Tecala Data Services

Creating a data-rich environment to drive your digital transformation programs.

Success with automation and AI projects starts with high integrity data.

Tecala places ‘data’ at the centre of our Automation, Data and AI business because it creates the foundation for all your digital transformation programs.

Working together, Automation, Data and AI can accelerate processes, drive efficiencies, reduce energy consumption, empower your people, and enable smarter, faster decision making.

For data to play its part in delivering these outcomes, you and your team need to ensure its quality and integrity. This includes verifying data sources, addressing data entry errors, removing duplicates or irrelevant data, and performing data cleansing and validation processes.

This is where Tecala’s expertise is most valuable. Through our Automation, Data and AI consultants working in partnership with you, we’ll get your data ready to drive your digital transformation programs.

Creating a truly data driven organisation, at all levels.

Tecala works with mid-market organisations to ensure you get the best outcomes from your automation and AI projects, including Copilot and other native GPT and process automation initiatives.

We’ve developed our Data Evaluation and Data Landscape and Maturity Assessment (DLMA) as complementary services. Depending on the current state of your data and the requirements you have from it, we’ll use either of these sessions to ensure your data is ready.

With these sessions ensuring the quality and integrity of your data, a tailored Cyber Security policy enables it to flow freely and securely through your operations. Connecting your data through integrated cloud and on-premise systems and applications enables you to exchange data and implement business workflows.

Tecala also ensures you adhere to the different industry and regional regulations that are relevant to your data, so you stay compliant with industry and regional legislation.

We also deliver structured training and relevant resources, so your teams can understand and analyse your data, enabling them to make smarter decisions that deliver genuine value to your organisation and society generally.

Tecala’s Data Services

Data Driven Decision Making
Data Analytics
Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Data Driven Decision Making

Data-driven decision making creates infinite potential if data can be captured, analysed, and interpreted in meaningful ways. At Tecala, we combine automation and artificial intelligence to reveal patterns, trends, and insights that people would struggle to identify manually.

With these insights, organisations can improve products and services, anticipate customer tastes and behaviours, and identify and prioritise the projects or activities that enable you to meet your organisational objectives and deliver the best returns.

To ensure you’re informed, Tecala ensures you have the right level of data. We remove data silos so everyone can have a complete view of the information that they need, and everyone has the right level of access to the information they need to do their jobs better.

Data Analytics

Tecala delivers a fully managed data platform that extends and/or complements your existing data solutions.

The self-service analytics we deliver extend to all levels of stakeholders:

  • Descriptive Analytics to give insights on what happened
  • Diagnostic Analytics to help understanding why it happened
  • Predictive Analytics to forecast what may happen
  • Prescriptive Analytics to recommend actions based on predictions

We support our Data Analytics Services with Modern Data Management practices to ensure your data quality is maintained, thus enabling you and your team to trust the insights it delivers.

We use the right combination of prebuilt and custom-built AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for specific tasks, based on your operational needs.

With our Consultancy and Advisory teams we ensure appropriate Data Governance practices are maintained. And our Automation Pipeline and Strategic Technology Roadmaps allow you to align your Data Analytics capabilities with your evolving business needs.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Tecala’s Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a modern, highly scalable, and sophisticated integration, orchestration, and automation platform. It seamlessly connects disparate applications, databases, and systems, enabling a unified ecosystem.

The service is important for mid-market organisations as it streamlines operations, enabling efficiencies and agility. It reduces complexities associated with managing diverse technologies, ensuring better data flow and synchronisation.

Because most of our mid-market clients operate with limited IT resources, optimising your IT spend is essential.

iPaaS enables you to adapt swiftly to changing business needs without extensive coding or infrastructure overhaul. It also enhances collaboration and promotes real-time information sharing across departments.

Our iPaaS solution is fully managed by Tecala, reducing the management and support overhead for customers. And it’s hosted in our Microsoft Azure cloud, with some components hosted in Tecala data centres where appropriate.


Succesfull business outcomes are assured through high quality data.

