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Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a Service 

A fully managed, secure, and scalable end-to-end RPA automation service built for the mid-market.

Intelligent Automation Services with the freedom and flexibility to grow

By delivering the right mix of business analysis, data analytics, business process automation, application integration and business process optimisation, our team provides an end-to-end business automation service.

Supported and augmented by our unified Managed IT, Cloud, Communications and Cyber Security services, Tecala’s Automation as a Service is a fully integrated model that allows you to scale your automation as your business grows and evolves.

We provide assessments on your readiness for automation, along with consulting to guide you through the implementation, while our project management team works alongside you to ensure the right outcome.

Supported by Tecala’s Australia-based Service Operation Centre, our local Managed IT Services teams specialise in managing and transforming your company’s ICT infrastructure operations.

With automation delivering the potential to drive performance, profitability, and growth in your organisation, Tecala’s back-end integration and automation, combined with robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence will provide your business with a scalable, end-to-end automation solution.

This is how we deliver on your specific business outcomes, while achieving measurable ROI.

Intelligent Automation Services in Australia

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is an effective way to streamline operations and reduce costs. By automating repeatable, manual tasks into automated workflows, we enable your teams to spend more time on high-value, revenue-generating and customer-experience-focused tasks. Tecala offer our robotic process automation (RPA) services across Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia.

Backend Integration and Automation

We use an API-based approach to integrate cloud and on-premise systems and applications. By automating specifically defined, high-capacity transactions you can reduce overheads and optimize resources across the business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With AI automating complex or voluminous data-driven tasks, your people can focus on activities that deliver real business value. We’re not here to remove jobs, we’re here to empower your people so they can add genuine value.

business outcomes

Our Intelligent Automation as a Service (IAaaS) model ensures you achieve the right level automation for your organisation.

Tecala’s IAaaS is delivered on an incremental, consumption-based model. We understand that most mid-sized enterprises need predictability and certainty in their budgeting, and they need to achieve a return on investment within a reasonable time frame.

We therefore focus, first and foremost, on achievable projects for which the business case is deeply compelling.

Our IAaaS enables you to enjoy a relationship where all parties are invested in the future success and enablement of your business. Our Consultancy and Advisory teams, working alongside our service and support staff, will continually optimise your automation services to ensure they continue to meet your objectives to deliver genuine business value. And the people using your automation services will be supported on a daily basis through our locally owned and operated Service Operations Centre.

Drive efficiency, performance and profitability

Doing things smarter, faster and better is the No.1 imperative for Australian businesses looking to thrive in the modern workplace environment. With resource shortages and talk of the great resignation, it is more important than ever to provide employees with greater job satisfaction.

Automating mundane, repetitive and tedious tasks will not only provide efficiency and accuracy but help staff focus on more rewarding parts of their job. More can be achieved faster with existing staff increasing profitability and performance.

Accelerate productivity and reduce costs

Our automation services are designed to augment human ‘thinking and doing’ in your organisation. We don’t remove jobs, we’re here to support your organisational change management processes so your people and your entire organisation can operate at optimal performance.

Using RPA to automate process-driven tasks and AI to automate data-driven tasks, you allow your people to focus on doing the ‘productive human things’ that add real value.

Build resilience, increase control, and ensure business continuity

As companies remain alive to the risk to business continuity that disruption in an offshore location can represent, bringing work back home can be an economically viable alternative.

The use of automation can eliminate repetitive low-value tasks and processes formerly completed using human labour. This allows you to regain control of your operations and build business resilience.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Intelligent automation allows you to develop deeper insight into your customer’s preferences and behaviours, while automating the ordering, processing and delivery of products and services.

This allows you to transform your business and your brand by delivering sophisticated, seamless and truly enjoyable experiences to your customers. At a time when people are moving online, en masse, getting automation right is critical.

Generate competitive advantage

Back-end integration gives you structured accurate data, from which you can take actionable insights to make data-driven ‘smart’ decisions. This process of real-time learning leading to faster, smarter decision making gives your business a genuine competitive advantage.

Drive efficiency, performance and profitability
Accelerate productivity and reduce costs
Build resilience, increase control, and ensure business continuity
Deliver exceptional customer experiences
Generate competitive advantage

Establish an intelligent business practice in your organisation.

Book your Automation Maturity Readiness Assessment

Business process automation is a long-term strategy. In a short 20-minute discussion, we’ll assess where you are on your journey and identify the key areas for automation in your business that will streamline processes, drive efficiencies and improve profitability.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation?

  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a way of automating repeatable, manual tasks or rules-based tasks into automated workflows. As such it’s an effective way to streamline operations and reduce costs.
  2. Intelligent automation uses artificial intelligence technologies, like machine learning and natural language processing, to streamline and scale decision making across an organisation. For this reason it’s often called ‘cognitive automation’.
  3. At Tecala we’ve selected the three key specialisations of robotic process automation (RPA), back-end integration automation, and artificial intelligence because, when combined into an integrated platform, they can deliver an intelligent automation solution that can be tailored to meet the typical needs of a mid-sized business.

What is an example of an intelligent automation solution?

  1. Tecala’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a fully integrated solution that combines elements of our back-end integration, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence technologies.
  2. The solution is managed by Tecala’s Managed Services teams which operate out of our locally owned and operated SOCs, reducing the management and support overhead for customers. Hosted in Microsoft Azure with some components hosted in Tecala datacentres where applicable, it’s a highly scalable, flexible and sophisticated integration, orchestration and automation platform for customers.

What is an example of intelligent automation in business?

  1. The three areas in which we’re currently experiencing the most demand for intelligent automation is in HR, marketing integration, and document management.
  2. Automation can help streamline the onboarding process by assessing the employee profile, sending the relevant information and pre-filled documents to the correct systems (payroll, identity management systems, HR systems), and notifying relevant personnel, to remind them to complete their respective tasks. A bot will also ensure that the future employee is sent the relevant documents and that this documentation is completed on time.
  3. For modern marketing teams, automation is being used to streamline the integration between marketing platforms (like HubSpot) and CRM platforms (like Dynamics). This reduces the potential for duplication and the embarrassment of irrelevant ‘buyer journey’ communications being sent to the wrong people at the wrong time.
  4. One of the most repetitive, time-consuming and labourious tasks in any financial or professional services business is preparing and processing hard copies of documents and images for digitisation. Using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing algorithms (both forms of AI) you can ingest unstructured data to create structured data from which actionable insights can lead to smarter decision making.


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