Rubrik’s data management solution supports Tecala’s continuing growth.

One of Tecala’s goals is to shield customers from the complexity of information and communication technology to ensure a seamless service experience. To deliver on that goal, we maintain state-of-the-art infrastructure to support our team of IT professionals.

“We focus on premium componentry
from vendors who are leaders in their
field, like Rubrik,”

Lee Apps
Tecala Cloud Services Manager.

The Challenge

  • Management complexity and demand for increased scalability
  • To upgrade backup system for superior reliability and outstanding SLA delivery

The Results

  • 90% management time savings (days to hours)
  • Over 20% savings in staff cost despite significant increases in business volume
  • Seamless upgrades and expansion with Rubrik

Security Services

With Rubrik, Tecala has a reliable backup solution that performs flawlessly, requires minimal IT resources, and can scale seamlessly to accommodate growing customer requirements.


Launching a Rubrik-Centric Business ensures seamless backups, whether it’s adding a new appliance or upgrading software. The simplicity of management has led to major savings in staff time and money, which we can share with our partnering businesses and allocate the funds to fast-track improvements to other areas of their IT strategies.

 As a fast-growing business, having increases in volume as an effortless experience is vital, and with enormous credit to the simplicity of Rubrik’s system.


Rubrik has been a key enabler in Tecala to expanding our list of value-added services. As an example, customers’ IT staff now have the ability to restore and download files themselves in a self-service model with vCloud Director. “These are capabilities I would not have expected from a backup platform. Rubrik is always innovating and designing for the future, principles that align deeply with our values at Tecala” said Apps.

The broad range of capabilities provided by Rubrik allows Tecala to offer various levels of backup, disaster recovery, and infrastructure-as-a-service, with features and pricing to match the varying needs of customers. Tecala now uses Rubrik appliances to support more than 80 customers through data centers in Melbourne and Sydney. Additional benefits include:

90% management time savings

“We previously had to spend hours troubleshooting backups, which is something we don’t even have to think about with Rubrik.”

Ultra-high reliability

“With Rubrik, we have 11,000 daily backup jobs with a <0.1% fail rate. Backups work reliably with hardly any attention from us, which is just what we want customers to experience.

Cloud-first approach

“Rubrik’s cloud-first technology means that as we continue on our cloud journey—for public, private, or hybrid environments—their solutions will help create a seamless experience.”

API-first architecture

“We have to integrate with many other systems, and with Rubrik’s APIs, we can develop the interfaces ourselves and save a lot of time.”


“The simplicity and ease of installation of Rubrik appliances allow us to expand our services and take on new customers quickly.”

Prepared for any eventuality

“During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were still taking on new customers even as we saw our call volume at the help desk rise 30% above the highest peak previously recorded. But we were prepared, and Rubrik played a big part in allowing us to scale in such a short period of time.”

Seamless scalability

“With Rubrik, we now experience seamless expansion. I know that if we bring on a large group of new customers in a week, I don’t have to worry that the system will scale to meet demand. Having the capability to grow and scale the system as needed was just fantastic.”


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