Emerge Stronger in 2022 and beyond.

Build a robust technology strategy that supports your vision.

Future-proof your business with a Strategic Technology Roadmap that is aligned with your business growth plans.

Just as every organisation is different, its technology roadmap should be too.

Your business is individual, and we recognise this. A Strategic Technology Roadmap is not just a solution, but a clear vision of what IT means to your business.

Our comprehensive experience helps clients assess immediate requirements with a detailed IT strategy review, from legacy assets and operational demands to long-term growth pathways and new market opportunities. The result is a personalised IT strategy map that sets out a clear path to transformation.

A Strategic Technology Roadmap will give you the confidence that IT is working to achieve your goals.

This ICT strategy framework might involve:

  • Cost modelling for projected growth with a forecast outlay
  • Accommodating a staged approach for incremental change
  • A go-to-market solution to support new product ideas

Let us help you achieve superior outcomes by leveraging the power of technology through strategic ICT consulting.

ICT optimisation programs

Is your technology investment under-performing? As organisations grow and diversify, too often IT can’t keep up with the business ambitions.

With Tecala you can develop your own Optimisation Program and break free from rigid solutions.

Your ICT Optimisation Program will result in increased business agility by reviewing:

  • Existing inefficient processes
  • Legacy inflexible systems
  • Underperforming technology
  • System and resource utilisation
  • Cloud and As-a-Service options

By getting your technology platforms right, your organisation will not only save costs, but be better prepared for change.

Our capability doesn’t stop with a single project. Technology will continue to change as new service delivery options are emerging.

Improve the present and be better prepared for the future.

Assessment and roadmap engagements

Be agile and dynamic with Tecala. Developing a technology roadmap will future-proof your business and help tackle new goals.

Our strategic technology engagements involve a complete assessment of your current environment and the right consulting and advisory to build a roadmap.

We are big believers in continuous improvement. This is particularly true when it comes to strategic technology roadmaps.

To get the best outcome, our engagements involve:

  • Assessment of current environment
  • Alignment of business goals and IT plans
  • Identification of problems and opportunities
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Recommendations for services and solutions

With the strategy in place, we work with you to refine the roadmap as the business changes.

It’s easy to find out where your IT needs improving. Avoid being left behind when Tecala’s roadmap engagements can help you get ahead.

Technology consulting services

Tecala has more than two decades of experience in technology consulting and helping Australian organisations get the most from their investments.

Our holistic approach extends from idea and concept, through to service delivery and operations.

Getting the most from technology is always a balance between strategy, and delivery and we work to find the right mix for your needs.

Talk to us about consulting services. We help with:

  • Availability of IT options in market
  • Technology suitability
  • Assessment of your existing environment
  • Any change requirements
  • Project and program management
  • Optimising ongoing operations

The role of IT consultants is changing and at Tecala our experts are trained to keep ahead of the market and be across all technology options.

ICT Optimisation Programs
Assessment & Roadmap Engagements
Technology Consulting Services

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Strategic Technology Roadmap
Strategic Technology Roadmap

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Tecala consultancy helping Employsure scale with confidence.

By providing the right level of consultancy and support, we’re helping Employsure scale their business and grow with confidence.