Tecala’s IT as a Service delivers the most effective IT consumption model

Ensure your IT platforms are continually optimised with the most effective use of your IT budget.

Keeping your IT operating at optimal performance

In the modern hybrid workplace, people are working from many different locations, and accessing their cloud-based and SaaS applications through high-performance communications networks. Managing and continually optimising this environment, so it’s 100% secure and is always operating at peak performance, is a huge challenge.

Many of our clients don’t have the internal knowledge, capabilities, or capacity to keep their IT in lockstep with the rate of innovation in the industry today. And some simply choose not to tie-up their capital in big long-term big IT infrastructure investments.

Instead, they want a flexible and agile way to consume IT, that gives them the freedom and flexibility to scale their IT services up or down, depending on the rhythm of their business.

Tecala’s entire business is built around ensuring you have access to the right technology for your business, at the right time. Our ‘IT as a Service’ consumption models are designed, implemented, and managed to deliver the highest-performing ICT service for your business.

Supported by our Australia-based Service Operation Centre, which is owned and operated by Tecala, our local Managed IT Services teams specialise in managing and transforming your company’s ICT infrastructure operations.

We’re the #1 partner for progressive growing businesses  

The most cost-effective way to run your IT operations.

Tecala's IT as a Service consumption models ensure the scalable, seamless and secure delivery of your IT services.

They're particularly relevant for mid-sized organisations that have either outgrown their current technology or service provider, have realised that their IT needs have become too complex for internal teams, or have decided they want enterprise-level IT services at a mid-market budget.  

Whatever the nature and scale of your challenge, our Consultancy and Advisory teams will work with your internal leadership teams to ensure everyone in your organisation is invested in the future success and enablement of your business.  

With a long-term strategic technology roadmap in place, clearly mapping your IT to your long-term business objectives, you’ll have complete confidence that your IT services will deliver exactly what your business needs.  




Continual optimisation of your IT services

There is no one size fits all IT consumption model, so we’ll develop an end-to-end and fully managed service that’s tailored to your business needs, your internal capability and capacity, and your budget. You’ll enjoy optimal performance and great business outcomes, without any of the hype.  

Focus on running your business 

Delivering IT as a seamless, effortless experience is our specialty. Outsourcing your IT services reduces the challenge of secure and ubiquitous IT services access from a major consideration to an assumption. This allows you to focus on the far more important task of running your business. 

Optimal business performance, with complete cost control

With IT delivered on an incremental, consumption-based model you get predictability and certainty in your budgeting, and you can achieve a return on investment on key projects within a predictable time frame.  

Overcome the skills shortage 

With highly trained people in short supply, maintaining the in-house support capabilities that are needed to cover the breadth of ICT services –  and stay on top of fast-paced change – is a huge challenge. We solve this challenge with our IT as a Service consumption models. 

Embrace innovation 

We’ll keep you in step with innovations in cloud, software-enhanced networking, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data insights-driven decision making. Our strategic technology roadmap ensures all these technologies remain aligned with your business plan.   

Safe and secure

Cyber-attacks are increasing in volume and sophistication. Through our portfolio of fully integrated Cyber and ICT security services, we’ll hunt, investigate, and stop threats before they become business disrupting events.  

Strategic Technology Roadmap
Managed IT Services
Managed Cloud Services
Cyber Security
Communication and Collaboration
Networking and Connectivity
Intelligent Automation

Strategic Technology Roadmap

Ensuring your IT consumption model is aligned with your business vision is our most important objective. A strategic technology roadmap is not just a solution, it's a clear vision of what IT means to your business.

To ensure your IT as a Service model delivers the best outcomes, we'll focus on the most competitive cost modelling for projected growth, with a forecast outlay. We'll allow for a long-term and collaborative approach that can be staged to accommodate incremental change. We'll also ensure the approach gives plenty of opportunity for input and ideas from your team and ours.

Managed IT Services

With technology providing the potential to drive performance, profitability, and growth in your organisation, we make sure you're always getting the level of support and guidance to accelerate your brilliance.

Our Managed Services and Support teams combine decades of operational experience with the best tools available in the world today. With our teams always on hand to deliver tailored, cost-effective operational support for your business, you have complete peace of mind that every aspect of IT in your organisation is taken care of.

Supported by our Australia-based Service Operation Centre, which is owned and operated by Tecala, your people will always have a great experience from IT - no matter how complex or challenging your expectations are.

Managed Cloud Services

As data, applications, and services move from on-premises and private cloud environments to public 'as-a-service' architectures, delivered over the Internet, we're seeing more clients pass the responsibility of the management of this environment over to us.

