How to choose a Managed Service Provider that will improve company culture

A good Managed Services Provider (MSP) will become an extension of your organisation and offer expertise and support

When people think of managed service providers they immediately think of technology. However, both people and culture are critical to the success of any technology-related engagement. In this blog we will look at how a winning culture is critical to getting the most out of your MSP.

Are your SLAs being missed? Do projects you undertake fail to deliver tangible improvements? Has your provider stopped being proactive by not offering any new or innovative ideas? Unfortunately, IT and business leaders are experiencing these challenges far too often. If your MSP is no longer taking an active interest in your business, then things might have begun to sour and it’s time to look at improving the culture.

With good alignment, Managed Service Provider staff will go the extra mile to make your business succeed


The MSP model works well as a partnership

Unlike point solutions, MSPs work across a range of deliverables for their clients, which can include everything from strategy to security monitoring. This means in-house staff will be required to collaborate with staff from the MSP in a variety of ways to get the best results.

A good MSP will be more than just a supplier: The people and teams will become part of your organisation and offer expertise in addition to operational support.

Without good alignment of people and culture, ideas won’t get shared and there will be a general lack of trust. With good alignment, the MSP staff will want to go the extra mile to ensure everything is done to make your business succeed.

A good example of this is with cloud. There are many options to migrate point solutions to cloud, but a true technology partner will ensure you get the best long-term outcomes and best architecture that takes advantage of cloud-native services.

Another good example is with security. Security will always be a combination of people and technology. An MSP that is a technology partner will ensure the organisation is as secure as it can be and not offer “Band-Aid” protection for vulnerabilities.

People and culture develop more strategic roadmaps

An MSP can be a technology partner by getting involved in the business’ Strategic Technology Roadmap.

A good culture is a platform for creating a strategic technology roadmap that aligns well with existing systems and processes. This includes a path to achieving business objectives and how they can be achieved by improving operations.

With an MSP as a technology partner, your IT and business objectives will continue to become easier as poor systems and processes are modernised.


The democratisation of IT demands a fresh approach

The democratisation of IT is best described as the availability of apps and devices for business use, which are not necessarily endorsed by central IT.

Staff have access to apps for everything from backups to video editing and this freedom can conflict with what the IT department offers.

A good culture will help the MSP enable the productivity benefits of democratised IT with the security, licensing and management requirements of the organisation.

Democratisation of IT is here to stay, and innovative organisations will find the best ways to work with the plethora of options.

Ask how your Managed Service Provider can help improve company culture

If you’re unsure how to improve company culture, start by asking the people who work with clients every day.

There are many ways an MSP can help improve company culture. One of the biggest drains on people is poor IT systems and applications, and a lack of any ability to modernise or change. A good MSP will tackle those challenges head on and create a company culture that sees value in IT investments.

MSPs can also help clients develop a culture of innovation, which in turn improves the wider company culture. Therefore, it is so important to find a true technology partner that shares your culture and values.

Find out more about our Managed IT Services and how we can help improve your company culture.


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