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Experience an improvement in identified phishing or malware attacks, or we’ll give you a FREE Apple Watch.

Introducing Tecala’s Next Generation Email Security solution, powered by Check Point.

Tecala’s Next Generation Email Security solution has been developed to deal with today’s AI and ML-driven threat landscape. Built on Check Point’s patented technology, it uses advanced AI technology to prevent malicious attacks in the cloud before they reach the inbox.

Here are some reasons why our Next Generation Email Security solution stands out:

  • By scanning files and attachments in the cloud, we ensure your inbox is clear of malicious emails and files.
  • Using language models to determine risk vectors within all your emails, we automatically learn and discover new threats and techniques as they emerge.
  • We deliver zero day protection against emerging malicious email and file threats, by using Check Point’s consolidated global threat exchange.
  • We use our own advanced AI and ML to analyse your user’s historical interactions and email usage patterns.
  • By mapping user history and past communications, we provide pre-emptive insight to complex email security threats, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC).
  • Check Point technology constantly trains and tunes the AI on your specific tenant, identifying and blocking attacks specific to your organisation.
  • It’s also trained on the attacks missed by default security and Secure Email Gateways (SEG).

Take the Tecala Check Point Challenge!

Tecala’s Next Generation Email Security solution, powered by Check Point technology, is the most powerful email security platform available today.

We’re so confident of its capabilities that we’re prepared to put it to the test.

Over a 14-day period, if we don’t uncover any phishing and/or malware attacks that your current email security provider missed, we’ll give you a FREE Apple Watch.

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After registering, we’ll reach out to coordinate a time to set up the installation with one of our specialists. We’ll walk you through the five minute process to connect to your Corporate Microsoft 365 or Gmail environment. Assuming an active tenant and more than 100 users, we’ll run the trial for 14 days.

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Case Study

CXC reinforces email security to reduce risk and enhance staff productivity with Tecala

Growing global contingent workforce management company, CXC, has engaged with Tecala to strengthen its email protection framework, significantly reducing the number of malicious messages received by staff.



Tecala introduces the Next Generation in Email Security

With organisations ever-more reliant on email as their primary communication method, it’s no surprise that threat actors are honing their attacks on business email communications and collaboration platforms, especially in the mid-market.


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