Tecala Managed Cloud Computing Services

Complete freedom, flexibility and control with Tecala’s managed cloud computing services.

Tecala’s fully flexible and secure cloud services in Australia.

Tecala’s fully flexible and secure managed cloud services allow you to select the right business cloud for your Australian organisation. We deliver the most effective configuration of infrastructure, platform and software as a service for your applications and workload requirements.

Cloud-based technology is your most powerful instrument for driving performance, profitability and growth in your organisation. Whether you need assistance moving to the cloud, or you need a partner who can continually optimise performance and cost efficiencies in your existing cloud services model, we can help.

We’ll assess your business requirements for cloud computing services, explore the technical components of moving to the cloud, and guide you through the planning and implementation process of matching your exact requirements to the right cloud model.

Our cloud strategy and management expertise extends across managed private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud models, giving you complete freedom, flexibility, and control in the cloud.

Choosing Tecala to deliver your business cloud computing services will ensure you receive a high performance and secure cloud, with optimised cost efficiencies, round the clock support from a local support team and the very best end user experiences.

Get the best of all Clouds

We believe that the ‘cloud’ should be about choice, so we deliver different configurations through our cloud services models. This ensures you get all the benefits of cloud, along with the right level of security, control and performance management of your on-premises systems.

With Tecala you don’t need to restrict your business to one type of cloud, because our cloud management services are application, workload and business outcome focused while achieving cost efficiencies.

We’ll help you accelerate your cloud advantage with the right configuration of infrastructure, platform, or software as a service.

Our Cloud Computing Services


Cloud Services
29th Nov

Managed Public Cloud

Tecala’s fully-flexible and secure managed cloud computing services allow you to select the right business cloud for your Australian organisation. Get started >

Managed Public Cloud

Tecala’s fully-flexible and secure managed cloud computing services allow you to select the right business cloud for your Australian organisation. Get started >


Cloud Services
7th Dec

Tecala Private Cloud

Tecala’s Private Cloud services deliver everything you need for optimal performance in the cloud. Locally managed here in Australia. Read more >

Tecala Private Cloud

Tecala’s Private Cloud services deliver everything you need for optimal performance in the cloud. Locally managed here in Australia. Read more >


Cloud Services
8th Dec

Tecala Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud

Tecala’s multi-cloud strategy & hybrid cloud services are the most effective for your applications & workloads. Visit our website to find out how today.

Tecala Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud

Tecala’s multi-cloud strategy & hybrid cloud services are the most effective for your applications & workloads. Visit our website to find out how today.

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Tecala Cloud Services

The most effective way of building a fully flexible and secure cloud model for your business.

Tecala’s Cloud Services are the most effective way of building a fully flexible and secure cloud model for your business. We’ll partner with your IT and business teams to deliver cloud managed services in a consistent way with proper governance, security, performance monitoring, and cost control.

If you need assistance moving to the cloud, migrating to a new platform, or extending your cloud services, we can help. If you already procure a lot of Cloud Services, we provide cloud backup services and can help with optimising your spend and providing ongoing management.
Either way, as your business grows and evolves over the long term, we respond by roadmapping and delivering business-appropriate cloud services and solutions for your organisation.

This means you’ll always get the best cloud configuration for your business, without single-cloud bias, to keep you operating at peak performance with optimal cost efficiency.

And rest assured, with our Security Services, your cloud is backed up and secure, and your data is protected by default – especially now with working from home becoming the norm and cyber-attacks dramatically on the rise.

Virtual Datacentre as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service
Backup as a Service (BaaS)
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Software as a Service Application Support
Cloud Migration Services

Virtual datacentre as a service

Our Virtual Data Centre as a Service (VDCaaS) is hosted in our Tier 3, ISO27001 facilities. It allows you to launch your Private Cloud quickly and effectively, thereby delivering increased business agility, higher quality of service, and faster time to market.

