Unified Communications and Collaboration Services 

With unified communications and collaboration between your employees and customers, your organisation will thrive.

Consistent and effortless user and customer experiences – the cornerstone of a modern business.

At Tecala, we know that open and seamless communications and collaboration are the cornerstone of the modern business.

By removing silos of operations and connecting your teams and customers on a unified platform, we allow interactions to flow smoothly through every part of your organisation and with every customer and external stakeholder.

This creates a truly dynamic and responsive culture in your organisation where internal teams enjoy reliable access to the data and services they need, and customers choose how and where they interact with your sales and customer service teams.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Tecala has the highest certification available for the Microsoft services, applications, and platforms we deliver.

We know that modern digital collaboration platforms can do so much more than simply ‘unify’ your communications. With the right digital collaboration strategy aligned to your business objectives, we enable activity-based working through every part of your organisation.

As well as driving efficiencies, productivity, and growth, our goal is also to create a happy and motivated culture in your organisation, that extends to a community of loyal customers, members or constituents.

Our Communications Services


Unified Communications Services
26th Sep

Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

With seamless communication and collaboration between your employees and customers, your organisation will thrive.

Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

With seamless communication and collaboration between your employees and customers, your organisation will thrive.


Unified Communications Services
16th Sep

Managed Connectivity and Networking

Tecala’s managed connectivity, managed WAN & networking services are the most effective way to deliver the services your organisation thrives on. Learn more.

Managed Connectivity and Networking

Tecala’s managed connectivity, managed WAN & networking services are the most effective way to deliver the services your organisation thrives on. Learn more.

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Unified Communications (as a Service)
Contact Centre as a Service
Voice Carriage
Strategic Roadmap and Platform Migration

Unified Communications (as a Service)

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a game-changer for organisations looking to empower their people, because it creates a fully connected business where people, data, assets, and devices openly and securely interact.

By delivering UCaaS, we look after the connectivity and networking solutions, along with the communications, collaboration, and file sharing services you need. We take away all the system and software management and integration, so you enjoy seamless communication, interaction, and collaboration between everyone in your business, along with your customers and stakeholders.

We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner which means no one knows Office 365 and the Microsoft Teams, Voice, and SharePoint ecosystem better than us. By deploying enterprise-grade messaging, telephony, video conferencing, and real-time collaboration tools through your organisation, you’ll experience a truly modern workplace.

Contact Centre as a Service

More organisations are bringing their contact and customer services operations back home to Australian-owned, onshore locations. In response to this, Tecala is integrating Intelligent Automation Services with our Contact Centre as a Service to deliver a highly efficient communication platform for your customers.

AI and chatbots are increasingly being used to improve the accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of your response to customers. And the benefits of allowing customers to choose how they interact with you, via text, email, mobile apps, and many other social platforms are being enjoyed by many of our clients.

By integrating the services you need on our high-performing and secure networks, we ensure a seamless and consistent level of engagement with your much-loved and valued customers.

Voice Carriage

Tecala’s Voice Carriage services deliver Voice over IP with SIP solutions Australia-wide, to ensure you get the best performance from your voice services.

Our SIP-based service supports the delivery of Voice Carriage and can accommodate DIDs (Direct Inward Dial) numbers, national number hosting, and toll-free services through Australia and beyond.

We also provide the option of receiving an IP-PBX as part of our Unified Communications as a Service offering, which is delivered as part of our Collaboration Services.

Strategic Roadmap and Platform Migration

If your organisation is being held back by outdated communications systems, we’ll set you on the path to innovation through our strategic technology roadmap and platform migration services.

Our solutions ensure the communication and collaboration between your teams are seamless and consistent, giving you a ‘360-degree view’ of your customers. By integrating many different data sources, which are probably currently held both on-premises and in your cloud, we’ll transition you from your existing telephony or communications systems to a modern collaboration platform.

