Personalised ICT consulting services

Tailored to your organisation to deliver the outcomes you need.

Ensuring you get extraordinary outcomes from your technology investments

Our IT Consulting Services help you to drive optimal value from your IT investments.

When it’s time to transform your IT, or take on the big operational challenges, you’ll need the right consulting advice to get the outcomes you need. Coming from a Consultancy and Advisory heritage, we believe that ICT deployment shouldn’t be difficult or restrictive. Instead, it should be a strategic, seamless, and liberating experience.

To make this happen we partner with you so you can you harness leading edge technologies, and then map these technologies to your business objectives. Taking this strategic approach to IT ensures you can always respond to new operational challenges with agility and confidence.

Our in-house Consulting team works alongside our Managed Services, Cloud, Communications and Collaboration, and Emerging Technology specialists to deliver a comprehensive range of ICT solutions and services.

Supported by our ITIL-compliant service and support team who operate through our 100% Australian-based Service Operations Centre, we continuously innovate and transform your ICT.

This is how we ensure our Consulting Services continually optimise your IT to drive your business performance.

Don’t wait for change to come to you. Get on the front foot with Tecala’s IT consulting services.

Achieving your organisational objectives and gaining a competitive advantage means getting on the front foot with technology. If your IT strategy has to wait for change to come to you, you’ve already lost your edge.

Often delivered in an ‘Expertise on Demand’ model, Tecala’s IT Consulting Services are delivered by teams of Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture Services, and Cloud and Infrastructure Transformation Consultants.

We can be brought in at the foundational stage of the technology strategy to ensure the impact of a technology investment is assured, or through your Audits and Assessments to ensure technology is delivering the outcomes you need.

Whatever the challenge, our Senior IT Consultancy and Advisory teams will create a bespoke engagement with you. By attaching specific outcomes to each project that are congruent with your existing IT Management structure, we ensure IT always delivers the outcomes you need.

Senior Consultant and ‘Expertise on Demand’
Cloud Transformation Program
Accelerate Digital Transformation
Enterprise Architecture

Senior Consultant and ‘Expertise on Demand’

Many of our clients with existing IT teams call us in to brainstorm innovation options or pressure test their own ideas. There are many ways our clients benefit from having our consultants on call to assist with their programs and challenges.

Alternatively, if your organisation is too small for an IT leadership team or CIO, we’ll deliver experienced consultants on demand.

By delivering expertise and forward-thinking when you need it – often coming in to lead complex or disruptive ICT projects – our objective is always to partner with you so you get a great outcome:

  • Get access to highly skilled consultants and engineers
  • Easily conduct third-party reviews
  • Save time recruiting and speed up value-generation

Don’t let lack of resources or limited availability of people hold back your potential.

Cloud Transformation Program

Moving to the cloud can be a long process, made more complex if it’s part of an enterprise-wide transformation strategy. Simply moving on-premises workloads to the cloud could actually increase your cost and not deliver much in the way of business transformation.

With Tecala you can leave complexity and uncertainty behind. Our Cloud Audits and Assessments give you the insight you need, and our team of Cloud and Infrastructure Transformation Consultants partner with you to ensure your Cloud Transformation Programs deliver the right outcomes:

  • Cloud Audits and Assessments to deliver clarity on objectives
  • Assisting you to assess dependencies to migrate a workload to cloud
  • Define the benefits of public, private, and hybrid architectures for the organisation
  • Develop a cloud transformation roadmap

Before diving into the cloud, we’ll develop, audit, or assess your transformation program to ensure it’s mapped to your business strategy.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

The first step in digital transformation is to remove the emphasis on technology and put your focus on the transformation itself. Ask yourself: what is your current state of IT? And what’s the end state you need to reach in order to meet your broader vision?

To help you and your team manage this complex landscape, we provide a range of Technology Audits and Assessments to enable you to understand where you are now, where you need to be, and what the most effective strategy will be for getting there.

Partnering with Tecala, you’ll get a strategy-driven transformation that succeeds through continual experimentation, investment, and renewal, including:

  • A transformation strategy that is embedded into the overall strategy of the business
  • Help defining what the future operating state looks like for your organisation and the steps needed to get to that new model
  • An operating model that is highly flexible and adaptable to market changes

Enterprise Architecture

In today’s multi-technology environment, enterprise architecture is more important than ever.

Traditional enterprise architecture was focused on on-premise systems, but this has all changed with cloud, SaaS, and other emerging technologies such as Intelligent Automation or the Internet of Things.

