Tecala’s Strategic Technology Roadmap

Build a robust technology strategy that supports your business vision.

Create a winning technology strategy for your business

Tecala’s Strategic Technology Roadmap (STR) future proofs your ICT strategy by aligning technology with your business objectives.

In a modern business, technology doesn’t (or shouldn’t) operate in siloes. Instead, it needs to operate as an interconnected web of infrastructure, platforms, applications, and devices that are dependent on one another for their performance.

This level of operational adaptability isn’t just about technology. It requires end-to-end collaboration and cooperation throughout the business, which means getting everyone in your organisation aligned with your long-term technology, operational, and cultural objectives.

By partnering with your management team to ensure your technology strategy is aligned with your business objectives, we’ll get you on the front foot with a tried and tested ITIL-compliant framework that has been proven to work across many successful engagements in the Mid-Market.

Always built with Cyber Security front and centre, we ensure your organisation operates in a secure environment with flexibility, agility, and adaptability, so you can scale in real time to changing operational environments.

Identify the technologies best suited to transform your organisation.

It’s important to understand that a Strategic Technology Roadmap is about matching technology with business objectives, and not just technology itself. It’s one of the best ways to achieve technology-business alignment in a cyber-safe environment, yet all too often it’s missing from the boardroom agenda.

Tecala’s DNA is firmly rooted in Consultancy and Advisory. Because we believe in the transformational potential of technology, when we engage with a new client, we start by developing a clear understanding of their business and their business-critical outcomes. Only then can we confidently identify which technologies are best suited to transform and continually innovate the organisation.

ICT Optimisation Programs
Assessment and Roadmap Engagements
Technology Consulting Services
Modern Application Review

ICT Optimisation Programs

ICT Optimisation ensures your current ICT infrastructure delivers peak performance, while allowing you to be better prepared for your future requirements.

As your organisation grows and diversifies, IT too often under-performs because it struggles to keep up with the demands the business places upon it.

With Tecala you can develop your own Optimisation Program and break free from rigid solutions. This will result in increased business adaptability, agility, and performance by reviewing:

  • Existing inefficient processes
  • Legacy inflexible systems
  • Underperforming technology
  • System and resource utilisation
  • Cloud and As-a-Service options

By getting your technology platforms right, your organisation will not only save costs, but be better prepared for change.

Our capability doesn’t stop with a single project. Our approach will adopt to your changing conditions to ensure technology continues to support your ever-changing service delivery options.

Assessment and Roadmap Engagements

Our strategic technology engagements involve a complete assessment of your current environment and the right consulting and advisory to build a roadmap. This enables us to develop a technology roadmap that future-proofs your business and helps you take on whatever the world throws at you.

Always big believers in continuous improvement and removing the barriers to operational excellence, our approach ensures you always get the outcomes you need:

  • Assessment of current environment
  • Alignment of business goals and IT plans
  • Identification of problems and opportunities
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Recommendations for services and solutions

With the strategy in place, we work with you to refine the roadmap as the business changes. This enables you to stay on the front foot with technology driving innovation throughout your organisation.

Technology Consulting Services

Tecala’s DNA is firmly rooted in Consultancy and Advisory. With more than two decades of experience in technology consulting and helping Australian organisations get the most from their investments, our holistic approach extends from idea and concept, through to service delivery and operations.

Because getting the most from technology is always a balance between strategy and delivery, we’ll collaborate with you and your management team to find the right mix for your needs.

We can guide you through:

  • Availability of IT options in market
  • Technology suitability
  • Assessment of your existing environment
  • Any change requirements
  • Project and program management
  • Optimising ongoing operations

The role of IT consultants is changing and at Tecala our experts are trained to keep ahead of the market and be across all technology options.

Modern Application Review

Modern applications are predominantly cloud-based and are increasingly preferred for their flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. When you’re reviewing and planning for new applications, we’ll assist by reviewing your overall architecture to ensure the modern application will be the right fit and will deliver the outcomes you need.

We deliver:

  • Standard application reviews from an integration perspective
  • User experience testing and assessment to ensure the applications are effective
  • Security assessment to ensure the integrity of your data is not compromised
  • Integration and automation to ascertain the most effective ways of achieving intelligent process and experience automation

Built for adaptability and change, modern applications need to achieve many goals. Whether your objective is to boost employee productivity, improve employee job satisfaction, transform customer experiences, or enable your business to take products and services to market faster, we ensure your modern applications do what you need them to do.


Ensure the right outcomes with your Strategic Technology Roadmap.

As enticing as innovation sounds when pitched in a boardroom, it can only deliver true business value when it is aligned to service the business’s needs.

This alignment is critical from the outset to ensure the correct tools and services are deployed, used appropriately, and maintained to deliver the business outcomes you need.