This will include delivering the hybrid, public or private cloud infrastructure for your business, along with a service and support team to ensure a smooth transition.


Seamless, effortless unified communications and collaboration

With unified communications and collaboration platforms delivered as a service, across our high-performance networks, your teams will be able to connect and collaborate from the office, their home and all the remote locations they need to get productive in. Just as important, your customers, stakeholders and constituents will enjoy intimate communication with you. This is the foundation of a modern, dynamic, and connected business, with empowered employees and very satisfied customers.   

Empowered, happy employees

Real-time and flexible collaboration are the essential ingredients for a happy and inspired workplace. Give your people efficient and consistent access to the data and services they need on a daily basis. Whenever they log into Microsoft Teams or whatever collaboration platform they’re using, they’ll be 100% confident it’s going to work.  

Loyal and satisfied customers 

Provide responsive, tailored, and open communication between your employees and your customers. More and more of our clients are using unified communications as a key service differentiator in their contact centres and customer service portals.  

Reliable and consistent service 

With Tecala’s software-enhanced and high-performing networks delivering safe and secure access to your data and services, you’ll enjoy the full potential of your Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service.    

Expert management and 24/7 support

Tecala’s communications and collaboration services are fully managed and supported by our local teams of network and unified communications specialists, backed up by our Tecala-owned and Managed Service Operations Centre.

Robust Security

Security is baked into our communications services. We connect your offices, remote locations, and mobile employees to your cloud-based, SaaS and Internet applications and platforms with absolute confidence.

Drive efficiencies 

By streamlining the management of various communications channels, and reducing traditional telecommunication usage, external conferencing, and travel, your business will soon enjoy huge cost savings. 


Develop the right network strategy for your business 

Book an assessment today. And we’ll take care of the rest.  

To ensure we develop the right network to deliver the services your people need, in the most secure way possible, we’ll need to run an assessment of your business operations.

Book your session today and we’ll develop the right communications strategy for your business.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure a successful Unified Communications and Collaboration deployment?

  1. The key challenge when developing and deploying your unified communications and collaboration platform is ensuring it can take your organisation where it needs to go. For this reason, developing a technology roadmap for unifying your communications and collaboration is important.  
  2. Ensuring your platform delivers exactly what’s required is the responsibility of Senior Unified Communications Consultants. When Tecala engaged with My Plan Manager to update their aging IP Telephony system, we realised that their team needed more flexibility around mobility and servicing multiple office locations. For this reason, a cloud-based UCaaS solution was a good fit. We investigated a number of unified communications replacement options and explained the relevance of each to the business. 
  3. The cloud-based unified communications chosen by My Plan Manager made flexible working easy for staff, something which is becoming vitally important as the business evolves into a modern, dynamic and hybrid working environment.   

What’s an example of how Unified Communications and Collaboration can improve customer service?

  1. Customers are expecting more responsive and personalised service and support with more choice in how they communicate with you.  
  2. By combining your employee and customer communication services into a single interface, your teams can collaborate more efficiently and improve operational efficiency. You can offer your customers more options on how to engage with you – some are happy on the phone, but others want to chat via a bot or send a text.  

What are 3 reasons why Unified Communications and Collaboration are so important to my business?  

  1. Organisations can evolve with different teams creating different silos of communications, all back-ending into different systems and data sources. Where silos of communication may have existed around databases, locations, or specific operations, Unified Communications and Collaboration unites them, allowing everyone in your organisation to seamlessly interact.  
  2. Unified Communications is an all-encompassing cloud-based business enabler that creates clear lines of communication and collaboration between people, regardless of whether they’re in the office, WFH, or working remotely. It delivers better visibility between teams, more effective collaboration, and consistent accessibility. This enables much more efficient administration across your communication platform. 
  3. When Unified Communication is delivered ‘as a Service’ (UCaaS) we take away all the system and software management and integration, giving your people an effortless connection to the data and services they need. This has the potential to radically change the way you work and communicate. 


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