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Intelligent Business Automation – delivered as a service for our Sydney clients

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Business process automation and robotic process automation – from the #1 MSP in Sydney.

Intelligent Automation is delivering huge potential for our Sydney-based clients to drive performance, profitability and growth.

Tecala’s robotic process automation, back-end integration and automation, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning are delivered through a flexible ‘as a service’ model.

By delivering Intelligent Automation as a Service (IAaaS) on an incremental, consumption-based model, you have a fully flexible end-to-end automation solution that can scale as your business grows and your appetite for automation expands.

This allows you to start with the biggest opportunities for continuous business practice improvement, and then prioritise other areas according to their potential for delivering operational efficiencies and ROI.

Our IAaaS is delivered by our local specialists operating out of our offices in George Street, Sydney and Norwest Business Park. Once you start using our services, you’ll have constant access to our local support teams, operating from our Australian-owned and operated Service Operations Centre.

Intelligent Automation Services in Sydney

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is an effective way to streamline operations and reduce costs. By automating repeatable, manual tasks into automated workflows, we enable your teams to spend more time on high-value, revenue-generating and customer-experience-focused tasks. Tecala offer our robotic process automation (RPA) services across Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia.

Backend Integration and Automation

We use an API-based approach to integrate cloud and on-premise systems and applications. By automating specifically defined, high-capacity transactions you can reduce overheads and optimize resources across the business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

At Tecala we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as two complementary services. With AI automating your repetitive and time consuming tasks, ML automatically learns from these tasks to improve operations without the need for human interaction.

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Our Sydney-based teams ensure the right level of automation – and measurable ROI.

Tecala’s Intelligent Automation as a Service (IAaaS)  is a coordinated, end-to-end and fully-managed service that can be fine-tuned to deliver specific business outcomes and measurable ROI.

Our Consultancy and Advisory teams work alongside our service and support staff to adjust and optimise your automation services to ensure they’re responding to your business needs. Because it is one element of a broader portfolio of managed services, our Intelligent Automation Services can be integrated into our other Managed IT, Cloud, Communications and Cyber Security services.

Delivered as an incremental, consumption-based model Tecala’s Intelligent Automation as a Service (IAaaS) gives you predictability and certainty in your budgeting. This enables you to achieve a return on your investments within a reasonable timeframe.


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Business process automation is a long-term strategy. In a short 20-minute discussion, we’ll assess where you are on your journey and identify the key areas for automation in your business that will streamline processes, drive efficiencies and improve profitability.


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