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IT Infrastructure Management.

Bring your IT infrastructure to life. With Tecala you can manage, modernise and transform.

Make your IT infrastructure work for you with Tecala. From your datacentre to a mix of cloud servers, IT infrastructure is everywhere and management of it is critical for driving business outcomes.

Without expert operational management, the business can become exposed to security risks, experience high operating costs and miss out on a key platform for innovation.

  • Keep your servers working for you, regardless of whether they are hosted on-premises, by an MSP, or in private and public clouds
  • Your choice of operating system, Windows and Linux
  • Public cloud management – from servers to network services
  • Hosted DR delivering the benefits without the high infrastructure costs
  • Modern network management to ensure you have the best connectivity between offices and cloud services

Our flexible management model allows you to comfortably hand over as much, or as little, of your infrastructure and network management requirements as you need.

Server Management

At Tecala we have a market-leading server management practice and can keep your platforms running at their best. Servers can be on-premises, hosted by an MSP, or in private and public clouds. Whatever your mix of hosting model, your servers need to me managed and maintained.

Our server management capability spans across:

  • Customer premises server: Windows and Linux
  • Tecala cloud servers: Our private cloud hosting offering
  • Public cloud servers: AWS and Azure
  • Physical or Virtual: Bare metal or VMware

Focus on putting your servers to work with Tecala.

Cloud platforms

Today’s clouds offer more than just hosted servers. Everything from network services to complex software packages are available on demand.

Tecala’s operational management expertise helps you get the most of what your chosen cloud platform offers.

IT infrastructure of the future will comprise specialised services, all connected via APIs and other direct integration options.

Get ready to take advantage of new IT infrastructure options now.

Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) is now considered a vital component of any ICT strategy, irrespective of the size of a business.

Tecala’s Hosted DR Services provides affordable managed solutions to ensure high levels of availability for mission critical applications in the event of an unforeseen disaster striking production infrastructure or facility.

By utilising a hosted DR solution, you can achieve the same benefits of a dedicated DR environment at a greatly reduced cost. Be comfortable in the knowledge that your DR function is maintained by a technology partner who will ensure it will fulfill it’s critical purpose when called upon.

Network infrastructure

A digital business is underpinned with a fast and secure network. We started life as a systems integration consultancy, therefore, we appreciate the integral importance of sound network design to successful cloud and digital service delivery. Both our own network and those of our customers are built to enhance this journey.

Tecala can manage a modern network to keep your staff productive and ensure you have the best connectivity between offices and cloud services.

We also make sure the network is secure and performing well, something which is too often overlooked.

A flexible model

We have adopted a flexible management model allowing you to comfortably hand over as much, or as little, of your network management requirements as you need.

We offer full or shared management including: capacity and performance monitoring and incident and problem management, all to guaranteed service levels (SLAs).

We will identify network incidents before they can impact your business functions or productivity.

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A Flexible Model

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IT Infrastructure Management
IT Infrastructure Management

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