Discover the top 3 Cyber Security imperatives in the modern workplace

Empower your people, while protecting your business-critical data, and your hard-earned reputation.

People are the most powerful force for innovation in any organisation, which is why the end-goal of the modern workplace is creating an environment where people can work to their true potential.

In 2022 this means a dynamic and distributed workplace, in which your teams are able to choose where they work on a day-by-day, needs basis, while still enjoying seamless and consistent experiences across their devices.

The organisations that are successfully delivering these dynamic and distributed modern workplaces are able to do so, in part, because they’re able to empower their teams with wireless mobile collaboration that extends beyond the network boundaries, and other cyber-based IT platforms and systems.
Paradoxically, however , it’s precisely this dynamic and distributed modern workplace that is creating your most dominant and ubiquitous security risks.

CrowdStrike 2021 Global Security Attitude Survey explains that: “From an external perspective, the cyber threat landscape is always evolving, with well-established attack vectors – such as ransomware and software supply chain attacks – becoming more sophisticated and persistent.

“In addition, cybercriminals continually improve their tradecraft, using increasingly sophisticated and stealthy techniques like fileless attacks to evade detection and breach the defences of organisations. It is abundantly clear that cybersecurity teams have their backs against the wall when trying to defend against increasingly sophisticated and complex attacks.”

With so many potential entry points to your business, the scope for a cyber attack is ubiquitous. But by focusing on the three key cyber security imperatives, modern IT departments will be able to meet the challenge.

The Top 3 Cyber Security Imperatives

Balancing your cyber security with the need to run your business

Taking a multi-layered approach to security

Partner with the leading cyber security specialists

Balancing your cyber security with the need to run your business

In the past office locations were traditionally secured and hardened based on business requirements to allow all computer assets and staff to work. A network perimeter with remote VPN access was offered to a select few workers.
The modern workplace is hybrid blend of office, home and mobile environments in which in-office and remote workers are empowered by technology to choose where they work every day.

This has led to the rise of a Modern Management platform, on which a Zero-Trust approach can be developed. This ensures that all people and devices requesting authorisation to connect to a business' network or applications meet appropriate security standards before they can log in. This ensures they can only access resources that are appropriate to their level and associated permissions.

When this approach is successfully applied, employees enjoy seamless, high-performance experiences from technology, while being protected on the devices and systems they are logged into, regardless of what they are doing, where they are doing it from, and what they're working on.

Taking a multi-layered approach to security

Organisations that are taking an effective modern management approach to security are integrating cyber security into a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model. This combines network security functions (such as secure web gateways and cloud access security brokers) with software defined wide area network capabilities to support the dynamic secure access needs of organisations. When implemented via a customisable roadmap, security capabilities are mapped to the strategic objectives of the organisation to ensure cyber security is an enabler of growth, rather than an inhibitor.

CrowdStrike explains that: "The businesses that embrace cloud-first, modern technologies such as endpoint detection and response (EDR), extended detection and response (XDR), Zero Trust, and human-empowered managed threat hunting and intelligence will be the ones able to solve the fundamental challenges to thrive in the heightened threat environment".

For NDIS service provider and Tecala client, My Plan Manager, Cyber Security enhancements integrated Netskope Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and AT&T Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) solutions into their managed services to protect the privacy of their own employees, plus the personal data of their 466,000+ potential consumers. This ensured an empowered workforce and a secure client base.

Partner with the leading cyber security specialists

Balancing a multi-layered approach to security cyber security that keeps your business safe, while empowering your individual employees, is a complex security challenge. And it's a challenge that more mid-market or medium-sized organisation are realising they don't want to tackle alone.

Tecala's approach to cyber security is a multi-layered approach that includes all the above. Our suite of capabilities are delivered primarily 'as-a-Service', to optimise your security approach, stop breaches and minimise business risk.

Coming from a consulting and advisory heritage, we have a tried and tested approach to delivering IT solutions that ensure your technology environment is continually optimised and aligned with your business objectives. At the most personal, human-centric level, no-one wants to be tomorrow's headline for a targeted intrusion or opportunistic attack, so working to a risk assessment matrix will clearly identify where your business is most susceptible to breach or attack.

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