NetApp and Tecala.

The ‘All About Data’ series: How Managed Cloud Services Support Customers.

In this interview, Lee Apps – Cloud Services Manager at Tecala – explains how Managed Cloud Services helps customers meet their business objectives, while maintaining data security and compliance in the cloud.

When the global workforce moved to a work from home arrangement, we went from a traditional centralised view of the work place, to people working from different locations, on different internet connections, on their choice of devices, using various (often unsanctioned) cloud apps.

This shift made cloud-based technology the most powerful instrument for driving performance, profitability and growth in your organisation, but it also made maintaining security in the cloud a big priority for many businesses.

In the last 24 months, we’ve gone from primarily defending against lone-wolf attackers, to defending against full-scale government-funded “teams”.

Cloud security with netapp & tecala

Lee Apps explains: “The main threat we’ve seen cause the most damage is ransomware. Ransomware has been around for 5-10 years, so we’re experienced at facing this challenge. It’s been really exciting to see NetApp’s product evolve to protecting data at the source and having the ability to stop ransomware in its tracks – within 5 minutes of seeing that data change.”

To combat this growing and increasingly sophisticated cyber threat, Tecala has augmented its cyber security practice and has been widely recognised for its end-to-end security services.

Lee continues: “As the threat grows as do our defences. And by partnering with industry leaders like NetApp, we’re able to protect our clients with confidence.”

Three reasons why Tecala is the No.1 choice for Managed Cloud Services.

Experienced cloud specialists

  • Tecala’s Managed Cloud Services team provides you with highly experienced specialists, on demand, when you need them.
  • This ensures mid-sized companies have access to the highest quality IT specialists in Australia through a cost-effective “as a service” model.

The right business outcomes

  • By understanding your cloud challenges in your business, we design and implement solutions that optimise your current environment, while providing a roadmap for the future.
  • This delivers the optimal level of security, control and performance management in the cloud.

The leading mid-market cloud service provider

  • We partner with the world’s leading cloud technology vendors, always researching and validating emerging technologies, so you don’t have to.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders, like NetApp, deliver the foundations for our market-leading Managed Cloud Services.


Your Business Outcome: Accelerated Cloud Advantage

Tecala’s Managed Private Cloud Services, Managed Public Cloud, and Hybrid and Multi-Cloud services and solutions deliver the cloud computing services in the right configuration with expert support.

This confidence, flexibility and control in the cloud gives you a genuine advantage because it fully equips you to dynamically respond to the innovative nature of modern business with speed, resilience and confidence.

By choosing the most adaptable and agile business environment, in which you can manage and lower costs and scale resources as required, you can leave behind the outdated model of buying IT assets and infrastructure.

Lower costs

No more end of life or renewal costs and far lower datacentre costs. Pay today for what you’re using today and as you scale.

Flexibility and agility

IT as it should be. Switch on and off key services as it suits your objectives, including software and hardware refresh cycles.

Robust security

Tecala ensures a safe cloud with rigorous systems and procedures in place, keeping your data secure and compliant.

Dynamic provisioning

Save significant resources during the product development process and gain ROI faster with dynamic provisioning.

Your Brilliance in the Cloud. Accelerated.

Be prepared for the post-COVID world – future-proof your business

The COVID crisis caused chaos for businesses that weren’t able to use their cloud to deliver a safe and secure WFH environment at speed. Now that most businesses are adopting a dynamic, distributed workplace, Tecala Cloud Services offers a dynamic and agile way to scale with confidence.

We’re offering a free Cloud Advantage briefing over Zoom to help you identify the most effective Cloud strategy for your business.
Whether you need assistance moving to the cloud or you need a plan to level up, we can help.


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