How Tecala’s unique ‘Maturity Assessment’ methodology is driving better client outcomes

We understand your business first. Then we talk technology.

All too often, technology companies believe they know what is best for their clients. They rush to sell and deploy platforms and applications with scant regard for what might actually be the best fit. 

At Tecala, we pride ourselves on adopting a very different approach. We take the time needed to properly understand the challenges faced by prospective clients before tailoring solutions to match. 

“We take the time needed to properly understand the challenges faced by prospective clients before tailoring solutions to match.”

Our consultancy and advisory heritage lies at the heart of everything we do, with Tecala’s methodology built on an initial Maturity Assessment that helps to establish any gaps between the current technology environment compared to a business’s priorities. This continues through to our Strategic Technology Roadmaps that ensure the actions taken now are helping organisations to prepare for their future business state.  

From the very first conversation we have with a prospective client through to the point where we have completed multiple projects, we always take the time to listen and understand priorities before making any recommendations. In this way, acting as a true strategic technology partner, we use our unique methodology to focus on understanding real-world business challenges. Every organisation is different, which makes this step particularly important because a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is best for no one. 


Gaining business support for IT projects 

As well as ensuring that selected solutions meet real-world requirements, Tecala also works hard so that agreement is achieved at every level of our client’s organisational structure. Projects that don’t have senior management buy-in or an actionable plan are likely to flounder from the outset. 

For example, most businesses are (or should be) considering big concepts such as IT security, the modern workplace, automation, and cloud transformation. At the same time, those businesses will have reached a different stage in each area. Some will be at an elementary stage, while others might be advanced or proficient.  

Part of our Maturity Assessment methodology involves mapping where a potential client is sitting in relation to these key technology priorities. Each is ranked in terms of its importance to overall business strategy so that a clear roadmap for deployment can be created.

In our very first conversation, we will arm IT leaders with a clear and actionable overview of technology priorities using terminology that is relevant to a wider audience. 

This roadmap can then be used to explain to senior management and board directors why such projects are required and the benefits that they will deliver. The roadmap can also be used to secure support from other parties outside the IT department as it will show what benefits they too will enjoy. 

Indeed, the roadmap can greatly assist in closing the gap that often exists between business decision makers and IT departments. At the end of the day, it can help to make the complex much more understandable.

The power of Tecala’s Maturity Assessment methodology

Our Maturity Assessment methodology sets a baseline of priorities for current and future considerations in a format that informs and supports long-term planning. After close consultation, we create a tailormade report that articulates the urgency of technology tasks and the protection and value that they will deliver. The report is designed to illustrate and explain a highly complex topic in simple and comprehensible terms. 

In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our assessment and expertise, we offer this written report free of charge to all potential clients. 

What do you have to lose? Give us a call to arrange your initial consultation today. 


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