Optimised business performance

Tecala’s Strategic Technology Roadmap (STR) is more effective in driving business performance because it is integrated with the entire business strategy, allowing strategic ICT consulting to be delivered within its scope. With budgets, next actions, and milestones clearly defined and mapped, it keeps your team focused on the right outcome.   

Full visibility and confidence

The STR gives you certainty and cross-organisational visibility on what the vision for the next three years is going to be. Plus, it gives you clarity on how it will all come together. An STR ensures you make decisions that are in line with, and in full awareness of, everything else in your organisation that are necessary to achieve your objectives.

An agile and responsive IT strategy

The STR provides a clear understanding of the interconnectivity between your different technology platforms, applications, and services. This provides end-to-end shared insight, allowing the business to respond and adapt to changing market conditions faster and more effectively.

Better IT and business alignment creates intelligent business practices

As you adopt intelligent business practices to allow you to scale up and drive productivity and efficiencies, we ensure you have the right IT alignment throughout the organisation to create the operational outcomes you need.

Budget efficacy is assured

With budgets and next actions clearly defined in the STR, it becomes easy to write a business case on a program of work and apply for funding. It also helps you avoid costly mistakes by being flexible and designed to consider technology advancements as they become available.

Remove obstacles to your growth

With better visibility, collaboration, and day-to-day communications between the business and your technology partners, you and your management teams will have the foresight to identify and remove obstacles before they become a hindrance to your strategy.


Book a Technology Capability Assessment

Why you shouldn’t miss this session

We use our Technology Capabilities Assessment to engage directly with you and your teams, to measure how well your existing ICT solutions, services, and platforms are meeting your business objectives.

Once we fully understand your business dynamics, we’ll provide recommendations on the solutions and long-term strategies you need to ensure your people and business enjoy the very best experiences from your IT platforms, services, and applications.

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How a Strategic Technology Roadmap drove transformation at two leading Australian enterprises?

There are many benefits to having a strategic technology roadmap. This white paper tells the backstory around how two of Tecala’s customers reaped immediate benefits from a roadmap and are now better placed to grow and innovate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Technology Roadmap?

  1. A Strategic Technology Roadmap delivers the most effective strategy for the evaluation, adoption, and deployment of technology in your organisation. And it will allow you to move forward and innovate with more certainty and confidence. .
  2. Once formulated and in place, it allows senior IT decision makers and business leaders (in fact all your IT stakeholders) to clearly understand what current projects are being worked on, so you know what’s being delivered and when. It also allows you and your teams to be ‘strategic’ when requesting new technology or asking for improvements to current infrastructure.
  3. At Tecala, we define this as having IT in ‘lock-step’ with your long-term business vision, and day-to-day operational objectives.

I’ve decided I need a Technology Roadmap, what happens next?

  1. Book a Technology Capability Assessment with our team. In a modern business, technology doesn’t (or shouldn’t) operate in siloes. Instead, technology operates as an interconnected web of systems and processes that are dependent on one-another for their performance.
  2. If you’re doing this in-house, you’ll need to run a discovery session that audits the role IT plays in enabling your business systems to drive your business operations. Mapping this web well in advance of any technology implementation program is essential, as you need to understand how an action or change introduced in one process will impact the rest of the organisation.

Why is Tecala’s ‘Strategic’ Technology Roadmap more effective at delivering the right outcomes?

  1. Tecala’s Strategic Technology Roadmap (STR) delivers a clear understanding of your business, your clients, and your business-critical outcomes, so you can identify which technologies are best suited to transform and continually innovate.
  2. A technology roadmap (which you’ll get from most MSPs) in its simplest form maps out what technology your organisation is currently using, and what technology it will need in the future. This helps you understand what your current IT infrastructure is, what it can handle, and whether it is capable of supporting your business goals and objectives.
  3. Because Tecala comes from a Consultancy and Advisory heritage we take this process a step further. We will partner with you to ensure that the technology roadmap is implemented effectively, is budgeted for accurately, and delivers exactly the business outcomes you need it to on an ongoing basis.
  4. Tecala’s Consultancy and Advisory Services, as well as our Managed Services and Support are ITIL compliant. This means our approach and methodology is built around the four disciplines of Strategise, Transform, Manage, and Optimise (STMO), which are designed to align with ITIL to support the five main aspects of IT Service Management: service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, and continual service improvement.
  5. Engaging with Tecala means adopting a tried and tested ITIL-compliant framework that has been proven to work across many successful engagements in the Mid-Market. It’s for this reason that we ensure our STR delivers optimal outcomes for you and your entire team.
  6. Tecala continues to be ranked as the #1 Mid-Market-focused MSP in Australia – read more.


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