Tecala delivers on-demand penetration testing and deep visibility into your threat landscape – with Threat Intelligence’s EvolvePT

Utilising this automated and AI-empowered platform, we understand and continually validate your environment against critical compromises, known attacks and vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing (or pen testing) is sanctioned and ethical hacking of your business systems to help you understand where your cyber security risk is.

The most common pen testing engagements will include an assessment of both your external and internal systems, infrastructure, and services. Executed effectively, they accurately predict how people would penetrate your organisation to compromise your data, your business operations, or your reputation.

The effectiveness of the pen test depends on the expertise, insight, and experience of the team you choose to run it. So you need to be 100% confident in your Cyber Security team (or partner) to ensure they’ll rigorously test every element of your ICT infrastructure.

With the global cyber security workforce gap continuing to increase in 2022 (the ISC 2022 cyber security Workforce Study reporting a stark increase in the shortage of cyber security professionals), more mid-sized Australian organisations are turning to managed security experts to deliver their pen testing, as they simply don’t have the people in house to ensure effective outcomes.

Tecala partners with Threat Intelligence to deliver our automated penetration testing. Using the Evolve Automated Internal and External Penetration Testing solution we’re able to continually validate your systems against known risks and compromises.

For those interested in the detail, here’s how it works.

Tecala’s Penetration Testing service is designed to help organisations minimise the time to detect and verify critical risks and security weaknesses. It is a powerful combination of automated reconnaissance and active contextual-based attacks, with intelligent and safe exploitation against your internal and external infrastructure.
This means that your security team will gain regular insights into prioritised risks to ensure the ‘real’ risks are mitigated quickly before they become operational-impacting events.

With Tecala’s automated Penetration Testing service (internal and external) you get a lot more coverage through its 5-phase, end-to-end penetration testing methodology.

Here are the 5 elements:

Phase One: Reconnaissance / Information Gathering
Phase Two: Fingerprinting and Scanning (includes Vulnerability Scanning)
Phase Three: Attack and Exploitation
Phase Four: Privilege Escalation, Post-Exploitation and Lateral Movement
Phase Five: Automated Reporting / Dashboard

Automated Penetration Testing.

Automated Penetration Testing introduces the benefit of running penetration tests regularly, instead of just intermittently or annually. This enables earlier detection of critical vulnerabilities and attack techniques that may be within your internal and external networks.

In fact, Tecala’s automated Penetration Testing service automates just about everything – from reconnaissance, exploitation, lateral movement, post-exploitation activities, privilege escalation, and password cracking.

As your organisation’s operations change and adapt in response to shifting market conditions, the ongoing and automated pen testing ensures any changes made to your systems don’t create additional security weaknesses.

Running regular automated and repeatable penetration tests help you stay one step ahead of the latest exploits and attack techniques, allowing you to manage critical risks that impact your organisation throughout the year.

Evolve Automated Internal and External Penetration Testing also helps you to verify remediation actions immediately to ensure their effectiveness.


Penetration Testing in context of your multi-layered Cyber Security approach.

Tecala delivers Penetration Testing (and ongoing Managed Vulnerability Scanning) as part of a holistic end-to-end cyber security portfolio that delivers a multi-layered approach. With today’s security perimeter continuously expanding, a multi-layered approach is required to ensure it can deal with the multi-faceted nature of modern cyber security threats.

We have both the security consulting and operations expertise to enable our clients to achieve end-to-end 24/7 peace of mind around cyber security. And because security assessment doesn’t stop with a single audit or assessment, our fully flexible service model integrates Zero Trust, Endpoint detection and response (EDR) and extended detection and response (XDR), along with human-empowered managed threat hunting and intelligence in a fully managed cyber security service.

This complete service delivers on-demand and scalable security capabilities, which automatically orchestrates your infrastructure to execute your security workloads at scale… all the time while optimising your cyber security budget.

Partnerships with organisations like Threat Intelligence and Tenable allow us to deliver complete control and confidence in the integrity of your data and the efficacy of your security systems, procedures, and protocols.



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