Cyber Security Advisory Services – Training and Awareness

Reduce your exposure to ransomware, malware, and phishing by keeping your people fully informed and aware.

Taking a people-first approach to cyber security keeps your organisation secure. 

Organisations are realising that people are their most powerful force for innovation, profitability, and growth. As we empower our people with more flexibility, mobility and seamless access to the applications and services they need, we also need to remember that as many as 40% of threats originate from these people’s activities.

To tackle this growing threat, organisations are taking a multi-faceted and layered approach to cyber security. Along with integrating endpoint protection and user security, we also need to provide ongoing education and training to our employees, to raise awareness of cyber-attacks and the tactics being used by threat actors.

Tecala’s Training and Awareness Programs are delivered by our Cyber Security Team. Through structured and industry-specific programs we ensure your staff are aware of the evolving threat landscape, the techniques and tactics being used, and the procedures they need to follow to ensure they’re not exposing your operations to unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Make security a strategic enabler with Tecala’s managed IT security services FOR YOUR AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS

Putting you in control of your compliance obligations

Australian organisations continue to experience an unacceptably high number of data breaches each year – with many of these breaches being linked to compromised login credentials and human error. The reality is the cost of a breach relating to human error is likely to far outweigh the relatively low costs of training and breach prevention.  

In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, it’s important to take an integrated, layered and ‘people-first’ approach to Cyber Security. This includes accurately assessing your threat landscape and your exposure to attack, as well as empowering your team to operate in the most securely conscious and effective way possible.   

Tecala’s Cyber Security Consultancy and Advisory specialists partner with your internal management teams to ensure your employees have the awareness, training, and ongoing support they need to be risk aware and responsible.  

Tecala’s Cyber Security Awareness Training Services delivers formal and structured security awareness training, and we ensure they’re updated and refreshed regularly.


Security Awareness and Training
Phishing & Social Engineering Awareness Programs

Security Awareness and Training

Tecala’s Incident Response team provides an end-to-end incident response that not only stops attackers but supports remediation and recovery to ensure the root causes of the attack or breach are fixed and the chance for recurrence is eliminated. 

In collaboration with our Consultancy and Advisory teams, we ensure your response satisfies your reporting obligations and assist you with communicating the findings to your local law enforcement teams. 

By managing your initial response, and then consolidating all information and learnings relating to the incident, we can recover and restore the systems with all the relevant data, enabling you to return to business as usual as soon as possible. In this way, we implement the lessons learned to strengthen your security policy and approaches.

Phishing & Social Engineering Awareness Programs

Social Engineering is the technique threat actors will use to get your employees to give up sensitive or confidential data. The efficacy of these social engineers is seen in the rise of successful phishing – according to CISCO’s 2021 Cybersecurity Threat Trends report, phishing attacks are responsible for more than 80% of reported security incidents, with about 90% of data breaches occurring as a direct result of phishing.

This means that workable security policies and protocols, which adhere to your industry’s regulatory and compliance guidelines, need to be used to guide everyday behaviour. Tecala’s Phishing & Social Engineering Awareness Programs are regularly updated and user-friendly to ensure the active participation of your employees. By taking a collaborative approach we deliver very effective outcomes.


With cyber-aware and threat-savvy employees, your organisation is much better placed to deal with the threat landscape.

At Tecala, we’ve built up a market-leading security practice that protects and empowers your organisation by ensuring your team is fully aware of the cyber security threat landscape, and their responsibilities within it.

With approximately 88 percent of all data breaches being caused by your people making simple, everyday mistakes, it’s essential they receive regular, updated training to ensure they’re always cognisant of threats.

Empower your people with knowledge and awareness

Your people are your most effective agents in the cyber security battle. By empowering them with knowledge and training you create an effective barrier against threat actors. 

A leading-edge approach to modern Security 

As your team embraces cloud-first, modern technologies your security approach needs to stay in lockstep. By raising your team’s awareness of, and delivering training in appropriate security procedures, you help ensure the efficacy of your cyber security approach.   

Scale with confidence

With Tecala’s Audit and Compliance Teams delivering the policies and procedures to ensure the security of your business-critical data, training and awareness allows your team to execute their daily tasks with certainty and confidence. 

