance to accelerate your brilliance.

Our Managed IT Services


Managed Services
29th Sep

Managed IT Support and Service Desk

Australian-owned and managed IT Support and Service Desk. 24/7 IT support from local experts that you can trust.

Managed IT Support and Service Desk

Australian-owned and managed IT Support and Service Desk. 24/7 IT support from local experts that you can trust.


Managed Services
29th Sep

Application and Mobile Device Management

Optimise your operations in the modern workplace. Application and device management as a service for your Australian organisation.

Application and Mobile Device Management

Optimise your operations in the modern workplace. Application and device management as a service for your Australian organisation.


Managed Services
29th Sep

IT Infrastructure Management

Bring your IT infrastructure to life. With Tecala you can manage, modernise, and transform your IT infrastructure environment.

IT Infrastructure Management

Bring your IT infrastructure to life. With Tecala you can manage, modernise, and transform your IT infrastructure environment.

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We’re the #1 partner for progressive growing businesses  

As your business grows and evolves, your IT demands will become more complex and your security risks more pervasive. So, you’ll need to find solutions that work.

With an industry as fast-moving as technology, having a team of experts with knowledge across all the options and the most appropriate business IT solutions and architectures for your needs is vital. Even if you already have an established IT team, how much of their precious time is being burned on back-ups, patching, and keeping the lights on rather than working on higher-value projects?  

By focusing your time and resources on achieving strategic objectives, without sacrificing the operational need for high-quality ICT service delivery, you and your IT team can focus on the projects that are delivering genuine value to the business. 



Flexible engagement models that deliver the tailored and cost-effective support required for day-to-day operations.

Tecala specialises in managing and transforming the ICT infrastructure operations of our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business. 

Partnering with Tecala for Managed IT Services and IT network support provides Australian businesses the strategic and operational advantage of utilising high-end ICT management services and facilities. This enables the attainment of optimal technology utilisation, savings, and productivity gains. This includes: 

Local Service and
Support Desk

IT Infrastructure

Security and
Threat Protection


Device and 
Applications Support


Get the Business Outcome you need with our IT solutions

When it comes to Managed IT, partnering with a company like Tecala provides your business with the strategic and operational advantage of utilising high-end, on-demand managed ICT services and facilities. With access to our Consultancy and Advisory team at any time, you can drive optimal technology utilisation, savings, and productivity gains.

We don’t just deliver a service; we partner with you to ensure ongoing and continuous business improvement.

Gain access to a world-class team of technology specialists
Establish a robust and scalable IT footprint in our state-of-the-art data centres
Ensure your IT is in lockstep with your business strategy with our Strategic Technology Roadmap
Drive continuous optimisation and innovation through ongoing engagement with our team of Senior Consultants
Drive your productivity, profitability, and growth

Book a Technology Capability Assessment

Why you shouldn’t miss this session

We use our Technology Capabilities Assessment to engage directly with you and your teams, to measure how well your existing ICT solutions, services and platforms are meeting your business objectives.

Once we fully understand your business dynamics we’ll provide recommendations on the solutions and long-term strategies you need to ensure your people and business enjoy the very best experiences from your IT platforms, services and applications.


white paper

The 8 essential elements of the Modern Workplace

This white paper explains the importance of embracing a people-first approach to IT with a modern, dynamic and distributed workplace.



Why your IT platform is essential to your growth strategy: What the investors are looking for

The 3 Game-Changing management and technology initiatives that will drive your continuous innovation and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Managed IT Service Provider?

  1. Firstly, as technology demands grow and evolve, IT Managers and internal IT teams find themselves focusing too much time on routine tasks, like back-ups, patches, plugging the ever-constant ‘IT leaks’ and generally keeping things running. All these tasks are critically important, but they’re time-consuming and will take your attention and focus away from the strategic IT projects. 
  2. Secondly, as technology becomes more ubiquitous and the instrument in your organisation for driving change, you need a technology partner that will help you drive innovation and transform both your end-user and customer experiences. 

What Should I Be Looking for in a Managed IT Service Provider?

  1. Many things! But most importantly, a technology partner who will work alongside you and help you navigate through what has become a very complex world with myriad options. 
  2. Look for a managed IT service provider or company in Australia who’s going to take time to understand your business, and why technology is important to you. The right MSP will not see you as just a ‘client’ or just ‘another IT environment to manage’. 

How Should I Be Evaluating My Managed IT Company or Service Provider?

  1. Evaluate your managed IT company or service provider in terms of their ability to deliver expertise across all service areas that they manage. You should be able to view them as your outsourced R&D department.
  2. You need to see evidence of them evaluating your business, so you can become more effective, efficient, and competitive. 

What is a Technology Roadmap and Why is it Important?

  1. Planning, implementation, and continual optimisation is important. Because technology advances are being made every day across a broad range of different areas, your MSP needs to be leading from the front. And the best way to approach this is through a Strategic Technology Roadmap.
  2. Truly aligning IT to the business strategy is a challenge – as is proving the value of IT as a strategic investment rather than just a cost. So, make sure your MSP has the expertise and thought-leadership capabilities to deliver and own your Strategic Roadmap. 
  3. This is a 2 to 3 year forward plan that will identifies areas that tech can assist in driving business innovation. It will also provide high level project and budget planning across multiple years.

Should My Managed IT Service Provider Just Be Keeping the Lights On? Or Is There More to It?

  1. If, like us, you see your company culture as a major differentiating asset you’ll want to make sure the partner you select reflects your own company values. 
  2. Even if you only need a managed IT support provider to ‘keep the lights on’ you should still be looking for a partner that reflects your own company values and approach to ‘business as usual’.
  3. Cultural fit is essential because you only want to change MSPs once in a 3-5-year cycle. At Tecala, ensuring we have a good cultural fit with all our mid-market clients is one of the factors enabling us to maintain a 99% retention rate in our customer base.

Is Thought-Leadership Important in an MSP?

  1. Yes, because your MSP needs to have the capabilities to respond and scale to your changing, and evolving, business needs. 
  2. Thought leadership in both business and technology keeps your business up to date, agile and ready to take advantage of new opportunities. With an MSP that has a Consultancy and Advisory capability, you can focus on your business (or ‘on your knitting’) while your MSP takes care of your technology (and budgeting for technology if needs be). 
  3. This will ensure your technology is always in lockstep with your business vision and objectives. 


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