Emerge Stronger in 2022 and beyond.

Have complete confidence 
in the security, integrity 
and compliance of your business-critical data.

Tecala provides the secure environment you need to accelerate your brilliance.

We’re the driving force behind your Cyber Security Strategy.

We believe you should have complete control over the safety and integrity of your data. But even with the alarming regularity of Cyber attacks, 62% of small and mid-size businesses still don’t have an adequate or active cybersecurity strategy in place. And many have no strategy at all.

We don’t want you or your business to add to this statistic, so we’ve developed the robust systems and processes you need to ensure your business-critical data is safe, secure and compliant for your industry.


Navigating technology to keep your business protected.

A trusted and cost-effective security partner is critical to ensure you have:

Agility, certainty & confidence

You can be sure that your business-critical data is secure within the organisation, your data centre and around your network, so you can scale with confidence.

A powerful preventative approach

We enable you to scale rapidly and sustainably, with reliable infrastructure in place to support your objectives as you grow. Equip yourselves with the tools to excel at client service and gain the lead on competitors.

Effortless & stress-free compliance

Rest assured that your business is adhering to industry regulation and compliance, with a security strategy that’s specifically formulated to your needs.

Robust systems & procedures

Work with a cloud application and service provider that rigorously manage and audit their systems and procedures, ensuring the highest security standards.


Assess Your Risk Potential & Security Needs.

Gain an understanding of your vulnerabilities, risks and potential threats with our two detailed security audits

Business-to-Business Security Audit with SecurityCentric

An audit of potential security threats to the endpoints and customer environments for your business, conducted with our security partner SecurityCentric.

Deals with:

  • The increasing number of attacks and exploits with the potential to affect endpoints (mobile devices, desktops, laptops and servers) within customer environments.
  • The reduction of this attack face, providing a common platform for the protection of these assets.

Geo-Filtering and Blocking Assessment & Audit

You need an effective way to stop cybercriminals from attacking your IT system with Geo-Filtering and Blocking that is tailored to your business and its global operations. We’ll develop the right strategy for your business – to keep you safe through all your international network connections.


Move forward with a Personalised Security Strategy.

Whether you need assistance moving to the cloud or you need a plan to level up, we can help.

We roadmap and deliver business-appropriate XaaS solutions for your organisation without single-cloud bias, taking the best from all cloud vendors and providers to deliver the right service for your business. As your business grows and evolves over the long term, we respond to keep you operating at peak performance.

We specialise in:


Distributed Denial
of Service Mitigation

Cloud Based
Security Services

Antivirus – Local
Area Network

Perimeter Intrusion Prevention Services

Load Balancing / Application Publishing


Security Incident Event Management / File Integrity Management


Register for an initial online discussion over Zoom, phone, or in person. And let’s find out where your business most needs our award-winning services and support.

By analysing your specific needs and priorities, we’ll give you a realistic and practical recommendation on what’s required to accelerate your modern architecture.

Our Senior Consultants will help you evaluate and understand your options, so you can make decisions that benefit both your business and your employees, while mitigating unnecessary risk.​

Combining Strategy, Transformation, Management and Optimisation, we identify and remove the obstacles to a successful outcome, before you even know they’re there.​

The session will cover:

Step 1: Recap and review

Together we’ll examine the steps you’ve already taken in adapting to COVID-19, and review the parameters for the architecture planning you’ll need in place going forward.

Step 2: Shape the

Future-Planning for optimal performance, focusing on effective communication and collaboration, device lifecycle and configuration management and security.

Step 3: Identify your requirements

Here’s where we clearly identify your Managed Services requirements, to optimise your existing investments and provide appropriate training and support.

Step 4: Get the

You’ll receive a high-level report with our recommendations to accelerate your modern architecture, and the next steps for delivering your Strategic Technology Roadmap.


Trusted by Australia’s most progressive businesses.

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