Unified Communications Services

Empower your employees with a fully connected and collaborative environment. Partner with Tecala to develop effective unified communications solutions for your business.

Tecala’s connectivity, unified communications, and collaboration services

In the modern digital workplace, people need fast, secure, and seamless access to the data, services, and applications they use.

People are working together in many ways, using lots of different collaboration tools. Also, they’re more mobile, choosing to work between the office, the home, and various locations in between.

Delivering seamless, consistent, and secure access to the data, services, and applications your people need is the benchmark of an effective network.

Tecala’s Software-Enhanced LAN (SE-LAN), Managed WAN, and Secure Internet connectivity services combine the best parts of a traditional network design and operation with modern cloud management and automation technologies. This combination of best-of-breed technologies delivers a seamless flow of information through every part of your business to support the latest cloud-based applications and services.

With the right unified communications and collaboration services, delivered through our high-performance and secure networks, you’ll empower your teams to operate at their peak performance and develop a culture of open communication and collaboration in your organisation.

Seamless unified communications services with default security built in. 

By removing silos of operations and connecting everyone on a unified platform, you’ll create a dynamic digital workplace that allows your teams to be more agile in their daily operations.

Going above and beyond the service levels of traditional telco carriers, Tecala delivers more flexibility in network design and configuration, allowing you to optimise your network based on your unique operations. This ensures your people always get the highest quality of service through their applications and devices, wherever they are.

Supported by our Australian-owned and operated Service Operations Centre, our local Managed IT Services teams specialise in managing and transforming your company’s communication and collaboration services.

By partnering with Tecala, you’ll benefit from an IT partner who’s always on hand to drive innovation in your business. With Tecala managing your entire communications infrastructure and platforms, you can hand all the administration and management over to us, so you can focus on your strategic business objectives.


Our Unified Communications Services


Unified Communications Services
26th Sep

Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

With seamless communication and collaboration between your employees and customers, your organisation will thrive.

Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

With seamless communication and collaboration between your employees and customers, your organisation will thrive.


Unified Communications Services
16th Sep

Managed Connectivity and Networking

Tecala’s managed connectivity, managed WAN & networking services are the most effective way to deliver the services your organisation thrives on. Learn more.

Managed Connectivity and Networking

Tecala’s managed connectivity, managed WAN & networking services are the most effective way to deliver the services your organisation thrives on. Learn more.

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Seamless, effortless communication and collaboration. Delivered through high performance networks.

When your unified communications and collaboration platform is powered by our high-performance network, your teams can connect and collaborate from the office, the home, and everywhere in between. This is the foundation of a modern, dynamic, and connected business, with empowered employees and very satisfied customers.   

Reliable high-performance network

A software-enhanced and high-performing network that delivers access to data and services when you need them. Enabling your teams to do what they need to do, regardless of the device or location.   

Consistent seamless experiences

Tecala’s connectivity services are designed, monitored, and managed to keep your business running day and night. Give your teams seamless and consistent access to the data and services they need on a daily basis – 100% confident everything’s going to work.   

Empowered, happy employees

Real-time and flexible collaboration are the essential ingredients of an empowered team. With your team happily working to their full potential you’ll dramatically improve your customer experiences.  

Drive efficiencies

By streamlining the management of various communications channels, and reducing traditional telecommunication usage, external conferencing, and travel, your business will soon enjoy huge cost savings. 

Expert management and 24/7 support

Tecala’s unified communications services are fully managed and supported by our local teams of network and unified communications specialists. You also get 24×7 support from our Tecala-owned and managed Service Operations Centre.

Robust Security

Security is baked into our communications services. We connect your offices, remote locations, and mobile employees to your cloud-based, SaaS and Internet applications and platforms with absolute confidence.   


Develop the right network strategy for your business 

Book an assessment today. And we’ll take care of the rest.  

To ensure we develop the right network to deliver the services your people need, in the most secure way possible, we’ll need to run an assessment of your business operations.

Book your session today and we’ll develop the right communications strategy for your business.



What exactly is a Modern Network?

In this article we discuss how networks are evolving, and how organisations can take advantage of these shifts to deliver more robust, secure, and flexible services to customers and employees. 



Hybrid Working: What the future of work looks like in 2022 and beyond

Hybrid working is creating great opportunities for more flexible working. But it comes with its challenges. Read about how Tecala is helping its customers create a connected and collaboration modern workplace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Software-Enhanced LAN?

  1. Rather than letting a single vendor’s software define your networks, Tecala’s Software-Enhanced LAN (SE-LAN) combines the best of traditional network design and operation with modern cloud management and automation technologies. This is an advanced approach to corporate communications that allows us to fit the network to your business, rather than forcing you to adapt your business to the network.
  2. By managing your SE-LAN through our experienced team of Managed Services and Network specialists – backed by major players, such as Juniper, Cisco, HP, and Fortinet – you’ll reduce costs, strengthen your security posture, and ensure the stability and performance of all the applications and services within your business.

Why is Unified Communications so important to my business? 

  1. Usually, organisations evolve with different teams creating different silos of communications back-ending into different systems. These different channels of communication result in a lack of visibility, ineffective collaboration, inconsistent accessibility, and inefficient administration across disparate communication tools. 
  2. Unified Communications is an all-encompassing business enabler to address these challenges. It breaks down your silos of communication, allowing everyone in your organisation to seamlessly connect and collaborate through voice calling, web and video conferencing, voice mail, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging, and presence, regardless of where they’re working.   

Why is Unified Communications as a Service right for my business?

  1. When Unified Communication is delivered ‘as a Service’ we take away all the system and software management and integration, giving your people effortless connection to the data and services they need. This has the potential to radically change the way you work and communicate. 

Why is now the right time to adopt a Modern Network? 

  1. In our Blog – ‘What exactly is a Modern Network?’ we explain that Australia has seen an explosion in network infrastructure investment by national and regional providers. This has driven rapid growth in the availability of broadband services across the country, and it means that Tecala has more flexibility than ever to design and implement the most effective network and connectivity solutions for your business. 

How do I decide what type of network is best for my organisation?

  1. The rise in cloud and SaaS applications has driven a need to better understand what traffic is on the network (in the industry referred to as deep packet inspection). Also, you need the flexibility to dynamically route traffic based on cost factors and link failures. These driving forces are the problems software enhanced networking sets out to resolve.  
  2. Applying a rich set of software services such as Software-Enhanced LAN (SE-LAN), Managed WAN, and Internet connectivity services allows more flexibility in network design and the ability to prioritise based on business need.  
  3. For instance, with the rise of hybrid working, networks have seen a significant increase in video traffic driven by Collaboration and Video conferencing platforms and there is now an urgent need to be able to prioritise data at an application level (Microsoft Teams vs. YouTube for example). Tecala will help you optimise your network for all these considerations.


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