Protect & Secure Your Business

A secure environment where you have complete control and confidence in the integrity of your data. That’s when brilliance is accelerated.

We cover every security base. Across every platform.

At Tecala, we’ve built up a market-leading security practice that protects and empowers your business.  By working with Tecala you’ll gain visibility and advance warning of potential threats, which gives you the ability to take preventative action before there’s any impact on your business.

Partner with an independent specialist who ensures every base is covered, and that your business is protected in the most cost-effective way, so that you can:

  • Have confidence that your business-critical data is safe and secure within the organisation, in your data centre, and around your network.
  • Ensure your cloud services partners have secure systems and processes in relation to the management of your data.
  • Reduce risk to your business.
  • Know you’re compliant and keeping up with emerging regulations.

Complete confidence in the security, integrity, and compliance of your business-critical data

If your organisation is a small to medium business the entire IT department may be no bigger than 2 or 3 employees, whereas enterprise-level corporations’ budget can afford whole IT departments stacked with large security teams.

Tecala brings enterprise-grade security capability to all our clients. For example, in a company that allows a “Bring your own Device” policy and is connected to different cloud services, the IT departments must protect four main security components: the user identity, the device used, the network they’re connected to, and the cloud services they’re using.

With Tecala, you will experience an Enterprise level security capability to protect every touch point.


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We use our Technology Capabilities Assessment to engage directly with you and your teams, to measure how well your existing ICT solutions, services and platforms are meeting your business objectives.

Once we fully understand your business dynamics we’ll provide recommendations on the solutions and long-term strategies you need to ensure your people and business enjoy the very best experiences from your IT platforms, services and applications.