With automated provisioning and management, you can harness the benefits of private cloud-hosted infrastructure and share them with your business lines, reducing operational costs, and simplifying management.

Tecala’s VDCaaS enhances your ability to be dynamic – allowing you to react faster to evolving technology solutions and business markets.

Infrastructure as a Service

Tecala’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows you to outsource the management and continual optimisation of your primary servers and storage infrastructure to us, while you focus on your core business.

We bring together the best balance of talent and operational excellence in capacity planning, management, and monitoring to ensure everything from your storage through to individual workload is “always-on”.

Our management portal gives you full visibility of your service, allowing you to set alerts for fault management notification, critical failure, or thresholds being breached via e-mail, SMS, or phone.

Backup as a Service (baaS) and Data Protection as a Service (DPAAs)

Tecala delivers various levels of backup, disaster recovery, and infrastructure-as-a-service, with features and pricing to match the varying needs of customers.

Our BUaaS ensures your daily backup jobs are executed reliably with a <0.1% fail rate, and our cloud DPaaS services ensures complete data integrity, including pro-active monitoring of backups, network protection software, and vendor patches.

With Tecala running these important daily tasks you can focus on your core business activities and leave this routine task in our very capable hands.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is not something you hope to use, but is a vital component of any ICT strategy. By managing your DR environment we remove the administrative burden and ensure does exactly what it needs to do when it’s needed.

Our service is an affordable managed solution that ensures availability for mission critical applications in the event of an unforeseen disaster striking a production infrastructure or facility.

With failover for your onsite or cloud-based servers provisioned from our secure Australian data centres, your defined recovery point and recovery time objectives are always met in the event of emergency – thus minimising downtime.

SaaS and Application Support

SaaS has now reached tipping point, with many of the business critical applications being used to drive your business performance consumed from the cloud. These include your every-day Microsoft O365 applications, but will also extend to your Teams for Voice platform, your Sharepoint and your Automation Services such as AI and workflow automation.

Because we take an application and workload approach to configuring your cloud service model, our SaaS Applications Support team ensures you have the skills and 24/7 support on demand to ensure you always get optimal performance from your business critical applications.

cloud migration services

Fit and agile organisations need to be able to respond to changing market conditions. And your ability to change and innovate quickly depends on the speed and efficiency of your platform migration and modernisation.

Our services team can migrate different types of platforms to keep them updated and delivering value, including AWS and Azure migrations. Forget the complexities of Azure migration assistant tools – we manage the whole process for you.

This ensures your IT infrastructure is continually being optimised so it is in lock-step with your business strategy.


Your Business Outcome: Accelerated Cloud Advantage

Tecala’s Managed Private Cloud Services, Managed Public Cloud, and Hybrid and Multi-Cloud services and solutions deliver the cloud computing services in the right configuration with expert support.

This confidence, flexibility and control in the cloud gives you a genuine advantage because it fully equips you to dynamically respond to the innovative nature of modern business with speed, resilience and confidence.

By choosing the most adaptable and agile business environment, in which you can manage and lower costs and scale resources as required, you can leave behind the outdated model of buying IT assets and infrastructure.

Lower costs

No more end of life or renewal costs and far lower datacentre costs. Pay today for what you’re using today and as you scale.

Flexibility and agility

IT as it should be. Switch on and off key services as it suits your objectives, including software and hardware refresh cycles.

Robust security

Tecala ensures a safe cloud with rigorous systems and procedures in place, keeping your data secure and compliant.

Dynamic provisioning

Save significant resources during the product development process and gain ROI faster with dynamic provisioning.

Book your Cloud Advantage Readiness Assessment.

Future-proof your business with a secure, highly scalable and high-performing cloud.

We’re offering a free Cloud Advantage Assessment over Teams to help you identify the most effective Cloud strategy for your business.  

Now that most businesses are adopting a dynamic, distributed workplace, Tecala Cloud Services delivers a dynamic, agile, and locally supported Cloud that’s built on the most innovative platforms from the world’s leading vendors. 

