Add automation, unleash freedom and be future fit for 2023 and beyond

A study by Forrester found employees “waste an average of 12.5 hours per week on manual and repetitive tasks because of outdated solutions and practices”, costing an organisation of 100 employees $2.7 million a year.

Businesses would act faster if they could quantify the costs of their inaction as well as the costs of what they were missing out on. One way to do this is to cost business-as-usual practices to establish a baseline that can then be lowered by approaching business practices more intelligently.

The first step towards achieving this is to be in the right mindset: to be open to opportunities for continuous business practice improvement.

Then it’s a matter of being able to identify the change opportunities and prioritise them in order of potential efficiency and cost-out impact. All leaders should be encouraged to take a fresh look at their businesses, either by themselves or with the aid of a specialist process consultancy like Tecala.

Start with discovery

This should be a relatively straightforward exercise that looks at the organisation and identifies the biggest challenges, friction points, growth inhibitors or opportunities that, if removed, could unleash the most growth and revenue.

Overall, it’s an incredibly healthy exercise for any business to undertake at any point in time but as many of us look to set our business goals for 2023 and beyond, the timing has never been better. However, ensure that you put some limits around this and approach the process with no preconceived notion of solutions, technology stacks or vendors. This isn’t the right place to run experiments.


Prioritise and optimise

In reality, be assured that it should be nothing more than a straightforward examination of how efficiently the business operates. However, even within the same industry, businesses solve problems in different ways. There may, of course, be some commonality between approaches, but often they reflect and run according to the unique personality of the business and how it has evolved.

The point of running a discovery exercise on these processes and practices is to determine how successful they’ve allowed you to be internally. But then how much more successful you could be if the processes were optimised and operated in a more intelligent way.

If many thousands of dollars in potential benefits are tied up in a sub-optimal business process or practice, but a pathway exists to make that process or practice more intelligent – without incurring large cost – this should be considered a threshold or trigger point to drive towards more intelligent business practices.

The impact of adding intelligence

The impact of adding intelligence to one business practice or process should quickly become apparent to the people that work with it, and to customers that see and experience the output of how smoothly it now operates.

This creates internal excitement for change. People want more, and it often leads organisations to drive intelligence deeper, and make more far-reaching changes to the way they operate. Confidence builds and is converted into a cycle of continuous improvement.

However, it all starts with a simple and fresh look at the way you do business. Against the current backdrop of a tight labour market, rising costs and economic recovery, businesses would be well advised to start now.


Establish an intelligent business practice in your organisation.

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