With mid-market organisations realising that ‘high data integrity’ is the catalyst for achieving success in digital transformation programs, we ensure your data delivers the outcomes you need from your automation and AI investments. 

Dark data becomes smart data

We enable organisations to turn dark data into smart data, thus enabling you to make well-informed AI-augmented and data driven decisions.

A rich foundation

Data is the soil of the digital age, so we ensure it’s cultivated to deliver the quality and richness you need to drive your digital transformation projects.

Fully supported

All the people using your automation, data, and AI services are supported through our locally owned and operated Service Operations Centre.

Ongoing optimisation

Our Consultancy and Advisory teams work alongside our service and support staff to continually optimise your automation services. This ensures your automation, data, and AI projects are in sync with your business drivers.

Great data literacy and skills

Data and AI literacy should be embedded into your organisational culture. So we ensure your people have the skills and training to interpret and use you automation, data, and AI applications and platforms.

Assured business outcomes

We focus on achievable projects for which the business case is deeply compelling. This ensures your Automation, Data and AI services deliver tangible, measurable business outcomes from your investment.

Book your Data Landscape Maturity Assessment.

A Data Landscape and Maturity Assessment (DLMA) is the first step in ensuring effective use of your data. In a three-step approach we assess the current state of your data, formulate the future state based on your goals, and provide a gap analysis between where you are now and where you need to go.



Is your organisation ready to unlock the potential of your data?

Our Data Landscape Maturity Assessment is the key to unlocking the potential of your data, so it drives your automation and AI.



Data Privacy Act 2023 Update

In the wake of the increasing regularity of high-profile attacks on Australian organisations, including Optus, Medibank, and Medicare, the Australian Federal Government spent much of 2023 engaged in a consultation process to identify necessary updates to the Privacy Act.


Case study

AI-powered automation speeds up NDIS claims process

Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to transform the lives of more than half a million Australians with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Data Services so important?

  1. Data Services ensure your data has the quality and integrity to be the foundation for your digital transformation projects.
  2. We’re all becoming familiar with the metaphor, “Data is the soil of the digital age”. When cultivated in the right way, there’s an inherent quality and richness to data that makes it a foundational element for growth and innovation.
  3. With everyone creating their own data trail, there’s literally layer upon layer of information available. If left as is, this data delivers very little value. But when its cultivated and processed in the right way, it can be leveraged into a data-rich environment. Automation and AI applications, like Microsoft Copilot and Tecala GPT, can then use this data to deliver accurate, effective, valuable services that drive the performance of your people and the entire organisation.

What is a Data Landscape Maturity Assessment, and why is it so important?

  1. For your data to drive your automation and AI projects, you need to be sure of the quality and integrity of your data. This includes, verifying sources of data, addressing data entry errors, removing duplicates or irrelevant data, and performing data cleansing and validation processes.
  2. You also need to have industry-relevant Governance policies in place to ensure your organisation is using data in a compliant and ethical way.
  3. The Data Landscape and Maturity Assessment (DLMA) provides an organisation-wide review of the quality of your data, and your organisation’s effectiveness in using it.
  4. Starting with an assessment of the current state of your data, it collaboratively formulates the future state based on your goals and provides a gap analysis between where you are now and where you need to be.
  5. The output of this assessment is a roadmap of projects with cost and duration estimates. At a basic level, the roadmap may be focused on a simple ‘clean up your data’. On a more complex level it may deliver a roadmap to ‘transform and elevate’ your approach to data management across the organisation.

How can I be sure my data is secure when using automation and AI applications?

  1. You need to ensure you partner with an ISO27001 Information Security Standard accredited organisation. This guarantees that everything from our initial designs, systems, tooling, and processes will meet the strictest of international standards.
  2. Also, look for Automation, Data and AI specialists that can demonstrate a proven track record of partnering with highly regulated and governed industries, where data privacy and security is imperative.
  3. Also, consider where your data is being stored. Tecala GPT, for example, is deployed within your existing Azure subscription with encryption of data at rest and data privacy governed by Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles, so can be assured of safety of your data.


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