Whether you need assistance moving to the cloud or you need a plan to scale up, we can help. 

white paper

Selecting the Right Cloud for Your Business.

There are a myriad of cloud options and service levels available today – the challenge is to ensure that service capabilities align with your business requirements and help your business accelerate growth and unlock innovation.


How Australian businesses can maximise the use of their public cloud investment to emerge stronger

In the midst of the global pandemic, it has become very clear that the different responses businesses have taken to the situation can be tied to mindset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud computing?

  1. In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer's hard drive. … When you store data on or run programs from the hard drive, that's called local storage and computing
  2. Since first rising to prominence in the late 1990s, cloud computing has become a key component of many company’s IT infrastructures. The benefits it offers in terms of cost, performance, global scale and manageability are well understood and documented. But for many organisations the key challenge they face with the cloud is how they should configure the different architecture and service offerings into a reliable, stable and secure foundation for their business.

What are the different cloud computing models?

  1. When it comes to our cloud computing services, there are three main types of cloud models that deliver different types of services: public, private and hybrid/multi-cloud
  2. Public clouds are operated and owned by cloud service providers, who deliver their computing resources and storage over the internet. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are three good examples.
  3. A private cloud refers to cloud computing services used exclusively by a single organisation. It may be owned, managed and operated by the organisation, a third party, or some combination of the two, and it may exist on or off the premises.
  4. Hybrid Clouds and Multi-Clouds offer the flexibility to move workloads between cloud solutions as needs and costs fluctuate.

What type of cloud computing services model is right for me?

  1. Organisations that need complete autonomy and control in their cloud will choose a Private Cloud model. The public cloud is ideal for organisations who need or want to consume software, platforms and IT ‘as a service’, and want little or no physical interaction with the actual ‘tin, wires and boxes’.
  2. Hybrid Clouds and Multi-Clouds offer the best of all clouds giving you the flexibility to move workloads between cloud solutions as needs and costs fluctuate. Organisations that need the right type of cloud architecture for each of their applications, or for whom application, system or platform performance is paramount, will choose hybrid or multi-cloud.

Is the cloud secure?

  1. The cloud is not ‘inherently’ secure which is why if you choose to adopt a cloud services model you must choose a partner that can deliver cyber security as part of their managed cloud service.
  2. Even with the alarming regularity of cyber-attacks, 62% of small and mid-size businesses still don’t have an adequate or active cybersecurity strategy in place. And many have no strategy at all.
  3. With security delivered as a service, you benefit from a combined approach including site and cloud security, ensuring your business stays safe from malicious attack.

What questions should I be asking before I consider moving to the cloud?

  1. Tecala has developed a ‘Cloud Best Practice: A top ten checklist’ that guides you through the questions and considerations you need to be abreast of. It tells you how to assess which cloud model will be a right fit for your objectives; how your your data sovereignty, security and authentication needs should be managed, and what kind of support you’ll need. Download the Checklist here.

What workloads can I move to the cloud?

  1. According to a 2020 report delivered by Gartner, the 7 Workloads That Should Be Moved to Cloud Right Now include enterprise applications and services that enable mobile and remote working and collaboration; video conferencing (whether that’s part of your Microsoft 365 service or an independent service, like Zoom); virtual desktops and remote workstation management; ‘scale-out applications’ (i.e. those that benefit from adding additional computing resources to satisfy increases in demand); cloud-based disaster recovery; and business continuity solutions.

How do I develop a cloud strategy?

  1. Selecting the right cloud for your business starts with assessing your business requirements for cloud services. Make sure you explore the technical components of moving to the cloud and ensure you are matching your requirements to the right cloud capabilities, so you reduce costs, maximise performance and minimise (or completely remove) risk.
  2. For a detailed guide on Selecting the right cloud for your business, download our guide.


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