Tecala Mobile Solutions

Customised mobile applications for your mobile and remote workers. Tailored for your unique requirements.

Harnessing automation, data, and AI to deliver rich and interactive mobile experiences.

Tecala’s mobile solutions are developed to support your teams in mobile work environments, and rural and remote locations. As more organisations rely on flexible and hybrid working arrangements, they offer intuitive and convenient services to your people as they traverse between home, the office and many places in between.

We develop industry-specific platforms that can be adapted to meet your unique operational requirements. They support your remote workers, enhance customer engagement, and can streamline operational processes in many different industries.

We customise our mobile applications for unique operational requirements, while ensuring compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.

We ensure successful application and adoption.

The key to ensuring the success of your mobile applications is the ease of adoption and enabling everyday use. With great user experience being critical, our automation, data, and AI consultants use Jigx’s application building platform to develop custom-designed mobile solutions that are unique to you, your goals, and your industry.

When combined with our data, back-end integration and automation, and artificial intelligence capabilities, your business has access to a range of automation and AI-powered applications that are tailored to meet specific operational challenges.

Our Mobile Solutions

Mobile applications for Health and Safety

Tecala’s Health and Safety mobile applications enable you to track visitors to your sites, and ensure they have the relevant health and safety training and certification to complete their tasks. This is an essential tool for managing risk across your locations.

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Mobile applications for Legal

Built for the highly regulated Legal sector, these mobile applications are an effective way to manage your case load and enable your clients to track the progress of their legal case. It is a convenient, user friendly, and secure way to improve communications with your clients, and drive efficiencies through your organisation.

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Mobile applications for Aeromedical Care and Rescue

The Tecala Rescue mobile application is developed for organisations that deliver aeromedical care to people in communities all over Australia. With one of the most dispersed populations in the world, our purpose is to support the many organisations that save lives in our remote communities across Australia.

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Tecala’s mobile application development team can create the right solution to meet your unique needs.

We create mobile solutions to enable you to support the critical roles of your flexible and remote workers. From retail logistics, to construction, to rural and remote healthcare service providers, we put everything your employees and customers need in the palm of their hand.

Custom mobile application development

We develop custom mobile apps that are purpose-built for your industry. From health and safety to legal services and beyond, we know your industry and we know how to empower your mobile employees and customers. We also deliver tools and custom push notifications to keep them engaged.

UI & UX application design

Successful uptake of mobile applications relies on simple and rewarding user experiences, through functional, inspiring and intuitive user interfaces. We specialise in building mobile applications that people love to use so you’re assured an effective roll out.

Mobile application consulting

Automation, data, and AI applied to mobile applications is a game changer for many organisations. We help you identify the best opportunities for harnessing these technologies and ensuring the most effective pathway to adoption and ongoing use through your organisation.

Let’s get your mobile teams connecting, collaborating, and working smarter.

With real-time insights and personalised experiences, Tecala’s mobile applications enable your teams to be more productive and collaborative, while providing transparency with your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Automation, AI and machine learning used in mobile applications?

  1. Automation, AI algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing can all enhance user engagement within mobile applications. They analyse user behaviour and preferences to deliver personalised content, product recommendations, and suggest actions tailored to individual users.
  2. AI and ML algorithms predict user behaviour and preferences by analysing historical data, thus making search functionality more effective. Similarly, AI and ML can deliver image and object recognition in mobile apps, allowing features like augmented reality (AR), image search, and facial recognition to be used.

How can ensure my data is secure in my mobile applications?

  1. AI and ML algorithms play an important role in enhancing threat detection, anomaly detection, and fraud prevention. When these technologies are built into the mobile application, they can analyse patterns and anomalies in user behaviour or network traffic to detect and remedy threats before they become business-disrupting events. This approach ensures your data is protected and enables you to meet your legislatory requirements.

How do ensure the effective implementation on my mobile applications?

  1. The success of your mobile applications (i.e., their adoption, ongoing usage, and ability to deliver business outcomes) is driven, primarily, by great functionality and user interface design. Intuitive and visually appealing UI enhances usability, navigation, and engagement, leading to higher user satisfaction and retention. Mobile applications need to help (and never hinder) in challenging situations. A well-designed UI ensures that users can easily find information, accomplish tasks, and enjoy seamless interactions within the application.
  2. Because user experience is driven by performance, AI and ML can also be used to optimise performance by continually monitoring user interactions, system usage, and resource utilisation patterns, thereby enabling the mobile application to adjust its own settings, allocate resources more efficiently, and improve responsiveness and stability.