Tecala Conversational Chatbots

Create a 24/7 communications channel with your customers, partners, and internal employees.

Your AI-inspired client services agent, delivering round-the-clock support.

Tecala’s Conversational Chatbots are used in many different environments where clients need to provide a 24/7 interface with customers, partners, or internal employees.

Integrating AI with your organisation’s data, we enable people to get quick responses to simple questions, or the detail they need on more complex enquiries. When applied to internal HR enquiries or outward-facing customer services they enable instant and accurate responses to your most frequently asked enquiries.

By combining data, back-end integration and automation, and artificial intelligence capabilities, we can develop conversational chatbots for any industry in just about any scenario. We also provide ready-made solutions, for example our ‘Chatbot for Insurance’.

Once in place, our service teams provide 24/7 support, continually optimising your conversational chatbots and associated automation services to ensure they continue to meet your objectives and deliver great experiences to everyone who uses them.

Our Chatbots in your organisation

Tecala’s Conversational Chatbots can be developed to optimise the performance of different departments within your organisation.

Customer Services

Chatbots on your website and customer-facing web platforms provide convenient access to support for your internal employees, customers, or constituents. Quickly respond to frequently asked enquiries, enable customers to troubleshoot common problems without long waits on hold, and provide easy escalation to your technical teams when appropriate.

Sales and Marketing

Conversational Chatbots provide an invaluable first response interface to your potential customers or marketing leads. Our chatbots can initiate conversations with people visiting your website, and they can provide product and service information. With the right training they can also help qualify customer enquiries to enable your sales team to have more meaningful conversations on first contact.

People and Culture

Delivering quick, easy, and hassle-free services and support to your employees is an important way of developing loyalty and longevity with your workforce. Quickly respond to payroll issues and annual leave requests, and provide a first line of response around more complex situations, like employee share plans, company policies, and health and safety training requirements.


Customise your conversational chatbot to your requirements

Thanks to their ability to provide prompt and personalised internal and external support, chatbots are the perfect way to create a genuinely 24/7 two-way interface between your organisation and your employees, customers, stakeholders and constituents. But they’re also a valuable platform for gathering valuable insights and streamlining operations.

Fully customisable for flexibility

Tecala’s conversational chatbots enable you to take a tailored approach to communications based operational, brand, and cultural objectives. Designed to engage with users in natural language conversations, they deliver personalised experiences tailored to your unique needs and goals.


By automatically feeding customer or employee responses, questions, and feedback straight back into your core systems, you create a system of continual improvement, so your systems evolve in real time.

Save money, drive efficiencies

80% of customer service questions are standard, so they can be answered easily by a chatbot. Even though you don’t want to lose your personal touch to customer services, as a first response, chatbots are very efficient.

Always on hand

Conversational chatbots can be ready to respond any time of the day or night. With more customers enjoying the flexibility of buying online, having automated responses always on improves customer experiences.

Support your scalability

Chatbots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously without getting tired or being impacted by high volume delays. This allows your organisation to scale your customer and employee support and engagement efforts as your operations grow.

Improve the quality of your data

Chatbots collect valuable data from each customer or employee interactions, feeding their preferences, challenges, and pain points straight into your core data. This provides valuable insights which can be fed into your new product and service development processes.

Develop a customised conversational chatbot. Or take a ready-made solution off the shelf.

Tecala delivers data, automation, and AI solutions to organisations all over Australia. Our conversational chatbot solutions combine these core services into a platform that will deliver exceptional outcomes. So, let’s get you started.

If you know you need to automate, but you’re not sure where to start:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of conversational chatbots in use?

  1. Tecala’s Chatbot for Insurance is developed for insurance providers and their customers. It enables you to deliver customer services to your existing customers and potential customers in a fully flexible, scalable and cost-effective way. Delivering 24/7 customer support it enables people to get new quotes, submit claims, check their policies, and process renewals. And this chatbot can be tailored to add all the extra functionality you require.
  2. To see Tecala Chatbot for Insurance in action, click here.

What’s the difference between a transactional chatbot and a conversational chatbot?

  1. Chatbots can be transactional or conversational – the difference is in the use of AI and natural processing language (NPL), which can enable ‘conversational’ chatbot to un-pack or ‘decipher’ questions and responses to interpret the context, and then generate appropriate responses. In this way a conversational chatbot uses machine learning to learn from the interactions it’s having and continually improve its responses.
  2. Transaction chatbots or ‘rule-based’ chatbots communicate through a set of predefined rules or options. A good example of this is an automated telephone menu where you can ‘press 1 for customer services, 2 for support, etc.’ These chatbots have no self-learning capabilities.
  3. Each solution has its role to play, but it’s important you get advice and guidance on which is right for you. To enable you make this decision, Tecala offers an ‘Art of the Possible’ session. You can book one here.

How can I implement chatbots to create effective intelligent business practices?

  1. Chatbots are becoming an important solution for organisations in all industries. As an intelligent automation solution that uses your existing data on top of your systems and process, it’s important to ensure you take a co-ordinated approach. The best way of doing this is through a Strategic Technology Roadmap.
  2. Most organisations are well along the path of their digital transformation journey. The ultimate destination of this journey is an intelligent business practice where key processes and operations are optimised to drive performance, profitability, and growth.
  3. By connecting your customers and employees with data, so it can be transformed into insight, we enable a culture of exceptional digital experiences to evolve, which includes better insight, smarter decision making, and improved conveniences.
  4. Taken a step further, artificial intelligence augments the potential of every person in your organisation. What’s driving all these transformational programs is Intelligent Business Practices. This is why Tecala has developed a highly skilled and expert team of automation experts inhouse, so it can enable mid-market organisations to drive innovation and automation through conversational AI, chatbots, rules-based interfaces, and many of automation and AI solutions.