Tecala's fully flexible and secure managed cloud services allow you to select the right business cloud for your organisation. From our Tier 3+ ISO27001 accredited facilities in Sydney and Melbourne, we deliver the most effective configuration of infrastructure, platform, and Software as a Service for your applications and workload requirements.

Cyber Security

The sophistication of cyber attacks is increasing at an alarming rate. Recognising the ubiquitous nature of the threat, Tecala's Secured Internet delivered as a Service allows you to navigate this challenging landscape and connect your offices to your cloud-based, SaaS, and internet applications and platforms with absolute confidence.

When implemented via a customisable roadmap, security capabilities are mapped to the strategic objectives of the organisation to ensure cyber security is an enabler of growth, rather than an inhibitor.

Communication and Collaboration

At Tecala, our focus is keeping your employees and customers connected, so your business continues to thrive, with your customers enjoying exceptional customer experiences.

Combining Unified Communications as a Service, along with IP Telephony as a Service, we extend seamless collaboration to every part of your business and to every location in which your employees and customers interact.

When Unified Communication is delivered 'as-a-Service' we take away all the system and software management and integration, so you enjoy seamless communication, interaction, and collaboration between all people in your business and their customers and stakeholders.

Networking and Connectivity

We manage your Software-Enhanced LAN, Managed WAN and Secure Internet through our experienced team of Managed Services and Network specialists. Our partnerships with the world's major players, such as Juniper, Cisco, HP, and Fortinet, ensure the most up-to-date networking solution for your organisation.

Consumed as a holistic service model, our networking and connectivity services reduce costs, strengthen your security posture, and ensure the stability and performance of all the applications and services within your business.

Intelligent Automation

Tecala's Intelligent Automation as a Service is delivered on an incremental, consumption-based model. By delivering the right mix of business analysis, data analytics, process automation, application integration, and business process optimisation, our team provides an end-to-end business automation service.

Understanding that this is an emerging technology, we believe predictability in your budgeting, along with assured ROI within a reasonable time frame, delivers the certainty our clients need.

We focus on achievable, high-value projects for which the business case is deeply compelling. We then make it easy for you to share your automation successes with your management team and roll out more automation projects on a manageable timeframe.


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We use our Technology Capabilities Assessment to engage directly with you and your teams, to measure how well your existing ICT solutions, services and platforms are meeting your business objectives.

Once we fully understand your business dynamics we’ll provide recommendations on the solutions and long-term strategies you need to ensure your people and business enjoy the very best experiences from your IT platforms, services and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by ‘Consuming IT as a Service’?

  1. When you consume IT as a service, you’re engaging with an IT service provider to deliver a comprehensive, flexible solution that bundles hardware, software, and services into a single monthly ‘subscription’ price.  
  1. Because you’re no longer tied into a CAPEX model, you enjoy incredible freedom, flexibility, and control in how you consume your IT services. You can scale your usage up or down throughout the course of your subscription term – which allows you to continually adjust (and optimise) your IT services according to your ever-changing business conditions. 

What IT can I realistically consume as a service 

  1. If you’re moving applications to the cloud, then there is potential for the supporting “technology stack” – like servers and storage – to be phased out with the migration.  
  1. On-demand, cloud-based applications are becoming commonplace. On-demand applications increase productivity as staff can work on any device with fast and consistent access to the applications they need.  
  1. It’s a similar story with devices. With a more distributed workforce, it’s important to be able to deploy new devices easily, efficiently, and securely. In a modern management environment, this happens through automated enrolment and configuration, using a single identity, via Mobile Device Management (MDM) and associated modern tooling. 
  1. All these services, and more, can be delivered by Tecala as part of IT as a Service consumption models.  

Will IT as a Service put IT Managers out of a job?  

  1. No, it doesn’t have to. Even with all of the outsourcing, out tasking and third-party supplier agreements, a business still needs a team to create and oversee its IT strategy. One advantage in-house IT professionals will always have over any service provider is an intimate knowledge of their organisation’s processes and requirements. Consider what you can get out of your team so you can focus on the IT operations worth your energy and focus. Allow them to innovate with the premise that there is room to fail, grow, and learn.
  2. When the cloud became the next big thing in IT a few years ago, there was all this talk about the IT professional being a career of the past. So far that hasn’t happened, and even taking into account the disruption to in-house infrastructure services, the cloud has given rise to many new roles IT pros are well placed to fill.
  3. Instead of connecting boxes, IT professionals are now connecting services to include cloud and delivering a far more ubiquitous, seamless, and enjoyable experience to their end users. If anything, their role has become more important.