The most effective insurance against cyber attacks

Tecala’s 3-Step approach to cyber security mitigates the risk of cyber attack

Robust Cyber Security that aligns with your technology roadmap

With the regularity, scope and sophistication of cyber-attacks increasing, organisations need an agile, proactive, and multi-layered approach to cyber security. Cyber security needs 24/7 eyes on the glass, so as new threats and risks arise, you have the ability to continually see and stop them.

To guide our clients through the cyber landscape we’ve developed a 3-Step approach to cyber security that aligns with your technology roadmap. This ensures your organisation stays on top of threats and risks as they appear on a rolling basis.

It starts with penetration testing as part of a rigorous risk assessment to understand your threat landscape.

We then implement Secure technologies to identify and prevent business-disrupting events before they impact your business.

Finally, we guide you through the Cyber Insurance world to ensure you get the cover you need.

Tecala’s 3-Step approach to mitigating your cyber security risk

Managed and delivered by our team of Cyber Security and Managed Services experts

Step #1
Step #2
Step #3

Step #1 – Knowledge is everything. Know your threat landscape.

It’s critical that you’re able to look holistically across your environment to understand your threat landscape and where your vulnerabilities are. Then we can test every known and potential point of penetration.

This is where our expertise comes in. Through our scans, tests, and assessments we deliver clear insight to the weaknesses and potential points of exploit in your network and your broader technology environment.

Step #2 – Ubiquitous cyber readiness and response. A multi-layered cyber security program.

Once we know your threat landscape, Tecala’s team of Cyber Security Consultants will implement a modern approach to your security environment.

In our approach to cyber security, we are guided by two key frameworks, namely the ‘Essential Eight’ created by the Australian government and the CIS 18 from the Centre for Internet Security. We’ll help you decide which framework is relevant for your organisation.

Aligned with and supported by your Strategic Technology Roadmap, our fully managed Cyber Security Service ensures you have complete control and confidence in the integrity of your data and the efficacy of your security systems, procedures, and protocols.

Because cyber attacks have a strong focus on exploiting the vulnerabilities of people, Tecala prioritises cyber security awareness training for your teams. This includes ongoing assessment and education to reinforce awareness and build confidence.

Step #3 – Managed your reputational and financial risk. Cyber insurance is essential.

With an effective cyber security strategy in place, you’ll be well-placed to get the cyber security insurance you need at the best possible price.

Cyber insurance mitigates risk by helping to pay the cost for your business to recover from an attack. This may include costs to your business and third parties you deal with, including partners or suppliers. From a financial, reputational, and trust point of view, cyber insurance is essential.

Why Tecala?

Specialised effective Cyber Security Services for the mid-market

We hunt, investigate, and stop threats before they become business-disrupting events

Tecala’s fully managed Cyber Security Services are delivered by our team of Cyber experts, supported by our award-winning SOC.
We deliver technology that integrates Pen Testing, Managed Vulnerability Services, SIEM and MDR, Cloud and Network Security Services (SASE), End Point and User Security, Incident Response, data loss and incursion forensics.

We specialise in the Mid-Market

We know what budgets you have and typically what internal support you’ll need.
With a full-stack security suite, delivering the best of multiple vendors, we provide the solution that’s strategically aligned to your organisation in your industry.


Expertise on demand – when you need it

With the current skills shortage and sophistication of cyber-attacks, it’s virtually impossible to get the expertise you need in-house.
But we have your back. Tecala’s fully managed Cyber Security Services are delivered by our team of Cyber experts and supported by our SOC.

Ongoing education, awareness, and training

Through tailored programs we ensure your staff are aware of the evolving threat landscape, the techniques and tactics being used, and the procedures they need to follow on a daily basis.

Budget predictability – no unexpected costs

Our Cyber Security is delivered in an ‘as a Service‘ model with a predictable monthly recuring fee, in line with your technology roadmap.


Ongoing management and optimisation

We’ll manage your vendor relationships, updates, patching and licensing to ensure your Cyber Security programme is always up to date and fully optimised.
This includes constantly reviewing your cyber security insurance and ensuring your cyber security framework keeps your premiums to a minimum.


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