Tecala’s Next Generation in Email Security

Advanced email security to keep you ahead of the fast-evolving security threat.

Tecala’s Next Generation Email Security solution has been developed to deal with today’s AI and ML-driven threat landscape. Built on Check Point’s patented technology, it uses advanced AI technology to prevent malicious attacks in the cloud before they reach the inbox.

With all of us ever-more reliant on email as our primary communication method, it’s no surprise that threat actors are focusing their attacks on business email communications and collaboration platforms, especially in the mid-market.

 ◆  Over 90% of attacks on organisations originate from malicious email1.
 ◆  35% of attacks originate internally. Your Secure Email Gateway (SEG) cannot detect these2.
 ◆  SEGs don’t have visibility to your connected apps.
 ◆  Average cost of data breach in Australia has grown 32% in the last 5 years3.

Built on Check Point’s patented technology to provide enhanced threat prevention and the improved automation of security processes.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms analyse vast amounts of data, providing enhanced threat prevention and automated security processes, including threat hunting and Security Operations Centre (SOC) event correlation.

Language models determine risk vectors within all your emails, enabling you to automatically learn and discover new threats and techniques as they arise.

We scan every file and attachment for malware and ransomware in the cloud to detect and capture malicious emails before they reach your inbox.

Advanced AI and ML analyse and map users’ historical interactions and email usage patterns to identify suspicious activity.

The platform continually trains and tunes the AI on your specific tenant to identify and block attacks specific to your organisation.

Unlike Secure Email Gateways, which are based on defined rulesets limiting protection to incoming email, we deliver complete email protection against all external threats, including internal misuses of email.

Take a deeper dive into the Tecala and Check Point Platform

Experience an improvement in identified phishing or malware attacks, or we’ll give you a FREE Apple Watch.

Tecala’s Next Generation Email Security solution, powered by Check Point technology, is designed to identify and stop all malicious attacks to your inbox. We’re so confident of its capabilities we’re prepared to put it to the test.

Over a 14-day period, if we don’t uncover any phishing and/or malware attacks that your current email security provider missed, we’ll give you a FREE Apple Watch.

Learn how we use Check Point’s patented advanced AI technology to prevent malicious attacks.

In our latest blog we dive deeper into the innovative technology that makes our platform so effective. Read about how we’re able to deliver an agile, proactive, and multilayered approach to email and cyber security, that ensures we intercept and mitigate threats before they become business disrupting events.

Read how CXC Global puts the platform in action to reduce risk and enhance productivity.

CXC Global’s Director of Technology, Dominic Sargent, explains how Tecala’s Next Generation Email Security platform has strengthened CXC’s email protection framework.

AI-driven contextual awareness capabilities allow it to interpret typical communication patterns, preventing attacks in the cloud before they reach the inbox, and reducing the volume of spam to employee’s inboxes.


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