Tecala Automation Services

Create an efficient, productive and profitable organisation, through intelligent automation.

We create environments where robots work and people thrive.

Automation is now an essential part of any mid-market organisation’s Digital Transformation strategy.

No longer just an efficiency initiative, automation gives organisations the ability to scale and grow without incurring additional staff costs. This makes it the most effective way to streamline operations and reduce costs, while enabling your people to focus on activities that add real value to your business.

Automation is the engine room that accelerates the effectiveness of your existing systems, leveraging your data to power your AI applications and platforms.

Seamlessly routing activities between humans and systems using API or UI automation, it looks after the predicable, repeatable, and manual tasks in automated workflows, so you and your teams can focus on the activities that add real value to your organisation.

Intelligent Automation – delivered as a fully-supported seamless service.

At Tecala, Automation, Data and AI solutions and services are delivered in an incremental, consumption-based model. This is designed to enable mid-sized organisations to approach automation and AI in a flexible way, so you can adopt solutions for which the business case is most compelling.

It also delivers predictability and certainty into your budgeting, allowing you to achieve a return on investment within a pre-arranged time frame.

Our Automation, Data and AI team work alongside our service and support staff to continually optimise your automation services. They ensure your technology stays in step with your business objectives to deliver ongoing, measurable business value.

Everyone using your automation solutions, plus the teams responsible for implementing them, will be fully-supported by our teams in our Tecala-owned and locally-operated Service Operations Centre.

Our Automation Services

Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Businesses that are looking to wholly embrace a transformative business model need to optimise their digital systems in a way that truly empowers their workforce.

With our Digital Process Automation services, we’ll reliably digitise, monitor, and direct automated workflows enterprise wide to increase productivity, drive efficiency, and minimise human error.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The main outcome of automation is the liberation of people from monotonous, rule-based tasks that waste their time and are prone to inefficiencies and errors.

Using software robots and artificial intelligence to replicate human activity at high speed is the most effective way to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and enhance accuracy.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Many workplaces are drowning in paperwork and suffering long delays due to the manual extraction and processing of contracts, invoices, bills, and many other documents.

Intelligent Document Processing transforms these documents into insights in an automated workflow, so your teams can process tasks faster and make smart effective decisions with more confidence.

Process Mapping

Mapping your current processes is the first step to ensuring great outcomes from automation.

With a big picture view of how your work happens, we can see the roadblocks or the opportunities to make efficiency gains. Process mapping aids collaboration across your team to bring together fragmented information about your business processes in one, clear map.

Custom Mobile Apps

Our development teams use Jigx’s superior app building platform and custom design features to develop tailored mobile applications.

Because no two businesses are the same, we tailor each mobile application to your teams’ experience and capabilities, as well as the regulation and compliance needs of your industry.

Conversational Chatbots

We develop conversational chatbots to improve your customer experiences by delivering a first point of contact for routine enquiries. They also assist internal employee as they seek quick and convenient answers to HR, IT support, or payroll enquiries.

Delivering personalised assistance and quick responses to inquiries they help mid-market organisations improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and effortlessly scale.

business outcomes

We automate the ordinary to unleash the extraordinary

We focus on achievable projects for which the business case is deeply compelling. This ensures your Automation, Data, and AI services deliver tangible, measurable business outcomes from your investment.

Empower your people

Automating repetitive and tedious tasks not only improves efficiency and accuracy, it also enables people to focus on more rewarding parts of their job. Using RPA to automate process-driven tasks and AI to automate data-driven tasks, you allow your people to focus on doing the ‘productive human things’ that add real value.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Intelligent automation allows you to develop deeper insight into your customers’ preferences and behaviours while automating the ordering, processing, and delivery of products and services.

Build customer loyalty

Customers who receive consistently satisfying experiences continue to make purchases, and soon become loyal and committed advocates, openly sharing their experiences with colleagues, peers, friends, and family.

Increase capability and capacity – with reduced staff costs

By automating repetitive, time-consuming, or laborious tasks, you build capability and capacity without the need to take on more staff. This enables your teams to focus on more valuable activities.

A positive organisational culture

Our automation services are designed to augment human ‘thinking and doing’ in your organisation. We don’t remove jobs – but we are here to help you manage the process of changing how people do them. And we’ll support your organisational change management teams as you go through this process.

Reduce risk and ensure business continuity

Bringing offshore helpdesk support and call centres back to Australia is now a viable option as RPA is used to streamline customer interactions. This allows you to build business resilience, ensure business continuity, and stay compliant with frameworks like APRA CPS 230.

Get started on your Intelligent Automation Journey.

Let’s get you on your automation journey.

If you already know you need to automate, but not sure where to start, book your Art of the Possible Session today. 

If you already know you need to automate, and you already have ideas on where to start, we’ll get you going with an Automation Evaluation.



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Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to transform the lives of more than half a million Australians with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is automation?

  1. Automation is the process whereby we automate routine, repetitive and predictable tasks or processes into automated workflows, thereby reducing or removing the need for human intervention.
  2. Automation does this mainly by predetermining decision criteria, sub-process relationships, and related actions, as well as embodying those predeterminations in machines.
  3. Automation is the engine room that accelerates the effectiveness of your existing systems, leveraging your data to power your AI applications and platforms.
  4. Seamlessly routing activities between humans and systems using API or UI automation, it essentially lets machines look after the predicable, repeatable, and manual tasks that take up so much time through an average working day.
  5. The outcome for the business, therefore, is empowered people working on tasks and activities that add real value to your organisation.

What’s the difference between robotic process automation and intelligent automation?

  1. Robotic Process Automation is a subset of automation, but is first and most relevant the way in which many organisations experience the technology.
  2. RPA provides technology to automate repeatable, manual tasks or rules-based tasks into automated workflows. As such it’s an effective way to streamline operations and reduce costs.
  3. Intelligent automation uses artificial intelligence technologies, like machine learning and natural language processing, to streamline and scale decision making across an organisation. For this reason, it’s often called ‘cognitive automation’.
  4. At Tecala we’ve combined Automation, Data and AI to deliver a seamless intelligent automation service that integrates robotic process automation, data, back-end integration automation, and AI into an integrated platform.
  5. Different combinations can be adopted by the organisation at different stages of their automation journey, so they can scale and grow as your operations evolve.

How do I get started with Automation?

  1. The automation journey begins with a review and evaluation of repetitive tasks or processes in your organisation that can be automated into a workflow. You can then select the automation tools and platforms that suitable for your requirements and your budget.
  2. If you start with simple tasks for which the business case is most compelling, you can then scale up. Remember to invest in training for yourself and your team to ensure successful implementation and integration into your operations.
  3. If you already know you need to automate, but not sure where to start, look into Tecala’s Art of the Possible Session. If you already know you need to automate, and you already have ideas on where to start, consider something like Tecala’s Automation Evaluation.


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