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Talk multi-cloud with Tecala. Get the best mix of cloud services for your business.

In a world of diverse IT services there is no ‘one cloud’ for every application.

There is no need to restrict your applications or insights to one type of cloud if you can benefit from all options in a consistent way.

  • On-premises: Get the most power and raw capacity
  • MSP hosted: Full choice of infrastructure without the data centre overhead
  • Public cloud: Benefit from on-demand immediacy
  • Hybrid cloud: A combination of two clouds with automation
  • Multi-cloud: The best architecture for the application

We work with you to get the right type of cloud for each unique application. This multi-cloud approach matches business requirements better and reduces risk, complexity, and cost.

Regardless of which option best suits your business, Tecala is here to help.

We make sure any mix of cloud services is properly optimised and secured.

Private, public or hybrid

When assessing a type of workload, the choice of cloud depends on the data management and processing demands.

Private clouds are well suited to high performance, highly secure application needs like core business applications. Public clouds are great for development workloads, rapid scale up and down, and taking advantage of cloud native functions.

In the middle is a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud approach. Why settle for one type of cloud technology and the associated cost? With Tecala you can get the best cloud at any time.

Tecala has the experience to integrate your on-premise or private cloud infrastructure with public cloud. Deploy applications across dedicated or multi-tenanted infrastructure.

High availability for your business is our priority and we can tailor a Cloud solution to your unique needs.

Avoid confusion or pitfalls

Don’t let the myriad of cloud services hold back your goals.

Let us help you negotiate the journey to the cloud, avoiding the pitfalls that come with dealing with public cloud-born vendors and technologies along the way.

Common challenges include a lack of experience with legacy integration, security, and compliance. We take the challenges away.

Let us incorporate the best of all clouds for you.

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Cloud Services
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Managed Public Cloud

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Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Services

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Tecala Cloud Services
Tecala Cloud Services

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