Tecala GPT – Combine the power of generative AI with your business data

Introducing Tecala GPT – our AI as a Service platform that enables the mid-market to embrace generative AI in a safe and secure way.

Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, it now has around 180 million users worldwide and over 180 billion visits to its website. The rapid adoption of ChatGPT is an indication of the appetite people have to integrate generative AI into their everyday lives.

With Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce, IBM, and many others offering AI services through their cloud platforms, the challenge facing mid-market organisations isn’t really one of choice. It’s more around ease of adoption, simplicity of roll-out, security of data, and cost of implementation.

This is why we’re excited to announce the launch of Tecala GPT, our AI as a Service platform that enables our mid-market partners to embrace generative AI in a safe, secure, and cost-effective way.

Tecala GPT – combine the power of generative AI with your data.

Tecala GPT is a bespoke generative AI platform that works in a similar way to ChatGPT. It allows you to create your own interface between your users and your organisation’s data, in a secure and protected environment that safeguards against data breaches and preserves the confidentiality of your information.

Whereas other ChatGPT alternatives may just deliver responses to simple keyword searches, Tecala GPT has been designed to enhance contextual understanding of the topics your users are searching around to deliver interpretive and nuanced responses.

Because it’s built around your own industry-specific and organisation-related terms, Tecala GPT understands the main context of the user’s request and the tone of the conversation. It then fetches the most relevant data and delivers a conversational response that is accurate, coherent, sophisticated, and highly relevant.

Why Tecala GPT? Let’s take a deeper dive.

We’ve learned from, and are responding to, recent misuses of ChatGPT.

There are quite a few well-reported incidents of the misuses of ChatGPT, which have caused some red faces throughout the tech industry. In a recent and well-publicised event, a Samsung employee uploaded sensitive internal source code data to identify errors and improve the performance of a program. Because ChatGPT saves chat histories and uses these conversations to train its models further, the confidential information appeared in conversations other (non-Samsung) people were having with ChatGPT.

In another reported case, an employee used ChatGPT to convert sensitive internal meeting notes into a presentation, with the internal information then made public to other ChatGPT users.  

OpenAI is transparent about the possibility that the private information one person uses may appear in someone else’s conversation1. It’s charter clearly states that, “Your conversations may be reviewed by our AI trainers to improve our systems.”

But with data privacy a key concern for many of our clients, especially with many of our financial services clients operating within highly regulated environments, this is clearly a problem. Especially seeing as many people are unaware of this condition of use.

To tackle this issue, Tecala GPT is deployed with the client’s Azure subscription with encryption of data at rest and data privacy governed by Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles. This means it operates within the same security and enterprise framework as Microsoft Azure, so your data integrity is assured. There will be no leaking of confidential data, source code, or regulated information in Tecala GPT.

Can’t afford Copilot? You’re not alone.

If your data is already within the Microsoft ecosystem (i.e. you’re already an Azure subscriber) then Microsoft 365 Copilot is one of the most effective ways to leverage the power of LLMs with your data.

New options for availability, announced in January 2024, means Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now available for organisations of all sizes – with no seat minimum. But as good value as Copilot is in terms of potential performance outcomes (see our recent blog for more information on this), with the cost of $30 per user, per month, it’s still beyond the reach of many mid-market organisations.

For this reason, Tecala GPT delivers all the power of generative AI for a monthly subscription that is much more affordable for our clients.

  1. Forbes; May 2, 2023

Remove the risk and burden of development and implementation.

As well as the cost of licensing, there’s also the cost of development and the expertise and resources you need to leverage these platforms, so they deliver the outcomes you need.

To quote ChatGPT here: “Developing a GPT model demands expertise in natural language processing and deep learning. A shortage of skilled AI researchers and engineers can hinder progress, risking suboptimal model performance, and increased development time.

“Also, training a GPT model entails lengthy development cycles. Fine-tuning and optimising parameters for specific applications may prolong timelines, delaying deployment and market entry compared to leveraging existing, pre-trained models.”

Tecala removes this burden by providing Tecala GPT as a fully managed service that can be set up and delivered by our internal team, as part of an ongoing services agreement.

This is delivered through our Integration Platform as a Service – a modern, highly scalable, flexible and a sophisticated integration, orchestration, and an automation platform that removes the management and support responsibility from our customers.

It is hosted in Microsoft Azure with some components hosted in Tecala data centres where applicable. Whether your data is in SharePoint, One Drive, Azure Blob Storage, or other 3rd Party applications, Tecala will access, integrate, and structure all your data sources to deliver a fully functional data pool. This means there are no data silos, and every piece of information you need is within reach.

Security built in as default – no leakages, no embarrassing mistakes!

Tecala is a fully integrated cyber and IT security consulting services and solutions, meaning that security is built into everything we do.

We’re an ISO27001 Information Security Standard accredited organisation, which guarantees that everything from our initial designs, systems, tooling, and processes meet the strictest of international standards. And we have a strong pedigree spanning two decades of partnering with highly regulated and governed industries, where data privacy and security is imperative.

Because Tecala GPT is deployed within your existing Azure subscription with encryption of data at rest and data privacy governed by Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles, you’re assured the complete integrity of your data.

Whether you're on Microsoft Teams, Web Chat, or on your mobile, Tecala GPT seamlessly integrates to provide immediate access to vital business data. No need to juggle between apps or platforms, it's all in one place, and it’s always secure.


About Tecala

Tecala is leading the way in intelligent automation in the mid-market space. Most of the leadership teams we’re talking to are truly committed to ensuring that technology does, in all honesty, empower people and enrich their daily lives.

We believe that at the intersection of automation, data, and AI, there are solutions for mid-market organisation that truly amplify human potential. Using intelligent automation, AI, and high-integrity data, we're helping our clients drive efficiency, performance, and profitability at every level of their operations.

To find out more, get in touch.

Data Landscape and Maturity Assessment

Tecala's Data Landscape and Maturity Assessment (DLMA) is the first step in ensuring effective use of your data. In a three-step approach we assess the current state of your data, formulate the future state based on your goals, and provide a gap analysis between where you are now and where you need to go.

Tecala’s 3-step approach

  • Current State: Review the existing state of your data and how it’s currently being used.
  • Future State: Identify how it needs to be used in the future.
  • Gap Analysis: Deliver a gap analysis of the landscape between the two states.

Key outputs:

  • Tecala’s DLMA provides a 360º view on the intended use of data within your organisation.
  • This includes a strategic technology roadmap (STR) of projects with cost and duration estimates required to transform and elevate your use of data.
  • We’ll show you where your data can be used to deliver the outcomes you need, while complying with your own governance standards and relevant regulatory requirements.
  • We take into consideration your people, processes, data landscape, organisational vision, and mission, as well as looking at your cultural and ethical guidelines around how you should and shouldn’t use your data.



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