SIEM and MDR Services

Real-time and proactive security management. Keeps you informed & puts you firmly in control.

A multi-layered approach to security that has every base covered 

With more organisations migrating to a modern digital workplace, people are increasingly mobile and accessing their applications and services through the cloud, yet are still dependent on some on-premise technologies. In response to this cloud-enabled and distributed/hybrid environment, it’s important to adopt a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and MDR (Managed Detection and Response) solution that seamlessly integrates into the cloud products and with each other.

Combining SIEM and MDR into a coordinated service, Tecala provides real-time insights and remediation to security events, as they arise.

As more of our clients embrace a hybrid working environment in a cloud-first modern workplace, we all need to think about security in a cloud-device-data approach. It’s no longer optimal to rely on the office-firewall-internet system, we all need a more sophisticated solution.

Tecala’s SIEM and MDR capabilities are delivered through our evolving Managed Cyber Security Services portfolio. This holistic service is delivered through our Australia-based and Tecala-owned SOC, which delivers all of the experience, capabilities and expertise you need to monitor and protect your entire ICT infrastructure.

Focusing on identifying and dealing with threats before they become operations-disrupting events, we keep you in the know, and 100% in control.

Make security a strategic enabler with Tecala’s managed IT security services FOR YOUR AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS

Tecala’s Cyber Security specialists deliver 24/7 peace of mind

In today’s modern and dynamic workplace, we’re more connected, mobile and data-driven than ever before. The sheer range of cloud-delivered services we provide to our employees and customers results in complicated systems with huge amounts of logs and telemetry data. 

A security incident can happen at any time across any type of infrastructure. If an incident happens, it is important to get the best response and course of action available through an integrated and holistic Cyber Security Services provider.  

Tecala’s SIEM and MDR offerings, which encompass EDR and XDR, are combining multiple technologies and services to deliver a fully managed and integrated solution for security information and remediation. Bringing together the best network, event and security knowledge in our services portfolio gives all the on-demand detection and response services you need.

This includes:

Data analysis
Threat detection
Incident response

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
Managed Detection & Response

Security Information Event Management (SIEM) 

Combining security information management and security event management into one holistic solution allows you to develop near real-time insights into security events. By capturing data, consolidating this data, and then enriching and delivering alerts to your management team based on your requirements, we enable mission-critical awareness within your business. 

Tecala’s SEIM Services are delivered as part of our Managed Cyber Security Services. By collecting log and event data generated by your organisation’s applications, security devices and host systems we bring all your security information and event management information together into a single managed platform.

Having this delivered as a Tecala Managed Cloud Service removes all the integration work and all the headaches of day-to-day management.

Tecala partners with best-of-breed solutions, to deliver SIEM as a fully managed and locally supported service.

Managed Detection & Response

Tecala’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team build upon the data gathered from multiple disparate systems by the Extended Detection and Response (XDR) product, to achieve the highest possible level of security.

While EDR service focuses only on securing your endpoint devices – i.e., any device with connections to and from your network, we acknowledge this is not enough, because of which we employ the over-encompassing features of the XDR (Extended Detection and Response) technology. This in turn encompasses your entire threat landscape to include any threat, targeting all aspects of your ICT infrastructure, while providing quick and relevant action against the potential threat.


Know and understand your evolving threat landscape, and reduce your business risk.

Many mid-sized organisations are struggling to keep up with the fast-evolving threat landscape. No one wants to be tomorrow’s headline for a targeted intrusion or opportunistic attack, so recognising that preventative technologies are only offering partial security in today’s evolving threat landscape, our clients are turning to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Managed Detection Response (MDR) to give them the insights they need to prevent attacks becoming business impacting events.   

Our platform-level integration occurs at the point of deployment rather than being added in later. This consolidates different security products into one multi-layered platform to provide better overall security outcomes for your business. 

A leading-edge approach to modern Security 

As your business embraces cloud-first, modern technologies your security approach needs to stay in lockstep. By integrating SIEM and MDR into one managed service, we manage your entire threat landscape, ensuring security threats never become business-disrupting events.   