Tailored to your industry

The cyber security training and awareness programs we deliver are carefully developed to defend your business from the ubiquitous nature of security threats unique to your organisation operating in your sector.  

Stay on the front foot

Tecala is Australia’s #1 mid-market-focused Managed Service Provider (MSP). Partnering with the world’s leading vendors ensures our Security Awareness and Training, and Social Engineering Awareness Programs culminate in leading-edge security outcomes.

Simplify regulation and compliance 

Because your people are more aware of their responsibilities around your data and the efficacy of your security systems, procedures, and protocols, staying compliant and up to date is much easier to manage.

Reduce costs

By raising the awareness, knowledge, and expertise of your team around cyber-attack, you reduce your cyber insurance premiums and reduce the overall cost of cyber-attacks on your business.


Assess your vulnerability to attack. Protect your reputation.

Working to a risk assessment matrix, we’ll clearly identify where your business is most susceptible to breach or attack.

As cyber security providers, our assessment follows 3 Steps:

  1. Where and how your business operations create your potential for risk.
  2. We’ll explain the two primary security frameworks and how to apply them to your organisation 
  3. Define next steps: Achieve peace of mind with a tailored Strategic Security Roadmap for your business 

Don’t be tomorrow’s headline. Book your session today.  


A ‘Shot in the Arm’ for Cyber Security 

Businesses and practitioners alike need a ‘pick-me-up’ – a confidence booster to get back on top of security risks and challenges, and to stay there. Let the Tecala Cyber Security Report be your stimulus for change. 


Tactical Experts Driving Success for Ransomware Gangs 

We enter a new cybercrime world as tactical experts evolve their attacks through the formation of a cooperative cybercrime marketplace that is far more efficient than what most organisations are prepared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cyber security training so important? 

  1. The challenge we face is that as the number of cyber-attacks is rising their level of sophistication is also rapidly evolving. This is creating a perfect storm for IT Managers and Business Leaders. If you’re tasked with protecting your organization against threats, you have many different tools and approaches available to you, including firewalls, antivirus software, email security, and many other Managed Security options.  
  2. The reality is, all these cyber security approaches are undermined if an employee clicks on a malicious email without realising it's malintent or uses a substandard or easy-to-guess password because they’re unaware of the threat this poses.  
  3. Studies have shown human error is the major contributing cause in ~80%-95% of all data breaches, so the importance of security awareness training could not be greater. Having regular, tailored, and up-to-date training is an essential part of your cyber security policy.

What type of cyber security training and awareness programs should I be running?  

  1. It really depends on your external vulnerabilities, your internal operating systems, your people, and your processes. Your operating environment also plays a key factor– i.e., the industry or sector in which you’re operating.  
  2. For more information on this, check our Vulnerability and Penetration Testing page on our website.   
  3. Generally, however, your team needs to be aware of the techniques used in phishing attacks – how they typically work and what to look out for. Passwords and authentication procedures are critically important, as is mobile device security and procedures for logging in and working remotely. This is increasingly important when using public Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies. 
  4. As a Managed Security Provider, Tecala can manage all these environments for you. As we update your cyber security approach, we deliver the relevant awareness training to your team, ensuring they are always informed and up to date.  

What’s the relationship between social engineering and phishing? 

  1. Social Engineering is the technique threat actors will use to get your employees to give up sensitive or confidential data. The efficacy of these social engineers is seen in the rise of successful phishing attempts reported each year. i.e., “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.”
  2. It’s worth noting that these numbers are on the rise – in 2019 CSO Australia reported that only 15% of breaches were due to phishing.

Why are personal cyber-attacks on the rise? 

  1. Social engineering is now a major criminal activity with big money at stake. According to Forbes, “Cyber thieves are using new strategies, tactics and techniques to help increase the chances of success of their phishing attacks against companies and organizations. Making matters worse for business leaders, ransomware attacks are also on the rise as is the amount of money that is being demanded. 
  2. Attackers are using new techniques like ‘Spear Phishing’ to target specific individuals or groups within an organisation. Threat actors will research potential victims, collect information, and build a profile around them, and work them until the person is effectively ‘speared’. The same Forbes article explains that “Ransom amounts are increasing dramatically. The average ransom ask per incident is over $10 million.”   
  3. It’s essential your organisation provides the necessary awareness raising and training to ensure your team isn’t vulnerable to this growing threat. 


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