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Take to the cloud with Tecala. Locally delivered, world class “as a Service” portfolio.

At Tecala we believe cloud should be about choice. That’s why our own Tecala Cloud is popular with clients looking to get the benefits of cloud with the control and performance of on-premises systems.

A virtual data centre (VDCaaS) allows increased business agility, higher quality of service and faster time to market.

Leave CAPEX behind and get the benefits of enterprise cloud on demand with our suite of fully-managed cloud services.

  • High-performance cloud with world-class track record of 99.9999% availability
  • Industry-leading hardware and software, incorporating powerful compute with all flash storage
  • Adherence to stringent security requirements
  • Australian hosting in Tier 3+ ISO27001 accredited facilities
  • 24 hour service levels for high uptime and performance
  • Comprehensive data protection with backups and disaster recovery
  • Supporting Business Continuity efforts with sophisticated DR capabilities

Focus on your business and let us manage the cloud with Tecala Cloud Services.

Virtual datacentre as a service

Deploy a private cloud rapidly with Virtual Data Centre as a Service (VDCaaS).

With automated provisioning and management, you can harness the benefits of private cloud-hosted infrastructure and share them with your business lines.

VDC allows increased business agility, higher quality of service and faster time to market, operational cost reductions, and simplified management. All of which are Australian hosted in Tier 3, ISO27001 facilities.

With Tecala’s VDCaaS, your organisation becomes more dynamic and ready to react to evolving technology solutions and business markets.

Infrastructure as a Service

Focus on your business and let us manage the infrastructure. The Tecala Cloud delivers fully managed IaaS for primary servers and storage.

With IT environments becoming hyper-converged, in-house technical generalists are increasingly required to be subject matter specialists. Tecala can alleviate this responsibility through assisting in the operational management of your infrastructure.

We bring together the best balance of talent and operational excellence in capacity planning, management, and monitoring to ensure everything from your storage through to individual workload is “always-on”. Clients can set alerts for fault management notification, critical failure, or thresholds being breached via e-mail, SMS, or phone.

Operate with strict 24-hour service levels and get access to the right teams to deliver high uptime and performance.

We work as an extension of your own team to make sure you get the best IaaS to operate and transform. The Tecala Cloud also includes: comprehensive remote monitoring; capacity planning; and diagnostics of servers, desktops, and all network devices.

Backup as a Service (baaS)

Don’t settle for second-rate data protection. Tecala Cloud BaaS services ensures complete data integrity, including pro-active monitoring of backups, network protection software, and vendor patches.

We offer streamlined backup to the secure Tecala Cloud in our Australian data centres, ensuring the sovereignty and security of your business-critical data.

With BaaS, backup and recovery processes are simplified and infinitely scalable with your business growth.

You can easily manage your backup schedule in line with organisational demands or industry compliance requirements.

Relax knowing your data protection needs are being safe-guarded.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service is not something you hope to use, but these days it’s business critical. DR is now a vital component of any ICT strategy, irrespective of the size of a business.

We provide failover for your onsite or cloud-based servers in our secure Australian data centres and ensure your defined recovery point and recovery time objectives are always met in the event of emergency to minimise organisational downtime.

We’ll take the headache out of provisioning a DR environment by managing it for you.

Tecala’s hosted DR Services provides an affordable managed solution to ensure high levels of availability for mission critical applications in the event of an unforeseen disaster striking a production infrastructure or facility.

By utilising a hosted DR solution, organisations can achieve the same benefits of a dedicated DR environment at a greatly reduced cost while having comfort in the fact that it is managed by their technology partner.

We make sure the DR environment will provide its required role when called upon.

Virtual Datacentre as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service
Backup as a Service (BaaS)
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

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Take to the cloud with Tecala. Locally delivered, world class “as a Service” portfolio.