Emerge Stronger in 2022 and beyond.

We accelerate your brilliance with personalised ICT consulting.

You deserve extraordinary outcomes from your technology investments.

When it’s time to transform you’ll need the best consulting advice to make it happen.

Tecala’s IT consulting services will help you to drive optimal value from your IT investments.

Where other ICT consulting firms might offer sporadic assistance, our ICT consultants and engineers become a proactive part of your team with access to our entire portfolio of delivery services. Our consulting services help your organisation be ready for change and drive innovation.

Consulting service options include:

  • Senior IT staff or “CIO on demand”
  • Digital transformation consulting
  • Cloud and infrastructure transformation
  • Enterprise architecture services and consulting

Why wait for change to come to you?

Be innovative with digital and adopt the right emerging technology with purpose.

Senior Consultant / CIO on Demand

If your organisation is too small for an IT leadership team or CIO, Tecala can help achieve transformative goals with our experienced consultants on demand.

Alternatively, a larger IT team can benefit from having the best consultants on call to assist with programs and challenges you are already well aware of.

  • Get access to highly-skilled consultants and engineers
  • Easily conduct third-party reviews
  • Save time recruiting and speed up value-generation

Don’t let lack of resources or limited availability of people hold back your potential. Tecala consultants work as an ‘IT leader on demand’ and collaborate with you to achieve your business outcomes.

Cloud transformation program

Moving to cloud can be a long process, made more difficult if you are looking to transform your entire business as well.

With Tecala you can leave the uncertainty behind. Our years of transformation and cloud consulting experience combine to give you an assured cloud transformation program.

Many organisations jump into cloud without considering how it can be best adopted to drive change. Simply moving on-premises workloads to cloud could actually increase your cost and not deliver much in the way of business transformation.

Let Tecala’s cloud transformation experience help you get more business value from cloud. We can help with:

  • Assisting clients to assess dependencies to migrate a workload to cloud
  • Define the benefits of public, private, and hybrid architectures for the business
  • Develop a cloud transformation roadmap

Don’t dive into cloud without a solid transformation program which is mapped to your business strategy.

Accelerate digital transformation

Looking for digital transformation but struggling to find a start? Tecala’s consulting expertise can help you sift through the digital opportunity and accelerate a transformation program.

Transformation is a journey, not a product, so find the right places to start with Tecala.

Moving ahead with digital transformation will involve changing processes and acquiring products, and it’s important to have the right experience to ensure it happens in a timely way without disrupting the business.

In the fast world of digital, transformation must happen in a reasonable timeframe as it is important to take advantage of new technology and not be forever “catching up”.

Our digital acceleration capability gets you in front of change and prepares you for new heights.

Enterprise Architecture

In today’s multi-technology environment, enterprise architecture is more important than ever.

Traditional enterprise architecture focused on on-premise systems. This has all changed with cloud, SaaS and other emerging technologies, such as IoT.

Tecala’s Consulting Services develop the right enterprise architecture for your business. We review the current environment and develop a program to modernise it and keep it updated.

If your applications are underperforming it could be because of a legacy architecture or a poorly designed network of systems. We look at the entire landscape of systems, storage, and networks – including any hosted services – and design an optimal enterprise architecture.

Make your architecture the best it can be. Modern enterprise architecture continues to change whilst our expertise will keep you on top of future developments.

Senior Consultant / CIO on Demand
Cloud Transformation Program
Accelerate Digital Transformation
Enterprise Architecture

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Strategic Technology Roadmap

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