Managed IT Support and Service Desk

Locally owned and managed IT support, available 24/7 from local experts you can trust.

Your 100% locally managed IT support service with 24/7 availability

We understand that people are the most powerful force for innovation and growth in any organisation.

Because your technology platform is the key enabler that allows them to work at their full potential, giving them the ongoing services and support they need is the most important thing we do.

As the No. 1 MSP for mid-market Australian companies, our focus is on making technology the most effective platform for empowering people. We aim to give your teams the most rewarding and empowering experiences from IT, so they can be the most productive, efficient and happy version of themselves every day.

It's for this reason that we own and manage our own Service Operations Centre, right here in Australia. Our managed IT support and service desk is operated by a local team of IT experts, who are always on hand to provide quick and effective resolutions to all your IT incidents.

By partnering with Tecala, your service desk will stay in lockstep with the rhythm of your business. Because we're fully ITIL compliant, our services span the entire IT service lifecycle. We'll highlight emerging trends and work with you to leverage opportunities that enhance service delivery, and continually drive IT to deliver business value.

As a team that seamlessly integrates with your own IT teams and broader operations, we deliver world-class IT service, the fastest response times in the industry, high-resolution numbers, and 24/7 availability.

Our Managed IT Services


Managed Services
29th Sep

Managed IT Support and Service Desk

Australian-owned and managed IT Support and Service Desk. 24/7 IT support from local experts that you can trust.

Managed IT Support and Service Desk

Australian-owned and managed IT Support and Service Desk. 24/7 IT support from local experts that you can trust.


Managed Services
29th Sep

Application and Mobile Device Management

Optimise your operations in the modern workplace. Application and device management as a service for your Australian organisation.

Application and Mobile Device Management

Optimise your operations in the modern workplace. Application and device management as a service for your Australian organisation.


Managed Services
29th Sep

IT Infrastructure Management

Bring your IT infrastructure to life. With Tecala you can manage, modernise, and transform your IT infrastructure environment.

IT Infrastructure Management

Bring your IT infrastructure to life. With Tecala you can manage, modernise, and transform your IT infrastructure environment.

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Tecala is an award-winning Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Australia

Our managed IT support services can resolve issues faster and with better outcomes.

The fact of the matter is, that effective service desks are expensive to own and operate. And with the ongoing skills shortages that we’re experiencing in Australia, it’s becoming unrealistic to operate internally.

Rather than drowning in IT support queues and administration, Tecala’s IT service desk will operate in rhythm with your business, scaling up and down, depending on your requirements. This will enable you and your IT team to resolve issues sooner and enable your people to get on with the jobs they love doing.

When you partner with Tecala you connect your people and operations to our locally owned and managed Service Operations Centre. With faster response times and high-resolution rates giving you confidence, your end-user experiences are quality guaranteed. You’ll also be able to reduce your operating expenses as you outsource these essential services to us.


Service Operations Centre
Onsite support services

Service Operations Centre

Our Service Operations Centre is owned and operated by Tecala, here in Australia. Our Managed Service Desk provides ongoing, proactive support to your people. Being fully ITIL compliant, our service spans the entire IT service lifecycle, from strategy and design through to service support and continual optimisation.

We deliver proactive monitoring of our services to all devices and endpoints, providing alert and event management, so all events are monitored and remediated before they become end-user impacting incidents.

Because our service and support teams are integrated with our Cyber Security, Cloud, Network and Automation specialists, key events can be escalated to the appropriate specialist for quick and effective resolutions.

Onsite support services

In addition to remote support and our 24x7 Managed Service Desk, our managed IT support services can easily extend to your onsite locations.

When you need hands and feet on the ground - in your offices, datacentre, and the remote locations from which your team are increasingly working - our onsite services and managed IT support teams will step in and deliver what you need.

Often operating as an on-demand managed services capability that extends to your own locations, Tecala's consultants and engineers deliver the additional capabilities, capacity, knowledge, and expertise when you need it.


We extend beyond issue resolution into technology optimisation

Our team will collaborate with yours to help diagnose persistent problems, recommend business process improvements, and ensure your IT services are continually optimised. Engaging with Tecala's managed IT support services results in better user experiences, speedier resolutions, and far greater consistency in the support that’s provided.