Full visibility 

Our MDR service (which can include elements of SIEM and XDR) delivers full visibility into your IT environment using XDR agents and centralised logging on domain controllers since they are a key target for ransomware actors. 

24/7 detection

Leveraging our 24/7 detection service, with both automated and expert-level manual response, allows your organisation to benefit from cybersecurity expertise and resources that are beyond the in-house capabilities of most mid-sized organisations.   

Stay on the front foot 

Tecala is Australia’s #1 mid-market-focused Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the authority in Managed Detection and Response Services. Working in partnership through APAC we deliver the most comprehensive SIEM and MDR service available to mid-market organisations. 

Simplify regulation and compliance

Because we give you complete control of, and confidence in, the integrity of your data and the efficacy of your security systems, procedures, and protocols, staying compliant and up to date is much easier to manage. 

Reduce costs

By allowing us to deliver your SIEM and MDR services through our local SOC, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings compared to maintaining an equivalent SOC in-house. We also ensure a highly qualified team of cyber security experts on hand when you need them.  


Assess your vulnerability to attack. Protect your reputation.

Working to a risk assessment matrix, we’ll clearly identify where your business is most susceptible to breach or attack.

As cyber security providers, our assessment follows 3 Steps:

  1. Where and how your business operations create your potential for risk.
  2. We’ll explain the two primary security frameworks and how to apply them to your organisation 
  3. Define next steps: Achieve peace of mind with a tailored Strategic Security Roadmap for your business 

Don’t be tomorrow’s headline. Book your session today.  


A ‘Shot in the Arm’ for Cyber Security 

Businesses and practitioners alike need a ‘pick-me-up’ – a confidence booster to get back on top of security risks and challenges, and to stay there. Let the Tecala Cyber Security Report be your stimulus for change. 


Tactical Experts Driving Success for Ransomware Gangs 

We enter a new cybercrime world as tactical experts evolve their attacks through the formation of a cooperative cybercrime marketplace that is far more efficient than what most organisations are prepared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between SIEM and MDR?

  1. The key difference between SIEM and MDR is that SIEM is essentially a reactive service, and MDR is proactive.
  2. SIEM collects event data from all your different applications, devices, and systems. You then wait for your correlation rules to trigger so you can respond. Because it’s machine-driven, it allows you to gather huge data sets making its scope broad and effective.
  3. MDR takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Often referred to as ‘threat hunting’, it actively investigates risk and threats across the full spectrum of attacker activity. MDR proactively and iteratively searches your networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that may evade your security solutions.

How do SIEM and MDR work together? 

  1. SIEM and MDR shouldn’t be seen as an ‘either, or’ scenario. Rather, they should be treated as an integrated model that together deliver the best approach to cyber security. Some organisations will adopt SIEM as part of their MDR service. 
  2. SIEM is incredibly effective at keeping your systems protected. However, doing it properly by your own internal teams is time-consuming and expensive. 
  3. Integrating your SIEM into an MDR service (that would also feature EDR or even better over encompassing XDR component) allows you to outsource all the heavy lifting to a Managed Cyber Security Service Provider. You then don’t have to worry about purchasing or updating your cyber software or hiring a team of experts to keep their eyes on the glass, 24/7. Your partner would do all that for you, and you just work with their team to keep your correlation rules and triggers relevant in your business and operating landscape. 

Why should I partner with a service provider to deliver my SIEM and XDR services?

  1. Having your SIEM and XDR delivered through a Managed Detection Response service (delivered by an organisation like Tecala) frees up your team from managing an increasingly complex security environment and staying abreast of fast-evolving technologies.  
  2. You don’t have to worry about building your new cybersecurity infrastructure or creating a team of security experts to monitor your systems 24/7. Your partner will do all that for you.  
  3. With Tecala managing your threat landscape, you have an effective MDR solution that delivers a wide range of security tools for monitoring activity, detecting and eliminating threats, and safeguarding networks against future attacks.  
  4. There are three major benefits to this: 1) you benefit from around-the-clock protection; 2) you free yourself from the cost of managing an in-house security team; 3) you don’t need to worry about finding and hiring highly specialised staff in a period of unprecedented skills shortage. 


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