Tecala’s Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

Understand your risks and put yourself in control.

Know, understand, and fully protect yourself from the risks your business faces in today’s connected world

There’s no room for complacency around Cyber Security. With so many potential entry points and exploitable vulnerabilities around your organisation, the scope for potential attack is ubiquitous. Amplifying this growing threat are the increasing numbers of threat actors who are getting more sophisticated in the techniques they use.

Knowing and understanding the risks you’re facing in today’s connected world is key to being able to deploy a strategic security roadmap to ensure the mitigation of these risks. It’s therefore essential to have a clear understanding of the weaknesses and potential points of exploit in your network and your broader technology environment. And this needs to happen before you put your cyber security strategy in place.

The good news is that Tecala has you covered. Through our Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing services, we’ll thoroughly assess your threat landscape and accurately assess your exposure to attack.

And with better employee awareness and the right support delivered through our Training and Awareness Services team, we’ll dramatically reduce your risk of attack and its potential impact on your data, your organisation, and your reputation.

Make security a strategic enabler with Tecala’s managed IT security services FOR YOUR AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS

Tecala’s Cyber Security specialists deliver 24/7 peace of mind

We deliver Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing as part of a holistic and end-to-end cyber security portfolio that delivers a multi-layered approach. With today’s security perimeter continuously expanding, a multi-layered approach is required to ensure it can deal with the multi-faceted nature of the modern cyber security threats.

Tecala has both the security consulting and operations expertise to enable our clients to achieve end-to-end and 24/7 peace of mind around cyber-security. And because security assessment doesn’t stop with a single audit or assessment, our fully flexible service model integrates Zero Trust, Endpoint detection and response (EDR) and extended detection and response (XDR), along with human-empowered managed threat hunting and intelligence in a fully managed cyber security service.

This complete service ensures you have complete control and confidence in the integrity of your data and the efficacy of your security systems, procedures, and protocols.


Vulnerability Scanning
Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Scanning

Compromised cloud and file-sharing applications, misconfigured or flawed programming within your network components, and improper use of everyday texts or emails, all increase the vulnerability of your business and the likelihood of attack.

By scanning and detecting the potential points of exploit on your communications infrastructure we’ll identify the holes and weaknesses in your information communications security, so you’ll never feel exposed or vulnerable again.

Through our assessment, we’ll also advise on the effectiveness of the different countermeasure options available to you and their relevance to your business respective to your industry.

Penetration Testing

Tecala’s Penetration Testing ensures your business is well-equipped to deal with the most sophisticated cyber threats by simulating attacks against your information communications infrastructure.

By testing your cloud and file-sharing application systems, front and backend services, and everyday text or email communications, we’ll give you all the information you need to complete a full risk assessment, fine-tune your security policies, and patch any detected vulnerabilities.


Know and understand your evolving threat landscape, and reduce your business risk

Tecala’s Cyber Security team uses well-known and highly trusted approaches to assess the vulnerability of your ICT infrastructure and its likely points of penetration. This means your business can build a thorough understanding of your cyber security position and, more importantly, understand how to progress and build the most effective strategic security roadmap possible.

A leading-edge approach to modern Security 

As your business embraces cloud-first, modern technologies your security approach needs to stay in lockstep. By assessing your vulnerabilities and potential points of penetration we create the foundations for a water-tight security policy.

Protect your valuable data

Your data is one of the most valuable assets in your organisation. Ensuring its security requires a continually updated and adjusted approach to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. But rest assured, we have you covered.

Stay on the front foot

We identify and patch vulnerabilities in your systems and software before they can be exploited. Similarly, we predict, simulate, investigate, and remedy any weaknesses before they can impact your organisation. In this way, we keep you on the front foot, always one step ahead.

Simplify regulation and compliance

Because we give you complete control of, and confidence in, the integrity of your data and the efficacy of your security systems, procedures, and protocols, staying compliant and up to date is much easier to manage. 


Assess your vulnerability to attack. Protect your reputation.

Working to a risk assessment matrix, we’ll clearly identify where your business is most susceptible to breach or attack.

As cyber security providers, our assessment follows 3 Steps:

  1. Where and how your business operations create your potential for risk.
  2. We’ll explain the two primary security frameworks and how to apply them to your organisation 
  3. Define next steps: Achieve peace of mind with a tailored Strategic Security Roadmap for your business 

Don’t be tomorrow’s headline. Book your session today.  


A ‘Shot in the Arm’ for Cyber Security 

Businesses and practitioners alike need a ‘pick-me-up’ – a confidence booster to get back on top of security risks and challenges, and to stay there. Let the Tecala Cyber Security Report be your stimulus for change. 


Tactical Experts Driving Success for Ransomware Gangs 

We enter a new cybercrime world as tactical experts evolve their attacks through the formation of a cooperative cybercrime marketplace that is far more efficient than what most organisations are prepared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Penetration Testing work?

  1. Penetration Testing (or pen testing) is basically sanctioned and ethical hacking of your business to lead to a thorough cyber security assessment. Executed effectively, it accurately predicts how people would penetrate your business (via remote connections, cloud applications, file sharing systems – the options are pretty broad) to compromise your data, your business operations, or your reputation.
  2. The effectiveness of the pen test depends on the expertise, insight, and experience of the team you choose to run the test. So be sure to choose a team of experts who’ll rigorously test every element of your ICT infrastructure.

What are the different types of Penetration Testing?

  1. The most common pen testing engagements will include an assessment of both your on-premise and cloud network infrastructure.
  2. With the modern workplace creating a mobile environment, people are using wireless protocols, such as Bluetooth, Z wave and Wi-Fi to connect and collaborate. Ensuring your wireless local area network is tested is important.
  3. Not a day goes by without a company’s website, Facebook page or file-sharing platform being hacked. An assessment of your website and cloud-delivered applications is important. Using an appropriate CASB service will help you assess how many unsanctioned applications are being used in the business and ensure all your ‘shadow IT’ is covered.
  4. With an increasingly mobile workforce using mobile devices and applications, assessing every aspect of your user identity, authentication and authorisation policies and procedures is important.
  5. Your network will be made up of private and public elements with multiple switches, routers, application servers and firewalls. Testing this environment end-to-end is essential.

How does Vulnerability Scanning work?  

  1. Whereas Penetration testing requires the expertise of a cyber expert to ‘think like a hacker’, Vulnerability Scanning is an automated process that identifies your cyber security weaknesses. It uses intelligent automation software to comprehensively assess your company network, website, and all other aspects of your ICT infrastructure.
  2. It works by detecting and then classifying system weaknesses, identifying security holes, and from the information it gathers, predicts how effective your existing cyber security policy and procedures are in responding to threats.

What types of Vulnerability Scanning are there?  

  1. You’ll generally see vulnerability scanning broken up into external, internal, behavioural, and environmental groups. You can expect to see different approaches depending on your specific industry or the environment in which you’re operating.
  2. We’d recommend you look at vulnerability scanning in four groups:
    • External to address vulnerabilities in your network – this is external people trying to get into your network or breach your perimeter.
    • Internal operating systems – once an attacker has breached your network or perimeter and they’re inside, you need to know how much damage they could cause and how they’d do it.
    • Your people – your team’s actions and behaviours while they go about their daily tasks are one of your biggest threats. By understanding what they do you understand what education, training, and awareness raising is necessary.
    • Your processes – for example, compromised passwords and identification processes. If your systems are being compromised due a weakness or unacceptable level or predictability, you need to know.


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