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Intelligent Backend Integration and Automation

Create your foundation for efficient, streamlined, and optimised business processes.

Create a more efficient, productive and profitable business

Tecala’s Intelligent Backend Integration and Automation connects your disparate and siloed operations in your business. It’s an API-based approach to integrate cloud and on-premise systems and applications to exchange data and implement business workflows.

Our backend integration service delivers a holistic view of your business operations, empowers your employees through the integration of their user experiences, and delivers much more accurate data from which better and faster decisions can be made.

Our Backend Integration and Automation services are delivered as part of our Intelligent Automation as a Service (IAaaS) – a fully managed automation solution that’s delivered through an incremental, consumption-based model.

Developed specially for the mid-market, this model allows you to align your automation projects with your overall strategic goals, so each project we deliver can be attached to a specific outcome and deliver a pre-defined ROI.

When combined with our robotic process automation and artificial intelligence services, with our backend integration, your business has access to an end-to-end automation solution that will scale, grow, and respond to the rhythm of your business operations.

Automated workflows across your on-premises and cloud services are the key to efficiency, productivity, and profitability

One of the key technology trends in recent years is the proliferation of applications and systems to enable higher productivity. These have been developed to drive performance, but their lack of integration is now causing headaches.

Tecala’s Backend Integration and Automation integrates cloud and on-premise systems and applications to exchange data and implement business workflows. Also known as ‘unattended’ or ‘workload’ automation, it uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate specifically defined, high-capacity transactions.


A local team of Backend Integration & Automation specialists to ensure you get the outcome you need

Our team of automation specialists work alongside Tecala’s Consultancy and Advisory team and Cloud Services team. Having local teams of experts on hand allows you to bring the right people in when you need them, augmenting the capability and capacity of your existing teams.

Whether you’ve already started your migration from on-premises to the cloud, or if you’re yet to begin your journey, we’ll begin with an assessment of your business processes and operations, your workloads, existing data management and storage platforms, and data processing protocols. This gives us a clear picture of where and how your data is stored and how it’s used.

We then identify the top three high-return projects for your business and provide you with a plan to deliver these in an incremental way. Whether we start with smaller projects or organisation-wide projects tied to broader strategic goals, we’ll break our activities into incremental stages, so you get early, predictable, and measurable returns on your investments.


Accelerate the automation of your high-volume, repetitive tasks without lifting a finger

Our goal is to deliver the right integration and automation services to optimise your business processes so you can be productive and competitive.

With the streamlining of repetitive business processes now becoming essential to drive efficiencies and profitability, our automation services are a relatively simple place to start because they bring together front-end and back-end automation to deliver an end-to-end, holistic approach to automation stretching from the user interface to the back office.

Improve your business performance

By connecting your critical back-end functions, you close the gap between siloed operations. This allows you to automate workflows across the variety of applications, platforms, and systems your teams are using day-to-day.

Ensure simplicity and efficacy

Integrating backend systems can be a complex challenge, often resulting in integrations that resemble a bowl of spaghetti. We add clarity, simplicity, and confidence to the process, giving you the most effective outcome.

Generate competitive advantage

Backend integration gives you structured accurate data, from which you can take actionable insights to make data-driven ‘smart’ decisions. This process of real-time learning enables faster, smarter decision making giving your business a genuine competitive advantage.

Drive efficiency and productivity

With workflows triggered in the background, based on your daily events, you’ll accelerate the automation of high-volume, repetitive tasks without lifting a finger. This allows you to scale your business without increasing staff costs and quickly respond to market opportunities.

Optimise your service to maximise ROIs

We continually define, streamline, manage, and monitor your back-end functions to ensure your business is operating at optimal performance. Our incremental, consumption-based model responds to the rhythm of your business.

We deliver performance efficiencies you can measure

Automating mundane, repetitive, and tedious tasks not only provides efficiency and accuracy, it also enables your teams to focus on more valuable, profitable, and rewarding parts of their job. This builds employee satisfaction as well as profitability.

Establish an intelligent business practice in your organisation.

Book your Automation Maturity Readiness Assessment

Business process automation is a long-term strategy. In a short 30-minute discussion, we’ll assess where you are on your journey and identify the key areas for intelligent automation services in your business that will streamline processes, drive efficiencies, and improve profitability.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by backend integration and automation?

  1. Backend integration and automation is an API based approach to integrate cloud and on-premise systems and applications to exchange data and implement business workflows.
  2. Backend integration is also known as ‘unattended’ automation or API automation because it leverages application programming interfaces. Unattended bots operate in the background, triggering and completing tasks automatically, without the need for human ‘attention’.

What’s the difference between frontend and backend integration?  

  1. Frontend automation is a way of streamlining or automating, user interface (UI) based tasks Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a good example of frontend automation because it’s UI based automation that records human behaviour and plays back actions to interact with applications and web pages where the use of APIs is not a viable option.
  2. Backend integration works at the ‘backend’ of your IT operations, connecting critical back-end functions and closing the gap between siloed operations, which can either be located on-premise or in the cloud. This allows you to automate workflows across the applications, platforms, and systems your teams use every day.

How does Tecala’s Backend Integration work?

  1. Tecala’s API-based approach creates reusable building blocks that can efficiently scale automation across your organization. It securely integrates and automates workflows between applications and services, syncs files, delivers timely notifications, collects data, and performs many other daily tasks.
  2. Because backend integration connects your disparate and siloed systems and operations, once they’re set up with their operations clearly defined, unattended backend bots streamline, manage, and monitor your critical back-end functions to ensure you get a reliable flow or business is operating at optimal performance.
  3. If you’re currently running a high volume of manual or semi-automated processes, such as invoice processing, on-boarding and off-boarding of staff, or general finance processes, your business will quickly realise the benefits of Tecala’s Backend Integration and Automation.

­­What is the benefit of backend integration?

  1. With the foundational steps in place, the benefits of back-end automation are quick to realise. Different platforms, applications and systems can connect and share information with each other so your teams can carry out a broader range of tasks, the streamlining of the backend delivers a richer experience on the user interface, and direct access to data gives people a more stable experience with quicker executions of tasks.  
  2. In an operations management scenario, you can gather and analyse real-time business data concerning your overall performance quickly and accurately. This allows you to make much better business decisions much faster.
  3. In a product or service delivery or customer experience scenario, you can reduce your time to market for new products or services, deliver better customer experiences thanks to better insight to their preferences, and deliver more integrated or holistic experiences across customer-facing applications.

­­Where do I start with backend integration?

  1. Tecala will run an assessment to identify the key opportunities for automation in your business.
  2. This includes assessing your workloads, existing data management and storage platforms, and data processing protocols to ensure we have a clear picture of where and how your data is stored and how it’s used.
  3. We focus, first and foremost, on the 3 most achievable projects for which the business case is deeply compelling. By identifying the high volume and repetitive tasks that are taking your key staff away from high-value tasks, you’ll enable your team to get back to innovative projects you’ve been putting off for too long.


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