Tecala’s Consulting Services will help you develop the right enterprise architecture for your business, so it not only meets day to day operational objectives but has the potential to drive innovation in new directions:

  • We review the current environment and develop a program to modernise it and keep it updated
  • If your services or applications are underperforming, perhaps due to legacy architecture, or a poorly designed network of system, we’ll identify the cause
  • We look at the entire landscape of systems, storage, and networks – including any hosted services – to ensure you have the optimal enterprise architecture

Ensure your Enterprise Architecture is the best it can be, with flexibility and scalability to adapt to change and keep you on top of future developments.


Ensuring extraordinary outcomes from your technology investments.

Our Senior Consultants will help you evaluate and understand your options, so you can make decisions that benefit both your business and your employees, while mitigating unnecessary risk. Combining strategy, transformation, management, and optimisation, we identify and remove the obstacles to a successful outcome before you even know they’re there.

Stay on the front foot with technology

With the speed of innovation constantly accelerating, we give you the ability to respond to new operational challenges with agility and confidence. Our Strategic Technology Roadmap is designed to give you big picture vision of what your ICT needs to achieve, so continual adjustment is part of the plan.

Working in partnership with you

Where other ICT consulting firms might offer sporadic assistance, our ICT consultants and engineers become a proactive part of your team with access to our entire portfolio of delivery services. We are the sounding board for many of our clients, building assurance into their strategic thinking.

Optimise your IT strategy and budget

Getting the right technology architecture is more important than ever. By engaging with you at the strategy and planning phase of each project, we ensure the efficacy of your technology before purchase and implementation. We ensure you’re always ready to embrace change and drive innovation.

Expertise on demand when you need it

The reality is that technology has become ubiquitous, and staying on top of each innovation in each area is unrealistic for many mid-market organisations. We’ll give you the insight and expertise when you need it, and liaise with your board to ensure smooth and effective IT planning and implementation.

Confidence, assurance, and peace of mind

Digital transformation projects are complex and require long term investment in capability, capacity, and on-going knowledge development. We remove the burden and risk from your organisation so you can leave uncertainty behind. This also allows your team to test ideas and concepts with us before you proceed to development.

Optimal performance

If any part of your technology infrastructure is underperforming, we’ll assess the entire landscape of systems, storage, network, and applications to ensure they’re all using the optimal architecture. We’ll use Modern Application Assessments, Process Efficiency assessments and ITSM audits to ensure you’re getting optimal performance.


Book a Technology Capability Assessment

Why you shouldn’t miss this session

We use our Technology Capabilities Assessment to engage directly with you and your teams, to measure how well your existing ICT solutions, services, and platforms are meeting your business objectives.

Once we fully understand your business dynamics, we’ll provide recommendations on the solutions and long-term strategies you need to ensure your people and business enjoy the very best experiences from your IT platforms, services, and applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a CIO or Expert ‘on Demand’ a good idea?

  1. With technology being the platform for empowering people and enabling organisations to achieve long-term operational objectives, its role has become ubiquitous.
  2. Gone are the days of the CIO role being focused on technology. They’re now more likely to be directly linked to deliver revenue-driving projects, as well as improve employee and customer experiences.
  3. The question is, is it viable or feasible for any IT leadership team to have all the knowledge and expertise in-house to deal with the sheer breadth of challenges they face?
  4. For tech leaders who need to drive digital transformation, enable innovation, and optimise the current IT environment, having a team of experts ‘on demand’ to collaborate or partner with is invaluable.
  5. Furthermore, having an 'Expert on Demand' through a trusted technology partner that has broader skills and capabilities allows you to avoid having to recruit an internal team or manage a contingent workforce.

If I engage with Tecala for IT Consulting, what will the experience be like?

  1. CXC is a global contingency workforce management company. Its global growth had led to the strategic decision to bring together all its global local offices under one roof. This led to a focus on consolidating, streamlining, and standardising the underlying IT infrastructure.
  2. After conducting a thorough assessment, the decision was made to embark on a consulting engagement with Tecala, to align technology with CXC’s overall goals for global growth in the years ahead.
  3. A key part of the overall strategy was building out a public cloud security roadmap, which concentrated on tightening security measures across the business. This was then followed by ongoing consulting to provide CXC with a future IT plan, which included the migration to Tecala’s cloud and managed services.
  4. As part of the strategic partnership, Tecala and CXC came together each quarter for a strategy workshop. The consensus that was achieved in this forum facilitated an ongoing optimisation of the environment to support CXC’s growth plans.
  5. According to CXC’s Director of Technology, Dominic Sargent, “These strategy workshops enhance our ability to think beyond today. We work together to understand emerging technologies and, critically, assess how they might support and drive our business strategy. Tecala continues to challenge the status quo and, together, we ensure the IT roadmap stays current.”
  6. If you’d like to read more about this important partnership, click here.


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