Are you wasting thousands on Cyber Security Insurance premiums?

Minimise your costs – and the risk – with our 6-point cyber security checklist.

Ensure your business is fully prepared for your Cyber Security Insurance assessment.

Put the right cyber security measures in place, and you’ll significantly reduce your risk and your insurance premiums.Asthe risks of cyber security threats increase, so do the steps to ensure you have all the key risks covered. So how can you be confident your risk policy will address the questions your insurer might ask?

We’ve compiled the six essential security areas that you should be considering when it comes to reducing your risk and insurance costs.


Navigating technology to keep your business protected.

A trusted and cost-effective security partner will not only help you to reduce your premiums, but will ensure the highest security standards are in place and maintained to mitigate your business risk.

Agility, certainty & confidence

You can be sure that your business-critical data is secure within the organisation, your data centre and around your network, so you can scale with confidence.

A powerful preventative approach

We enable you to scale rapidly and sustainably, with reliable infrastructure in place to support your objectives as you grow. Equip yourselves with the tools to excel at client service and gain the lead on competitors.

Effortless & stress
-free compliance

Rest assured that your business is adhering to industry regulation and compliance, with a security strategy that’s specifically formulated to your needs.

Robust systems & procedures

Work with a cloud application and service provider that rigorously manage and audit their systems and procedures, ensuring the highest security standards.

About Tecala

We’re the driving force behind your cyber security strategy.

Even with the alarming regularity of cyber attacks, 62% of small and mid-size businesses don’t have an adequate or active cyber security strategy in place – and many have no strategy at all.

With Tecala’s robust systems and processes, your business-critical data will be safe, secure and compliant for your industry. Not only will this ensure your business is protected; it will by nature reduce your Cyber Security Insurance premiums too.

Tecala Security Services help you predict and mitigate rather than respond to data breaches, risks, and threats. Depending on your business objectives, industry, and risk profile, we can provide a tailored recommendation to improve your risk profile and reduce total costs.

Our Methodology

Strategise | Transform | Manage | Optimise

Our methodology enables us to deliver outcomes that meet specific business challenges. And drive innovation in all directions.

Tecala’s flexible engagement model encourages the formation of a true partnership. It enables us to gain a deep understanding of your business requirements to ensure your technology is aligned with each objective.


Every brilliant outcome. Begins with Strategy

Rationale: Nothing successful ever happens without a well thought out plan.

Reason: Before we make recommendations, we ensure we understand the role technology will play in meeting your objectives.

Results: By taking an agile approach we engage with you in a collaborative environment. We share our knowledge with you to help inform, educate, and assist in the complex decision-making processes that lead to great outcomes. As part of the process, we share our vision with you, encompassing an agreed strategy which identifies the services and solutions you’ll need to achieve it. We then work with you to ensure the required changes are mapped to specific outcomes.


Reconstruction needs detail. And a vision.

Rationale: We marry decades of experience with vendor best practice to deliver one predictable outcome: transformational success.

Reason: Business Transformation is an organisation-wide, operations-grounded process. We work with you to ensure the steps you’ll take to get there are mapped out and outcomes are clear.

Results: With a phased Transformation Plan detailing the work that’s required to meet your business objectives, we achieve brilliant outcomes.


We deliver technology driven productivity. Every day.

Rationale: We never lose focus, so you can always rest easy.

Reason: To accelerate your growth, you need to be supported by world class day-to-day operational ICT service – which frees you up to focus on your clients and your success.

Results: When you partner with Tecala’s Managed Services, you’ll have efficient and effective management of your operations and IT platforms – then you can get on with running your core business. Enjoy all the strategic and operational benefits of our enterprise ICT facilities and services at your fingertips: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We drive innovation. In all directions.

Rationale: Continuous improvement happens when every member of our team is looking for new ways to improve your business.

Reason: We love to celebrate your successes. But it’s not long until we’re seeking new ways to realign your business tech capabilities to meet the next market development. Our team’s work is never done, but they enjoy the ‘wins’ along the way.

Results: We’re constantly researching the market, developing, and exploring applicable technologies and bringing those new ideas to you and your business.


Move forward with a Personalised Security Strategy.

Our strategies help you predict rather than respond to data breaches, risks, and threats. Depending on your business objectives, industry, and risk profile, we can provide:


Distributed Denial
of Service Mitigation

Cloud Based Security Services

Antivirus – Local Area Network

Load Balancing / Application Publishing

Load Balancing / Application Publishing


Security Incident Event Management / File Integrity Management


We understand your business objectives first. Then we recommend the right technology to get you there faster.

From the beginning we’ve approached our client relationships differently. While other MSPs push platforms, products and contracts, we seek to build long-term partnerships with our clients. We understand that you don’t just need a supplier – you need a strategic, agile and dynamic partner to make leading-edge technologies work for you and your business.


We’re agile and always engaged on your behalf

We invest heavily in new technologies, people and innovative services, so we can empower you to stay agile and two steps ahead in an ever-changing competitive landscape.


We clarify the complexities of ICT

We invest heavily in new technologies, people and innovative services, so we can empower you to stay agile and two steps ahead in an ever-changing competitive landscape.


We invest in enduring partnerships

We invest heavily in new technologies, people and innovative services, so we can empower you to stay agile and two steps ahead in an ever-changing competitive landscape.


Get the services you need with the innovation to grow.

Partner with Tecala for specialist IT services.

Consultancy and Strategy

We understand your business and its place in your industry before providing a personalised and dynamic ICT solution.

Cloud Services

Take the confusion out of cloud with Tecala. We make cloud services work for your business without the high management cost.

Security Services

Lock down for an unexpected attack. Tecala security services build security into every layer of your business.

Managed Services

Accelerate your IT. Tecala’s managed services deliver for your business.

Technology Capabilities Assessment

The Technology Capability Assessment empowering progressive Australian businesses.

Thanks to Tecala, we are able to continue to provide top-quality education services to growing numbers of students throughout Australia.
Roger Burgess
Executive Director – Operations

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