ITIL compliant

Tecala’s managed IT support services are ITIL compliant, covering the development and release of IT services, ongoing support through their operations, and continual service improvement.

Certainty and peace of mind

With our teams always on hand to deliver tailored, cost-effective operational support for your business, you have complete peace of mind that every aspect of IT in your organisation is taken care of.

Proactive, real-time Immediate response

We go beyond simple resolution to ensure you enjoy ongoing optimisation of your IT services. With local people on the end of a phone, responding to your requests and emails, and delivering a seamless extension of your services teams, you and your teams enjoy a consistent experience from your IT services.

Focus on your core business

Tecala delivers a 100% Australian-owned and located service desk and remote management solution, eliminating the need to invest in operational skills to keep abreast of new technologies.

The most cost-effective option

A service desk is expensive to own and operate. With Tecala's IT service desk outsourcing, you can reduce your operating expenses and gain confidence your end-user service experience is quality guaranteed.

Empower your people with consistent IT services

Supported by our Australia-based Service Operation Centre, which is owned and operated by Tecala, your people will always have a great experience from IT – no matter how complex or challenging your expectations are.

Insights to improve your business processes

Once you’ve deployed a sophisticated, ITIL-aligned process for incident management, we’ll go beyond simple tracking and support to provide the analytical data required to improve your business processes.

Proactive services and support

With Tecala on hand to extend your internal capabilities, new applications and services can be deployed faster. You can track, manage, and resolve all issues before they become business-disrupting events.


Book a Technology Capability Assessment

Why you shouldn't miss this session

We use our Technology Capabilities Assessment to engage directly with you and your teams, to measure how well your existing ICT solutions, services and platforms are meeting your business objectives.

Once we fully understand your business dynamics, we’ll provide recommendations on the solutions and long-term strategies you need to ensure your people and business enjoy the very best experiences from your IT platforms, services and applications.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are onshore IT Service Desk services preferable to offshore?

  1. If you decide to offshore your service desk services and support, distance will start to show – both physical and commercially. With an offshore service desk, there tends to be a dispassionate view of the end-user and little incentive to stop problems from recurring. While many local companies have their service desk and technical support located offshore for better “bang for their buck”, the cost-saving metrics are inconclusive.
  2. In stark contrast, an onshore service desk operates in the same environment as your organisation. The support team has close contact with the client organisation and a level of commitment to the people.
  3. Managed IT support and service desk providers like Tecala have a natural investment in the client’s business. The ability to keep knowledge inside or close to the organisation is key to getting a quick and happy resolution to end-users who just want to get work done.

Why should I outsource Managed IT Support and Service Desk to an MSP?

  1. Capability, capacity, knowledge, and service quality are the key reasons. MSPs have technical people on staff who have exposure to a range of developments across industries. You can get engineering-level support with an MSP – not just an agent logging tickets.
  2. Furthermore, it’s in the interest of the MSP to minimise ongoing and systemic issues with their service desk managed services, to reduce the volume of calls coming in. If your MSP is responsible for your IT Infrastructure Management, it’s in their interests to optimise that environment to minimise the calls and tickets they get on the desk.

Why is ITIL important?

  1. As you’ll already know, ITIL provides a framework for effectively managing IT services throughout the entire service lifecycle. This provides an effective framework for aligning IT with your business operations, which is essential if you’re looking to align your IT strategy with your business objectives or vision.
  2. Tecala specialises in delivering end-to-end IT management and support, but more importantly, we ensure each part of your IT ecosystem seamlessly integrates to ensure the holistic performance and experience is exceptional.
  3. We achieve this through our approach and methodology which is built around the four disciplines of Strategise, Transform, Manage and Optimise (STMO). This methodology aligns perfectly with ITIL in that it supports the five main aspects of IT Service Management: service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, and continual service improvement.  
  4. Engaging with Tecala means adopting a tried and tested ITIL-compliant framework that has been proven to work across many successful engagements in the Mid-Market. It’s for this reason that we continue to be ranked as the #1 Mid-Market-focused MSP in Australia.


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